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April Scott

Played by Rhiannon Fish

April Scott played by Rhiannon Fish - five

April Scott

- April's father is French.

- Her half-sister Bianca has an Italian dad, and the girls have a fiery relationship.

- She is independent and worldly-wise beyond her 16 years, having lived in several foreign cities and cultures.

- She is confident, clever, quick-witted and full of good-natured banter. She knows how to make friends easily and how to appear not to care if she doesn't fit in.

- Gorgeous April has a unique and quirky sense of style.

- April is passionate about the environment.

- She first clapped eyes on Xavier when he was throwing old photos into the sea. Although she didn't approve of his behaviour, she was impressed when he dived in to fish them out. It marked the beginning of her crush on the blond lad.

Rhiannon Fish

- She was born in Calgary, Canada on March 14, 1991 and moved to Melbourne at the age of four when her engineer father got a job transfer.

- Originally planning on staying for 18 months, the family extended their visa and embraced Melbourne as their new home.

- Rhiannon studied musical theatre, drama and dance outside school, but knew at the age of 11 that acting was her passion.

- Rhiannon has graduated from The Children's Performing Company of Australia and performed in musicals such as The Lion King.

- Her first screen role was a part in Neighbours, where she played Lisa Jeffries at the age of 11. Her other screen credits include As The Bell Rings and feature film Playing for Charlie.

Memorable moment

Showing her passionate nature when she reprimanded Xavier for polluting the Bay.

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05 July 2010

January..February..March..APRIL! She'll be so much better for Xavier than Ruby- FACT also she's really pretty

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06 July 2010

cute! love how she has a thing for saving the plannet x

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20 July 2010

i love Rhiannon / april she is so pretty and so kind i love her she is the best

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