Movie Music UK: 2009 in Review by Jonathan Broxton

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For the second time in three years the MMUK Score of the Year Award goes to France: PHILIPPE ROMBI, the composer of UN HOMME ET SON CHIEN, wrote one of the most beautiful scores in recent memory for a simple tale of an old man’s reflections on his life; his delicate orchestrations, multiplicity of themes, and general air of thoughtful romance made the biggest impression on me in 2009. Running it a close second is CHRISTOPHER YOUNG’s horror magnum opus DRAG ME TO HELL, a masterpiece of Gothic beauty and savage dissonance that proves that the horror genre continues to be a breeding ground for the most extravagant, challenging and creative film music being written today. After that, it got difficult, and initially - in a break from tradition, and with an acknowledgement to AMPAS and the fact that they had done the same thing - I had decided to increase my Score of the Year nominee field to ten.

With DARIO MARIANELLI’s dramatic AGORA, CHRISTOPHER GORDON’S gorgeous MAO’S LAST DANCER, ALEXANDRE DESPLAT’s sumptuous NEW MOON, MARCEL BARSOTTI’s lush POPE JOAN, JAMES PETERSON’s staggering THE RED CANVAS and DOUGLAS PIPES’s devilish TRICK ‘R TREAT all snagging a 4½ star rating, and with several other scores worthy of contention (and which would easily have made a Top 5 list in other, weaker years), it was incredibly difficult to narrow the field down to the traditional five. However, difficult decisions sometimes have to be made, and after some severe soul-searching and gnashing of teeth, I finally bit the bullet and reluctantly cut NEW MOON, MAO’S LAST DANCER, JAMES HORNER’s AVATAR, TRICK ‘R TREAT and DEBBIE WISEMAN’s LESBIAN VAMPIRE KILLERS from my final quintet.


I’m probably going to get a lot of criticism for giving ALEXANDRE DESPLAT my Composer of the Year award for the second time in three years, especially when none of his scores made my overall Top 5 this year, but when you look at it logically, no-one has been written such varied and consistently high quality music as the Frenchman this year: from NEW MOON to FANTASTIC MR. FOX, CHERI and COCO AVANT CHANEL, to UN PROPHÈTE, AFTERWARDS and L'ARMÉE DU CRIME, the astonishing manner that he can write score after score after score and have them all be so excellent is astonishing. PHILIPPE ROMBI and CHRISTOPHER YOUNG both get nods, not only for their work on UNE HOMME ET SON CHIEN and DRAG ME TO HELL, but also for showing creativity and variety on a number of other good score, including Rombi’s RICKY and Young’s THE UNINVITED. BRIAN TYLER has been as busy as Desplat and, while none of his scores really stood out from 2009’s crowded field, the fact that he was able to write scores as varied and challenging as THE KILLING ROOM and DRAGONBALL EVOLUTION in the year is testament to his talent. And finally there’s MICHAEL GIACCHINO, who continues to cement his reputation as one of film and television’s brightest stars by writing excellent scores for the new STAR TREK movie and the Pixar family classic UP, while still finding time to contribute to a little TV called LOST. Excellent.

Other composers who enjoyed a generally strong year in 2009 and are worthy of recognition include: MARCEL BARSOTTI, CARTER BURWELL, BRUNO COULAIS, JOHN DEBNEY, DANNY ELFMAN, ROLFE KENT, DARIO MARIANELLI, and newcomers JAMES PETERSON and ABEL KORZENIOWSKI.


No composer made a bigger splash in 2009 than young American maestro JAMES PETERSON, whose debut score for the action drama THE RED CANVAS mixed golden age lyricism with a powerful dramatic sense, culminating in the awe-inspiring “Ballet for Brawlers”, one of the most impressive single cues in several years. Running Peterson a close second is Polish composer ABEL KORZENIOWSKI, whose work on the animated action movie BATTLE FOR TERRA and the critically acclaimed drama A SINGLE MAN earmarks him as composer to watch. Canadian composer CLINTON SHORTER contributed immensely to the success of the South African sci-fi DISTRICT 9 through a combination of ethnic vocals and modern action music. New Zealand-based composer VICTORIA KELLY proved that it’s not only American and British women who are making names for themselves, with her dark, powerful score for the fantasy epic UNDER THE MOUNTAIN; and Spanish composer ZACARÍAS M. DE LA RIVA impressed mightily with his first mainstream international score for the horror film IMAGO MORTIS.

Special mention should also go to MARK BRADSHAW for Bright Star, MICHL BRITSCH for Pandorum, JULIE DELPY for The Countess, BORIS ELKIS for A Perfect Getaway, EVAN EVANS for The Poker Club, HENRY JACKMAN for Monsters vs. Aliens, and BEN MINK for Fifty Dead Men Walking and Alice, all of whom made memorable debuts in 2009.


  • RYAN LEVINE for “Through the Trees” from Jennifer’s Body (Fueled By Ramen)
  • ILAN ESHKERI, SCOTT SHIELDS, NIKKI HASSMAN and PAM SHEYNE for “Only You” from The Young Victoria (EMI)
  • JOE HISAISHI and KUNDO KOYAMA for “Stand Alone” from Saka No Ue No Kumo [A Cloud on the Slope] (Playtime)
  • ALAIN JOHANNES and NATASHA SHNEIDER for “Time for Miracles” from 2012 (RCA)
  • MAURY YESTON for “Cinema Italiano” from Nine (Geffen)
The number and quality of original songs in movies varies greatly from year to year, and you never know what each calendar’s crop is going to be like; from full-on musicals to rock one-offs, songs are also highly dependant on the taste of the listener. This is why many might be surprised that my favorite song of 2009 is the indie-rock ballad “Through the Trees” from the Megan Fox comedy horror JENNIFER’S BODY. The song, which was written by RYAN LEVINE and is performed on-screen by the fictional rock band Low Shoulder, is just my style, has a strong musical core, interesting lyrics, and great hook. The other songs vary wildly from style to style, and from genre to genre: MAURY YESTON’s “Cinema Italiano” from the screen musical NINE is a hip-shaking salsa-inspired celebration of the genre performed powerfully by Kate Hudson; “Only You” from THE YOUNG VICTORIA was written by ILAN ESHKERI, SCOTT SHIELDS, NIKKI HASSMAN and PAM SHEYNE, and is a delicate, gossamer love song for Irish vocalist Sinead O’Connor; “Stand Alone” from A CLOUD ON THE SLOPE is a gorgeous ballad penned by JOE HISAISHI and KUNDO KOYAMA and sung operatically in Japanese by Sarah Brightman; while “Time for Miracles” is a big-throated rock ballad sung by American Idol runner up Adam Lambert, and is probably the best thing to emerge from the soundtrack of the otherwise-dismal end of the world action movie 2012.

Special mention should also go to T-BONE BURNETT and RYAN BINGHAM for “The Weary Kind” from Crazy Heart, BILLY RAY CYRUS, TAMARA DUNN and MATTHEW WILDER for “Back to Tennessee” from Hannah Montana: The Movie, MILEY CYRUS, JOHN SHANKS and HILLARY LINDSEY for “Don’t Walk Away” from Hannah Montana: The Movie, AIMÉE DUFFY and BERNARD BUTLER for “Smoke Without Fire” from An Education, KYLE EASTWOOD, MICHAEL STEVENS and WILLIAM ERNEST HENLEY for “9,000 Days” from Invictus, MATTHEW GERRARD, JAY LANDERS AND CHARLIE MIDNIGHT for “Raining Sunshine” from Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, SHANA HALLIGAN AND KIRAN SHAHANI for “Being Bad” from Duplicity, MARVIN HAMLISCH, ALAN BERGMAN and MARILYN BERGMAN for “Trust Me” from The Informant!, PAUL HEWSON, DAVID EVANS, LARRY MULLEN and ADAM CLAYTON for “Winter” from Brothers, JAMES HORNER, SIMON FRANGLEN and KUK HARRELL for “I See You” from Avatar, CHRISTOPHER LENNERTZ and TEITUR LASSEN for “So Many Things To Tell You” from Adam, ELENI MANDELL for “Forget Me” from I Love You, Beth Cooper, PAUL McCARTNEY for “I Want to Come Home” from Everybody’s Fine, RANDY NEWMAN for “Almost There”, “Dig a Little Deeper”, “Down in New Orleans”, “Friends on the Other Side” and “Ma Belle Evangeline” from The Princess and the Frog, JOHN ONDRASIK for “Brothers in Arms” from Brothers at War, KAREN ORZOLEK for “All Is Love” and “Hideaway” from Where the Wild Things Are, A.R. RAHMAN, LAKSHMI RAGAN and VIVIAN CHAIX for “Na Na” from Couples Retreat, A.R. RAHMAN and LAKSMI RAMAN for “Sajna” from Couples Retreat, BETH ROWLEY for “You Got Me Wrapped Around Your Little Finger” from An Education, JACK SAVORETTI for “One Day” from Post Grad, ALAN SILVESTRI and GLEN BALLARD for “God Bless Us Everyone” from A Christmas Carol, ALAN SILVESTRI and GLEN BALLARD for “Butterfly Fly Away” from Hannah Montana: The Movie, TAYLOR SWIFT and MARTIN JOHNSON for “You’ll Always Find Your Way Back Home” from Hannah Montana: The Movie, and LI ZACHRISSON for “Possibility” from New Moon.


  • LUKAS KENDALL (producer) for James Horner’s Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (Film Score Monthly/Retrograde)
  • DOUGLASS FAKE (producer) for Lee Holdridge’s In Search of Peace (Intrada)
  • DOUGLASS FAKE (producer) for Alan Silvestri’s Back to the Future (Intrada)
  • JAMES FITZPATRICK (producer) for Ernest Gold’s Exodus, cond. Nic Raine (Tadlow)
  • M.V. GERHARD and MICHAEL MATESSINO (producers) for Jerry Goldsmith’s Innerspace (La-La Land)
Just when you thought the market for re-recordings and re-releases couldn’t get any better, 2009 came along and released a multitude of gems for collectors and fans to enjoy. For a Horner fan, the Holy Grail in 2009 was Film Score Monthly’s expanded release of STAR TREK II: THE WRATH OF KHAN, with superb packaging expansive liner notes, and sound quality which finally showcases the brilliance of Horner’s outstanding nautical space adventure score. Lee Holdridge’s IN SEARCH OF PEACE was a sprawling documentary about the Israel-Palestine conflict, and was treated to a lavish 2-CD presentation which finally brought one of the composer’s most beautiful scores to the soundtrack buying public. Two more holy grails from 2009 were Alan Silvestri’s classic BACK TO THE FUTURE and Jerry Goldsmith’s INNER SPACE, both finally released in a legitimate format, with alternate takes of Silvestri’s rejected first score for the film for good measure. Finally, continuing their excellent series of re-recording of classic scores, one cannot help but marvel at the work by producer James Fitzpatrick and conductor Nic Raine in re-contstructing and re-recording Ernest Gold’s classic Oscar-winning effort EXODUS.

Special mention should also go to La-La Land’s release of AIRPLANE! by Elmer Bernstein, Intrada’s expanded re-release of THE BLACK STALLION RETURNS by Georges Delerue, Intrada’s release of the rejected score for THE CHINA SYNDROME by Micheal Small, La-La Land’s release of THE DUNWICH HORROR by Les Baxter, Varèse Sarabande’s release of FREUD, music by Jerry Goldsmith, La-La Land’s expanded release of THE FUGITIVE by James Newton Howard, Intrada’s expanded re-release of GOLD, music by Elmer Bernstein, Varèse Sarabande’s release of HANOVER STREET by John Barry, La-La Land’s release of Jerry Goldsmiths I.Q and SECONDS, Varèse Sarabande’s release of LONELY ARE THE BRAVE by Jerry Goldsmith, Intrada’s expanded re-release of ONE LITTLE INDIAN by Jerry Goldsmith, Varèse Sarabande’s release of REVOLUTION by John Corigliano, Intrada’s landmark release of four previously unreleased James Horner scores: EXTREME CLOSE-UP, HONEY, I SHRUNK THE KIDS, HOUSE OF CARDS, THE JOURNEY OF NATTY GANN and SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES, and the re-recording of the classic scores THE CHARGE OF THE LIGHT BRIGADE, FAHRENHEIT 451 and THE PRINCE AND THE PAUPER by conductor Bill Stromberg of Tribute Film Classics.


  • LARRY GROUPÉ for Excelsius (Imperativa Records)
If Excelsius had been a film score, it would unquestionably have been one of the scores of the year. As it is, it’s a sort-of score, which combines music Groupé wrote for a series of TV documentaries about the life and work of German missionary Reinhard Bonnke, with new material written especially for this album. I was fortunate enough to be at the recording sessions for the original Missions score in London in 2002, and both the old and new pieces are simply staggering. Written for a full orchestra, full choir and epic electronics, the album absolutely soars from start to finish with glorious themes, massive choral crescendos, driving rhythms and huge orchestral performances that occasionally rise to the scale and scope of Howard Shore’s LORD OF THE RINGS scores. How I wish someone would give Groupé the opportunity to write something as amazing as this for a film, and for his immense talent to be heard by a wider audience; hopefully, Excelsius will be the catalyst for this in the future.



Special mentions should also go to MYCHAEL DANNA for Adoration and The Time Traveler’s Wife, JOHN DEBNEY for The Stoning of Soraya M., ALEXANDRE DESPLAT for Afterwards, Cheri and Coco Avant Chanel, BRIAN ENO for The Lovely Bones, ILAN ESHKERI for The Young Victoria, ELLIOT GOLDENTHAL for Public Enemies, ALBERTO IGLESIAS for Broken Embraces, JAN A.P. KACZMAREK for Hachiko: A Dog’s Story, , ENNIO MORRICONE for Baarìa, JAVIER NAVARRETE for Cracks, PHILIPPE ROMBI for Ricky, JOHAN SÖDERQVIST for Effi Briest, GABRIEL YARED for Amelia and Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky, CHRISTOPHER YOUNG for Creation, MARCELO ZARVOS for Sin Nombre and HANS ZIMMER for Angels & Demons.


Special mentions should also go to KLAUS BADELT for Le Petit Nicolas, JOHN DEBNEY for Hotel for Dogs, JAMES NEWTON HOWARD for Duplicity, ROLFE KENT for 17 Again, ERWANN KERMORVANT for La Premiere Ètoile, THEODORE SHAPIRO for Year One, RYAN SHORE for Stan Helsing, and GABRIEL YARED for Le Hèrisson.


  • BRUNO COULAIS for Coraline (Koch) - review
  • ALEXANDRE DESPLAT for Fantastic Mr. Fox (Abkco)
  • MICHAEL GIACCHINO for Up (Disney)
  • ABEL KORZENIOWSKI for Battle for Terra (unreleased)
  • ALAN SILVESTRI for A Christmas Carol (Disney)
Special mentions should also go to BRUNO COULAIS for The Secret of Kells, CHRISTOPHE HÉRAL for Eleanor’s Secret, HENRY JACKMAN for Monsters vs. Aliens, DEBORAH LURIE for 9, MARK MOTHERSBAUGH for Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, RANDY NEWMAN for The Princess and the Frog, JOHN OTTMAN for Astro Boy, JOHN POWELL for Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, and FLORIAN TESSLOFF for Jasper: Journey to the End of the World.


Special mentions should also go to TROND BJERKNES for Max Manus, BILL BROWN for The Devil’s Tomb, ALEXANDRE DESPLAT for Un Prophète, JIM DOOLEY for Obsessed, BORIS ELKIS for A Perfect Getaway, STEPHEN ENDELMAN for Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li, EVAN EVANS for The Poker Club, GUY FARLEY for Knife Edge, JOHN FRIZZELL for Whiteout, MARK ISHAM for Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, VICTORIA KELLY for Under the Mountain, TREVOR RABIN for Race to Witch Mountain, JOHAN SÖDERQVIST for Tannöd, BRIAN TYLER for Dragonball Evolution and Fast & Furious, and BENJAMIN WALLFISCH for The Escapist.


Special mention should also go to MARCO BELTRAMI for Knowing, NICK CAVE and WARREN ELLIS for The Road, ALFONS CONDE for No-Do, ZACARIAS M. DE LA RIVA for Imago Mortis, DANNY ELFMAN for Terminator Salvation, MICHAEL GIACCHINO for Star Trek, JEFF GRACE for The House of the Devil, NICHOLAS HOOPER for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, JOHN MURPHY for The Last House on the Left, CLINTON SHORTER for District 9, JOBY TALBOT for Franklyn, BRIAN TYLER for The Final Destination, GAST WALTZING for Humains, MICHAEL WANDMACHER for My Bloody Valentine, and CHRISTOPHER YOUNG for The Uninvited.


  • ARMAND AMAR for Home
  • JANE ANTONIA CORNISH for Every Little Step
  • MICKY ERBE and MARIBETH SOLOMON for Under the Sea 3D
  • MICHAEL GIACCHINO for Earth Days
  • LEE HOLDRIDGE for Brothers at War
Special mention should also go to MARK ADLER for Food Inc., JEFF GIBBS for Capitalism: A Love Story, JOEL GOODMAN for Valentino: The Last Emperor, JOSHUA RALPH for The Cove, and FERNANDO VELÁZQUEZ for Garbo: El Espía.


  • JOE HISAISHI for Saka No Ue No Kumo [A Cloud on the Slope] (Playtime)
  • JEFF BEAL for Georgia O’Keeffe (unreleased)
  • ED BUTT for Yellowstone (BBC)
  • GEORGE FENTON for Life (BBC)
  • SAMUEL SIM for Emma (MovieScore Media)
Special mention should also go to NATHAN BARR for True Blood, JEFF BEAL for A Dog Named Christmas, MARCO BELTRAMI and NORMAND CORBEL for V, GUY FARLEY for Clive Barker’s Book of Blood, DARREN FUNG for Beyond Sherwood, MICHAEL GIACCHINO for Lost, MURRAY GOLD for Doctor Who, JOEL GOLDSMITH for Stargate Universe, HOWARD GOODALL for Into the Storm, RUPERT GREGSON-WILLIAMS for The Prisoner, DAN JONES for Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life, JAN A.P. KACZMAREK for The Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler, JOSEPH LO DUCA for Legend of the Seeker, BEAR McCREARY for Battlestar Galactica and Caprica, BEN MINK for Alice, TREVOR MORRIS for The Tudors, BLAKE NEELY for Eastwick, DANIEL PEMBERTON for Occupation, MARTIN PHIPPS for Small Island, RACHEL PORTMAN for Grey Gardens, ANDY PRICE for Robin Hood, CHRIS TILTON for Fringe, LUCAS VIDAL for Thor: Hammer of the Gods, BENJAMIN WALLFISCH for Breaking the Mould, DEBBIE WISEMAN for Land Girls, and MARCELO ZARVOS for Taking Chance.


  • INON ZUR for Dragon Age: Origins
  • BILL BROWN for Wolfenstein
  • JAMES HANNIGAN for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
  • JEREMY SOULE for Order of War
  • CHRIS TILTON for Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian
Special mention should also go to LORNE BALFE and HANS ZIMMER for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, GORDY HAAB and RAY HARMAN for Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings, STEVE JABLONSKY for The Sims 3, JESPER KYD for Assassin’s Creed II, GHIORGITA LORGA for Rabbids Go Home, WINIFRED PHILLIPS for Spore Hero, and CHANCE THOMAS for Avatar.


  • ROBERT BRUNNER, 5 January
  • ANGELA MORLEY, 14 January
  • MAURICE JARRE, 29 March
  • WILLY DE VILLE, 6 August
  • ERICH KUNZEL, 1 September
  • MICHAEL GALASSO, 9 September
  • VIC MIZZY, 17 October


  • $9.99 (Christopher Bowen), 100 FEET (John Frizzell), 12 ROUNDS (Trevor Rabin), 17 AGAIN (Rolfe Kent), 2012 (Harald Kloser and Thomas Wanker), 31 NORTH 62 EAST (Moritz Schmittat), 500 DAYS OF SUMMER (Mychael Danna and Rob Simonsen), 9 (Deborah Lurie), 90210 [SEASON 2] (Evan Frankfort and Marc Dauer)
  • ABOVE SUSPICION (Adrian Johnston), ACCEPTANCE (Richard Marvin), ADAM (Christopher Lennertz), ADIEU GARY COOPER (Le Trio Joubran), ADORATION (Mychael Danna), ADVENTURELAND (Yo La Tengo), AFRO SAMURAI (Howard Drossin), AFRO SAMURAI: RESURRECTION (RZA), AFTERWARDS (Alexandre Desplat), AGALLAS (Xavier Font and Arturo Vaquero), AGORA (Dario Marianelli), AIBÔ SHIRÎZU KANSHIKI YONEZAWA MAMORU NO JIKENBO (Yoshihiro Ike), AION: THE TOWER OF ETERNITY (Ryo Kunihiko), AL DI LA DEL LAGO (Stefano Reali), ALICE (Ben Mink), ALIENS IN THE ATTIC (John Debney), ALL ABOUT STEVE (Christophe Beck), ALLES STROOMT (Paul M. Van Brugge), ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS: THE SQUEAKUEL (David Newman), ALWAYS & FOREVER (Roger Bellon), AMALUFI: MEGAMI NO HÔSHÛ (Yûgo Kanno), AMELIA (Gabriel Yared), AMERICA (Normand Corbeil), AMERICAN DAD [SEASON 5] (Walter Murphy), AMERICAN VIOLET (Teddy Castellucci), AMORE 14 (Fabrizio Bondi), AMREEKA (Kareem Roustom), AMUSEMENT (Marco Beltrami), AN EDUCATION (Paul Englishby), ANACONDAS: TRAIL OF BLOOD (Peter Meisner), ANGEL AND THE BADMAN (Stu Goldberg), ANGELS & DEMONS (Hans Zimmer), ANGST (Louis Ter Burg and Truus Melissen), ANIMALES DE COMPAÑÍA (Álvaro de Cardenas), ANNIHILATION EARTH (Claude Foisy), ANNO 1404 (Pierre Langer and Tilman Sillescu), ANOTHER CINDERELLA STORY (John Paesano), ANUBIS EN DE WRAAK VAN ARGHUS (Olaf Janssens), APOCALYPSE: LE 2E GUERRE MONDIALE (Kenji Kawai), APRIL BRIDE (Yoshinori Ohashi), ARMORED (John Murphy), ARMY WIVES [SEASON 3] (Marc Fantini and Stefan Fantini), ARTHUR ET LE VENGEANCE DE MALTZARD (Eric Serra), ARUITEMO ARUITEMO (Gonchichi), ASAHIYAMA DÔBUTSUEN: PENGIN GA SORA O TOBU (Haseo Nakanishi and Ryûdô Uzaki), ASHES TO ASHES [SEASON 2] (Edmund Butt), ASSASSIN’S CREED II (Jesper Kyd), ASSASSIN’S CREED II: DISCOVERY (Jesper Kyd), ASSASSIN’S CREED: BLOODLINES (Jesper Kyd), ASSASSINATION OF A HIGH SCHOOL PRESIDENT (Daniele Luppi), ASTRO BOY (John Ottman), ATLANTIS (Paul M. Van Brugge), AVATAR (Chance Thomas), AVATAR (James Horner), AWAY WE GO (Alex Murdoch), AWAYDAYS (David A. Hughes)
  • BAARÌA (Ennio Morricone), BABY ON BOARD (Teddy Castellucci), BAD LIEUTENANT: PORT OF CALL NEW ORLEANS (Mark Isham), BAKHITA (Stefano Lentini), BALIBO (Lisa Gerrard and Marcello De Francisci), BALLAD: NA MO NAKI KOI NO UTA (Naoki Sato), BAMBOU (Eric Chevallier), BANCS PUBLICS (VERSAILLES RIVE DROITE) (David Lafore and Ezéchiel Pailhès), BARBAROSSA (Aldo De Scalzi and Pivio), BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM (Nick Arundel and Ron Fish), BATTLE FOR TERRA (Abel Korzeniowski), BATTLEFIELD 1943 (Joel Eriksson), BATTLEFIELD HEROES (Mark Canham), BATTLEFORGE (Tilman Silescu, Alexander Roeder and Alex Pfeffer), BATTLESTAR GALACTICA [SEASON 4.5] (Bear McCreary), BAYONETTA (Hiroshi Kawaguchi and Rei Kondo), THE BEAST [SEASON 1] (W.G. "Snuffy" Walden), THE BEAUTIFUL LIFE [SEASON 1] (Evan Frankfort and Marc Dauer), BEFORE YOU SAY I DO (Lawrence Shragge), BEHIND ENEMY LINES: COLOMBIA (Joseph Conlan), BELLAMY (Mathieu Chabrol), BEN 10: ALIEN SWARM (Michael Wandmacher), BERLIN 36 (Arno Steffen), BEST: HIS MOTHER’S SON (Daniel Pemberton), BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT (David Shire), BEYOND SHERWOOD (Darren Fung), BIG STAN (John Hunter), BIGFOOT (Jamie Christopherson), BIONIC COMMANDO (Jamie Christopherson), BLACK DYNAMITE (Adrian Younge), BLAZBLUE: CALAMITY TRIGGER (Daisuke Ishiwatari), BLESSED (Cezary Skubiszewski), THE BLIND SIDE (Carter Burwell), BLOOD AND BONE (Nicholas Pike), BLOOD: THE LAST VAMPIRE (Clint Mansell), BLUE (A.R. Rahman), BODYGUARD: A NEW BEGINNING (Stuart Hancock), BOLLYWOOD HERO (Bart Westerlaken), BOLLYWOOD HERO (Bart Westerlaken), BONES [SEASON 5] (Peter Himmelman), THE BOOK OF BEASTS (Craig McConnell), THE BOONDOCK SAINTS II: ALL SAINTS DAY (Jeff Danna), BOUND BY A SECRET (Kyle Newmaster), THE BOX (Arcade Fire), THE BOYS ARE BACK (Hal Lindes), BRAID (Shira Kammen and Jami Sieber), BRAVE YOUNG MEN (Kevin Sargent), BREAKING BAD [SEASON 2] (Dave Porter), BREAKING THE MOULD (Benjamin Wallfisch), BRIDE WARS (Edward Shearmur), THE BRIDGE TO NOWHERE (Scott Glasgow), BRIGHT STAR (Mark Bradshaw), BRING IT ON: FIGHT TO THE FINISH (Andrew Gross), THE BROKEN HEARTS CLUB (Rob Gokee), BROKEN SWORD: SHADOWS OF THE TEMPLARS (Barrington Pheloung), THE BRØKEN (Guy Farley), BRÖLLOPSFOTOGRAFEN (Jimmy Lagnefors), BROTHERS & SISTERS [SEASON 4] (Blake Neely), BROTHERS (Thomas Newman), BROTHERS AT WAR (Lee Holdridge), THE BROTHERS BLOOM (Nathan Johnson), BRÜNO (Erran Baron Cohen), BRÜTAL LEGEND (Peter McConnell), BUNNY AND THE BULL (Ralfe Band), BURMA VJ (Conny Malmqvist), THE BURNING PLAIN (Hans Zimmer and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez)
  • CADO DALLE NUBI (Checco Zalone), CALL OF DUTY: MODERN WARFARE 2 (Lorne Balfe ans Hans Zimmer), CALL OF DUTY: MODERN WARFARE: MOBILIZED (Lorne Balfe), CALL OF JUAREZ: BOUND IN BLOOD (Pawel Blaszczak), CAMILLE (Mark Mancina), CAPITALISM: A LOVE STORY (Jeff Gibbs), CAPRICA (Bear McCreary), CAPTAIN ABU RAED (Austin Wintory), CAPTURING MARY (Adrian Johnston), CARMEN VAN HET NOORDEN (Perquisite), CARRIERS (Peter Nashel), CASTLE [SEASON 1] (Robert Duncan), CASTLE [SEASON 2] (Robert Duncan), CEDAR BOYS (Khaled Sabsabi), CELDA 211 (Roque Baños), CELLE QUE J’AIME (Nathaniel Mechaly), CHARLES DARWIN AND THE TREE OF LIFE (Dan Jones), CHARLIE & BOOTS (Dale Cornelius), CHASING A DREAM (Stephen Graziano), CHER AMI... ¡Y YO! (Manuel Gil), CHERI (Alexandre Desplat), CHILDREN OF THE CORN (Jonathan Elias and Nathaniel Morgan), A CHRISTMAS CAROL (Alan Silvestri), CHRISTMAS HOPE (Lawrence Shragge), CHUGYEOGJA (Yong Rock Choi), CITIZEN JANE (Rob Mounsey), CITY ISLAND (Jan A.P. Kaczmarek), THE CLEANER [SEASON 2] (David Lawrence), CLIVE BARKER’S BOOK OF BLOOD (Guy Farley), THE CLOSER [SEASON 5] (James S. Levine), A CLOUD ON THE SLOPE (Joe Hisaishi), CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS (James Hannigan), CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS (Mark Mothersbaugh), COCO AVANT CHANEL (Alexandre Desplat), COCO CHANEL & IGOR STRAVINSKY (Gabriel Yared), COLD CASE [SEASON 7] (Michael A. Levine), COLD SOULS (Dickon Hinchliffe), THE COLLECTOR (Jerome Dillon), THE COMBINATION (Labib Jammal), COME DANCE AT MY WEDDING (Lawrence Shragge), COMMAND & CONQUER RED ALERT 3: UPRISING (James Hannigan and Frank Klepacki), COMPANY OF HEROES: TALES OF VALOR (Ian Livingstone), THE CONDUIT (Diego Stocco and Rick Nielsen), CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLIC (James Newton Howard), CORALINE (Bruno Coulais), THE COUNTESS (Julie Delpy), COUPLES RETREAT (A.R. Rahman), THE COURAGEOUS HEART OF IRENA SENDLER (Jan A.P. Kaczmarek), THE COVE (Joshua Ralph), CRACKS (Javier Navarrete), CRANK: HIGH VOLTAGE (Mike Patton), CRASH [SEASON 2] (Mark Isham and Cindy O’Connor), CRAZY HEART (T-Bone Burnett), CRIMINAL MINDS [SEASON 5] (Marc Fantini and Stefan Fantini), THE CROSS: THE ARTHUR BLESSIT STORY (Matthew R. Long), CROSSING OVER (Mark Isham), CROWS ZERO 2 (Naoki Otsubo), CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION [SEASON 10] (John M. Keane), CSI: MIAMI [SEASON 8] (Kevin Kiner and Jeff Cardoni), CSI: NEW YORK [SEASON 6] (Bill Brown), CUPID [SEASON 1] (Josh Kramon), CURIOUS GEORGE 2: FOLLOW THAT MONKEY! (Heitor Pereira), CYPRIEN (Jean-Benoît Dunckel)
  • DAMNATION (Paul Ruskay), THE DAMNED UNITED (Robert Lane), THE DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS (Alan Boyd), DE HEL VAN ‘63 (Ronald Schilperoort), DE HELAASHEID DER DINGEN (Jef Neve), DE INDIAAN (Melchier Meirmans, Merlijn Snitker and Chrisnanne Wiegel), DE L’AUTRE CÔTÉ DU LIT (Éric Neveux), DE LAATSTE DAGEN VAN EMMA BLANK (Alex Van Warmerdam), DE STORM (Fons Merkies), DE UNSYGLE (Johan Söderqvist), DEAD MAN RUNNING (Mark Sayfritz), DEAD SPACE: EXTRACTION (Jason Graves), DEAN SPANLEY (Don McGlashan), DEAR DOCTOR (More Rhythm), DEMAIN DÈS L’AUBE (Jérôme Lemonnier), DEMON’S SOULS (Shunsuke Kida), THE DESCENT PART 2 (David Julyan), DESERT FLOWER (Martin Todsharow), DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES [SEASON 6] (Steve Jablonsky), DESPERATE ROMANTICS [SEASON 1] (Daniel Pemberton), DET ENDA RATIONELLA (Nathan Larson), DETECTIVE CONAN: THE RAVEN CHASER (Katsuo Ono), THE DEVIL’S TOMB (Bill Brown), DEXTER [SEASON 4] (Daniel Licht), DIAMANT 13 (Frédéric Vercheval), DIAMONDS (Adrian Johnston), DIARIO DE UNA NINFÓMANA (Roque Baños), DID YOU HEAR ABOUT THE MORGANS? (Theodore Shapiro), DIE LUDOLFS (Christian Birawsky and Robert Papst), DIE PERLMUTTERFARBE (Gerd Baumann), DIE WILDEN HÜHNER UND DAS LEBEN (Niki Reiser), DIETA MEDITERRÁNEA (Josep Mas), THE DIPLOMAT (Burkhard Dallwitz), DISGRACE (Anthony Partos), DISSIDIA: FINAL FANTASY (Takeharu Ishimoto), DISTRICT 9 (Clinton Shorter), DIVERSO DA CHI? (Nicola Tescari), DIVERTED (Gary Koftinoff), DIVORCES! (Nicolas Errera), DO YOU KNOW ME (Lawrence Shragge), DOCTOR WHO: PLANET OF THE DEAD (Murray Gold), DOCTOR WHO: THE END OF TIME (Murray Gold), DOCTOR WHO: THE WATERS OF MARS (Murray Gold), A DOG NAMED CHRISTMAS (Jeff Beal), THE DOG WHO SAVED CHRISTMAS (Andres Boulton), DOGHOUSE (Richard Wells), DOLLHOUSE [SEASON 2] (Mychael Danna and Rob Simonsen), DORIAN GRAY (Charlie Mole), DRAG ME TO HELL (Christopher Young), DRAGON AGE: ORIGINS (Inon Zur), DRAGONBALL EVOLUTION (Brian Tyler), DROP (Kan Sawada), DROP DEAD DIVA [SEASON 1] (Scott Starrett), DROTTNINGEN OCH JAG (Mirage), DUE MAMME DI TROPPO (Savio Riccardi), DUE PARTITE (Giuliano Taviani), DUPLICITY (James Newton Howard), DURHAM COUNTY [SEASON 2] (Tom Third)
  • EARTH (George Fenton), EARTH DAYS (Michael Giacchino), EASTWICK [SEASON 1] (Blake Neely), EAT LEAD: THE RETURN OF MATT HAZARD (Rod Abernethy and Tony Morales), ECHELON CONSPIRACY (Bobby Tahouri), EDEN À L’OUEST (Armand Amar), EFFI BRIEST (Johan Söderqvist), EL CAMINO DE LOS SUEÑOS (Francesc Gener), EL JUEGO DEL AHORCADO (Bingen Mendizabal), EL SECRETO DE SUS OJOS (Emilio Kauderer and Federico Jusid), ELDORADO (Koen Gisen and Renaud Mayeur), ELEANOR’S SECRET (Christophe Héral), EMMA (Samuel Sim), EMPIRE: TOTAL WAR (Richard Beddow), THE END OF THE LINE (Srdjan Kurpjel and Marios Takoushis), ENID (Nicholas Hooper), ENRICO MATTEI: L’UOMO CHE GUARDAVA IL FUTURO (Andrea Guerra), ENVOYÉS TRES SPÉCIAUX (Jean-Yves d’Angelo), THE ESCAPIST (Benjamin Wallfisch), ESPION(S) (Cliff Martinez), EUFLORIA (Brian Grainger), EUREKA [SEASON 3] (Bear McCreary), EVANGELION: 2.0 YOU CAN (NOT) ADVANCE (Shiro Sagisu), EVE ONLINE (Jón Hallur Haraldsson), EVERY LITTLE STEP (Jane Antonia Cornish), EVERYBODY’S FINE (Dario Marianelli), EVERYTHING SHE EVER WANTED (Jonathan Goldsmith), EVET, ICH WILL! (Ali Aksin), EX (Bruno Zambrini), THE EXECUTION OF GARY GLITTER (Sandy Nuttgens), EXPECTING A MIRACLE (Kevin Kiner), EXTRACT (George S. Clinton)
  • FAME (Mark Isham), FAMILY GUY [SEASON 8] (Ron Jones and Walter Murphy), FAMILY GUY: SOMETHING SOMETHING SOMETHING DARK SIDE (Walter Murphy), FANBOYS (Mark Mothersbaugh), FANTASTIC MR. FOX (Alexandre Desplat), FAST AND FURIOUS (Brian Tyler), FEAST 3: THE HAPPY FINISH (Stephen Edwards), FIFTY DEAD MEN WALKING (Ben Mink), FIGHTING (Jonathan Elias and David Wittman), THE FINAL DESTINATION (Brian Tyler), FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES: ECHOES OF TIME (Kumi Tanioka), FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES: MY LIFE AS A DARKLORD (Kumi Tanioka), FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES: THE CRYSTAL BEARERS (Hidenori Iwasaki), FIREBALL (Justin Melland), FIRED UP! (Richard Gibbs), THE FIRM (Laura Rossi), FIVE FINGERS (John Rea), FLASH FORWARD [SEASON 1] (Ramin Djawadi), FLASHPOINT [SEASON 2] (Amin Bhatia and Ari Posner), FLASHPOINT [SEASON 3] (Amin Bhatia and Ari Posner), FLORAS NEGRAS (Óscar Maceda), FLOWER GIRL (Ceiri Torjussen), FOOD, INC. (Mark Adler), THE FORGOTTEN [SEASON 1] (Graeme Revell), FORTAPÀSC (Franco Piersanti), THE FOURTH KIND (Atli Örvarsson), FRAMED (Nick Green and Tristan Norwell), FRANKLYN (Joby Talbot), FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS [SEASON 4] (W.G. "Snuffy" Walden), FRIDAY THE 13TH (Steve Jablonsky), FRINGE [SEASON 2] (Chris Tilton), FROM MEXICO WITH LOVE (John Frizzell), FUGA DE CEREBROS (Manel Santisteban), FUNNY PEOPLE (Michael Andrews)
  • G.I. JOE: THE RISE OF COBRA (Alan Silvestri), G.I. JOE: THE RISE OF COBRA (Cris Velasco), THE GAMBLER GIRL AND THE GUNSLINGER (Brian Carr and Terence Davis), GAMER (Geoff Zanelli and Robb Williamson), GAMINES (Laurent Petitgand), GANGS (Wolfram De Marco), GARBO: EL ESPÍA (Fernando Velázquez), THE GENE GENERATION (Scott Glasgow), GENERAL NIL (Shane Harvey), GENERAZIONE 1000 EURO (Giuliano Taviani), GENOVA (Melissa Parmenter), GEORGIA O’KEEFFE (Jeff Beal), G-FORCE (Trevor Rabin), GHOST TOWN (Claude Foisy), GHOST WHISPERER [SEASON 5] (Mark Snow), GHOSTBUSTERS: THE VIDEO GAME (Kyle Richards), GHOSTS OF GIRLFRIENDS PAST (Rolfe Kent), GIFTED HANDS: THE BEN CARSON STORY (Marty Davich), THE GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE (Ross Godfrey), GIULIA NON ESCE LA SERA (Baustelle), GLEE [SEASON 1] (James S. Levine), GLI AMICI DEL BAR MARGHERITA (Lucio Dalla), GLORIOUS 39 (Adrian Johnston), GNOMES AND TROLLS: THE FOREST TRIAL (Anders Bagge and Oscar Merner), THE GODFATHER PART II: THE GAME (Christopher Lennertz), GOEMON (Akihiko Matsumoto), GOKUSEN: THE MOVIE (Michiru Oshima), GOOD HAIR (Marcus Miller), THE GOOD WIFE [SEASON 1] (Danny Lux), THE GOOD WITCH’S GARDEN (Jack Lenz), THE GOODS: LIVE HARD, SELL HARD (Lyle Workman), GORDOS (Pascal Gaigne), GOSSIP GIRL [SEASON 3] (Transcenders), GRACE (Austin Wintory), GRACIE! (Robert Lane), THE GREAT BUCK HOWARD (Blake Neely), THE GREAT SPERM RACE (Andrew Harris), GREEN LANTERN: FIRST FLIGHT (Robert J. Kral), GREY GARDENS (Rachel Portman), GREY’S ANATOMY [SEASON 6] (Danny Lux), THE GRUDGE 3 (Sean McMahon), GUNESI GORDUM (Yildiray Gurgen)
  • HACHIKO: A DOG’S STORY (Jan A.P. Kaczmarek), HAGETAKA: THE MOVIE (Naoki Sato), HALLOWEEN 2 (Tyler Bates), HALO 3: ODST (Martin O’Donnell and Michael Salvatori), HALO WARS (Stephen Rippy), THE HANGOVER (Christophe Beck), HANNAH MONTANA: THE MOVIE (John Debney), HAPPY END (Fons Merkies), HARDWIRED (Schaun Tozer), HARPER’S ISLAND [SEASON 1] (David Lawrence), HARRY BROWN (Martin Phipps and Ruth Barrett), HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE (James Hannigan), HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE (Nicholas Hooper), THE HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT (Robert J. Kral), HAWTHORNE [SEASON 1] (W.G. "Snuffy" Walden), HE’S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU (Cliff Eidelman), HEAVEN’S DOOR (Plaid), HELD HOSTAGE (Hal Beckett), HELLHOUNDS (Luc St. Pierre), HENRY MAY LONG (Max Richter), HEROES [SEASON 4] (Wendy Melvoin and Lisa Coleman), HET GEHEIM VAN MEGA MINDY (Olaf Janssens), HEXE LILLI: DER DRACHE UND DAS MAGISCHE BUCH (Ian Honeyman), HIGH PLAINS INVADERS (James Gelfand), HILDE (Martin Todsharow), THE HILLS RUN RED (Frederik Wiedmann), HOME (Armand Amar), HORSEMEN (Jan A.P. Kaczmarek), HORST SCHLÄMMER - ISCH KANDIDIERE! (Achim Hagemann and Betti Hagemann), HOSTILE MAKEOVER (James Gelfand), HOTEL FOR DOGS (John Debney), HOUSE [SEASON 6] (Jason Derlatka and Jon Ehrlich), THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL (Jeff Grace), HOVERING BLADE (Kenji Kawai), HUMAINS (Gast Waltzing), HUMPDAY (Vince Smith), HURRICANE SEASON (Mark Mancina), THE HURT LOCKER (Marco Beltrami and Buck Sanders), HUSH (Theo Green), HYDRA (Gregory Tripi)
  • I CAN DO BAD ALL BY MYSELF (Aaron Zigman), I COME WITH THE RAIN (Gustavo Santaolalla), I HOPE THEY SERVE BEER IN HELL (James Venable), I LOVE YOU BETH COOPER (Christophe Beck), I LOVE YOU, MAN (Theodore Shapiro), I MOSTRI OGGI (Louis Siciliano), I SELL THE DEAD (Jeff Grace), I SKUGGAN AV VÄRMEN (Ola Fløttum), I TAKET LYSER STJÄRNORNA (Kalle Bäccman), IAGO (Michele Braga), ICE AGE: DAWN OF THE DINOSAURS (John Powell), ICE TWISTERS (Michael Richard Plowman), IL BENE E IL MALE (Guy Farley), IL CASO DELL’INFEDELE KLÁRA (Giovanni Venosta), IL GRANDE SOGNO (Nicola Piovani), IL MISTERO DEL LAGO (Alessandro Molinari), IL-2 STURMOVIK: BIRDS OF PREY (Jeremy Soule), THE IMAGINARIUM OF DOCTOR PARNASSUS (Mychael Danna and Jeff Danna), IMAGINE THAT (Mark Mancina), IMAGO MORTIS (Zacarías M. De La Riva), THE IMMORTAL VOYAGE OF CAPTAIN DRAKE (Lucas Vidal), IMPACT (Michael Richard Plowman), I-MURDERS (Harry Manfredini), IN PLAIN SIGHT [SEASON 2] (W.G. "Snuffy" Walden), IN THE ELECTRIC MIST (Marco Beltrami), IN TREATMENT [SEASON 2] (Richard Marvin), INCOGNITO (Bénabar), INDIANA JONES AND THE STAFF OF KINGS (Gordy Haab and Ray Harman), INFAMOUS (Jim Dooley and Mel Wesson), INFESTATION (Steven Gutheinz), THE INFORMANT! (Marvin Hamlisch), THE INFORMERS (Christopher Young), INK (Jamin Winans), INSIDE PLANET EARTH (Philip Chambon), THE INTERNATIONAL (Tom Tykwer, Reinhold Heil and Johnny Klimek), INTO THE STORM (Howard Goodall), THE INVENTION OF LYING (Tim Atack), INVICTUS (Kyle Eastwood and Michael Stevens), IS ANYBODY THERE? (Joby Talbot), IT’S ALIVE (Nicholas Pike), IT’S COMPLICATED (Hans Zimmer and Heitor Pereira), ITALIANS (Paolo Buonvino)
  • J’AI TUÉ MA MÈRE (Nicholas Savard-L’Herbier), JAFFA (Shushan), JAK AND DAXTER: THE LOST FRONTIER (Jim Dooley), THE JANKY PROMOTERS (John Murphy), JANOSIK: PRAWDZIWA HISTORIA (Antoni Lazarkiewicz), JASPER: JOURNEY TO THE END OF THE WORLD (Florian Tessloff), JE L’AMAIS (Krishna Levy), JE VAIS TE MANQUER (Keren Ann), JENNIFER’S BODY (Theodore Shapiro and Stephen Barton), JERICHOW (Stefan Will), JESSE STONE: THIN ICE (Jeff Beal), JOE’S PALACE (Adrian Johnston), JOHAN FALK - GRUPPEN FÖR SÄRSKILDA INSATSER (Bengt Nilsson), JOHN RABE (Annette Focks), JULIE & JULIA (Alexandre Desplat)
  • KAIJI: JINSEI GYAKUTEN GÊMU (Yûgo Kanno), KAMEN RIDER CHO DEN-O & DECADE (Toshihiko Sahashi), KAMEN RIDER DECADE THE MOVIE: ALL RIDERS VS. GREAT SHOCKER (Naruse Shûhei and Toshihiko Sahashi), KAMOGAWA HORUMO (Yoshikazu Suo), KAMUI GAIDEN (Tarô Iwashiro), KAN DOOR HUID HEEN (Dan Geesin), KANSEN RETTÔ (Goro Yasukawa), KATAMARI FOREVER (Yu Miyake), KATEN NO SHIRO (Tarô Iwashiro), KENNY BEGINS (Clarence Öfverman), KIKKERDRIL (Kees Van Vooren and Arend Niks), KILLER HAIR (James Gelfand), KILLER SPIRIT (Thomas Gallagher), THE KILLING ROOM (Brian Tyler), KILLSHOT (Klaus Badelt), KILLZONE 2 (Joris De Man), KING GUILLAUME (Emily Loizeau), KING OF THE HILL [SEASON 13] (Roger Neill), KINGS [SEASON 1] (Trevor Morris), KNIFE EDGE (Guy Farley), KNIGHTS OF BLOODSTEEL (Jim Guttridge), KNOWING (Marco Beltrami), KOCHAJ I TANCZ (Lukasz Targosz), KOMT EEN VROUW BIJ DE DOKTER (Melchier Meirmans, Merlijn Snitker and Chrisnanne Wiegel), KYLE XY [SEASON 3] (Michael Suby)
  • THE L WORD [SEASON 6] (Elizabeth Ziff), L’AFFAIRE FAREWELL (Clint Mansell), L’AMOUR ALLER-RETOUR (Laurent Marimbert), L’AMOUR CACHÉ (Riccardo Fassi and Butch Morris), L’ARMEE DU CRIME (Alexandre Desplat), L’AUTRE (Rep Muzak), L’ECOLE DU POUVOIR (Alexei Aigui), L’HOMME DE CHEVET (Florencia Di Concilio), A L’ORIGINE (Cliff Martinez), L’ULTIMO ULTRAS (Riccardo Della Ragione), L’UOMO CHE CAVALCAVA NEL BUIO (Pino Donaggio), LA DOPPIA ORA (Pasquale Catalano), LA FILLE DU RER (Philippe Sarde), LA GUERRE DES MISS (Étienne Perruchon), LA GUERRE DES SAINTES (Hugues Tabar-Nouval), LA JOURNÉE DE LA JUPE (Kohann), LA LINEA (David Torn), LA MATASSA (Paolo Buonvino), LA PREMIÈRE ÉTOILE (Erwann Kermorvant), LA PRIMA LINEA (Max Richter), LA SAINTE VICTOIRE (Frédéric Fortuny and Jeff Hallam), LA SICILIANA RIBELLE (Pasquale Catalano), LABOR PAINS (Andrew Hollander), LADIES OF LETTERS (Mark Thomas), LAID TO REST (Deadbox), LAND GIRLS (Debbie Wiseman), LAND OF THE LOST (Michael Giacchino), THE LAST DAYS OF LEHMAN BROTHERS (Kevin Sargent), THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT (John Murphy), LAST OPERATIONS UNDER THE ORION (Tarô Iwashiro), THE LAST REMNANT (Tsuyoshi Sekito), LAST RIDE (Paul Charlier), THE LAST STATION (Sergei Yevtushenko), THE LAST TEMPLAR (Normand Corbeil), LAURAS STERN UND DER GEHEIMNISVOLLE DRACHE NIAN (Guy Cuyvers), LAW & ORDER [SEASON 20] (Mike Post), LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT [SEASON 8] (Mike Post), LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT [SEASON 11] (Mike Post), LAW ABIDING CITIZEN (Brian Tyler), LE BAL DES ACTRICES (Gabriel Yared), LE COACH (Pascal Jambry), LE CODE A CHANGÉ (Nicola Piovani), LE DERNIER VOL (Le Trio Joubran), LE HÉRISSON (Gabriel Yared), LE MERDITUDE DES CHOSE (Jef Neve), LE MISSIONAIRE (Alexandre Azaria), LE OMBRE ROSSE (Giovanna Marini and Angelo Talocci), LE PETIT NICOLAS (Klaus Badelt), LE ROI DE L’ÉVASION (Xavier Boussiron), LE SÉMINAIRE CAMÉRA CAFÉ (Alex Jaffray and Grégory Tanielian), LE VILAIN (Christophe Julien), LEFT 4 DEAD 2 (Mike Morasky), LEGALLY BLONDES (John Coda), LEGEND OF THE SEEKER [SEASON 2] (Joseph Lo Duca), LES HERBES FOLLES (Mark Snow), LES LASCARS (Lucien Papalou and Nicholas Varley), LES REGRETS (Philip Glass), LESBIAN VAMPIRE KILLERS (Debbie Wiseman), LIE TO ME [SEASON 1] (Doug De Angelis), LIE TO ME [SEASON 2] (Doug De Angelis), LIES & ILLUSIONS (Stephen Edwards), LIFE (George Fenton), LIFE IN ONE DAY (Johan Hoogewijs), LIMO (Tuomas Kantelinen), LIPPELS TRAUM (Konstantin Wecker), LISTEN TO MY HEART (Ryo Yoshimata), THE LISTENER [SEASON 1] (Tom Third), LITTLE KING’S STORY (Yutaka Minobe), LJUBAV I DRUGI ZLOCINI (Oliver Welter), LO SPAZIO BIANCO (Nicola Tescari), LOL (LAUGHING OUT LOUD) (Jean-Philippe Verdin), THE LORD OF THE RINGS: CONQUEST (Howard Shore), LOS ABRAZOS ROTOS (Alberto Iglesias), LOST [SEASON 5] (Michael Giacchino), LOST LAND OF THE VOLCANO (Jonathan Gunton), LOUISE-MICHEL (Gaëtan Roussel), LOUP (Krishna Levy), LOVE AND RAGE (Johan Söderqvist), LOVE FINDS A HOME (Stephen Graziano), LOVE HAPPENS (Christopher Young), LOVE TAKES WING (Terry Plumeri), LOVE THE BEAST (Yuri Worontschak), THE LOVELY BONES (Brian Eno), LOVER OF LOSER (Maarten Spruijt), LOVING LEAH (Jeff Beal), LUCKY LUKE (Bruno Coulais), M.W. (Yoshihiro Ike)
  • MACHINARIUM (Tomas Dvorak), MAD MEN [SEASON 3] (David Carbonara), MADEA GOES TO JAIL (Aaron Zigman), MADEMOISELLE CHAMBON (Antoine Ghinozzi), MADWORLD (Naoto Tanaka), MAGICZNE DRZEWO (Krzesimir Debski), THE MAIDEN HEIST (Rupert Gregson-Williams), MAKE THE YULETIDE GAY (Austin Wintory), MAL DIA PARA PESCAR (Mikel Salas), MALIBU SHARK ATTACK (Michael Neilson), MÄN SOM HATAR KVINNOR (Jacob Groth), MANAGEMENT (Mychael Danna and Rob Simonsen), MANEATER (Daniel Licht), MÄNNERHERZEN (Wolfgang Hammerschmid), MÄNNERSACHE (Paul Kuhn and Marko Meister), MAO’S LAST DANCER (Christopher Gordon), MARGARET (Dominic Muldowney), MARIA, IHM SCHMECKT’S NICHT! (Niki Reiser), MARIO & LUIGI: BOWSER’S INSIDE STORY (Yoko Shimomura), MARPLE: THEY DO IT WITH MIRRORS (Dominik Scherrer), MARPLE: WHY DIDN’T THEY ASK EVANS? (Dominik Scherrer), MARTYRS (Alex Cortes and Willi Cortes), MARVEL SUPER HERO SQUAD (Mick Gordon), MARVEL: ULTIMATE ALLIANCE 2 (Trevor Morris), MARY AND MAX (Dale Cornelius), MASK OF THE NINJA (Jonathan Snipes), MAX MANUS (Trond Bjerknes), MAY CONTAIN NUTS (Mark Thomas), ME AND ORSON WELLES (Michael McEvoy), MEDIUM [SEASON 6] (Sean Callery), MEGAFAULT (Ralph Rieckermann), MELROSE PLACE [SEASON 1] (Danny Lux), THE MEN WHO STARE AT GOATS (Rolfe Kent), MENO MALE CHE CI SEI (Pasquale Catalano), THE MENTALIST [SEASON 2] (Blake Neely), MENTIRAS Y GORDAS (Juan Carlos Molina and Juan Sueiro), MERCY [SEASON 1] (Wendy Melvoin and Lisa Coleman), MERLIN [SEASON 2] (Robert Lane and Rohan Stevenson), THE MERRY GENTLEMAN (Edward Shearmur), THE MESSENGER (Nathan Larson), MESSENGERS 2: THE SCARECROW (Joseph Lo Duca), METEOR (Jonathan Snipes), MICMACS À TIRE-LARIGOT (Raphaël Beau), MICRO MEN (Ilan Eshkeri), MIJN VADER IS EEN DETECTIVE (Peter Stoel), MIKRO EGLIMA (Thanasis Papakonstadinou and Konstadis Papakonstantinou), MINI NINJAS (Peter Svarre), THE MINISTERS (George Acogny), MISS MARCH (Jeff Cardoni), MISSING (David Lowe), MITTE ENDE AUGUST (Vic Chesnutt), MOANA (Aldo De Scalzi and Pivio), MONK [SEASON 8] (Jeff Beal), MONSTERS VS. ALIENS (Henry Jackman), MOON (Clint Mansell), MOONSHOT (Richard Blair-Oliphant), MORD IST MEIN GESCHÄFT, LIEBLING (Egon Riedel), MORE THAN A GAME (Harvey Mason Jr.), MRS. WASHINGTON GOES TO SMITH (Harry Manfredini), MULLEWAPP - FREUNDE FÜR IMMER (Andreas Hoge), MURAMASA: THE DEMON BLADE (Hitoshi Sakimoto), MURDERLAND (Richard Hartley), MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3D (Michael Wandmacher), MY FAKE FIANCE (Danny Lux), MY LIFE IN RUINS (David Newman), MY ONE AND ONLY (Mark Isham), MY SISTER’S KEEPER (Aaron Zigman), MY SUPER PSYCHO SWEET 16 (Ben Lovett)
  • NATALEE HOLLOWAY (Christopher Ward), THE NATIONAL TREE (Ian Thomas), NCIS [SEASON 7] (Brian Kirk), NCIS: LOS ANGELES [SEASON 1] (James S. Levine), NEFES (Firat Yukselir), NEL NOME DEL MALE (Ominostatico), NEW IN TOWN (John Swihart), NEW MOON (Alexandre Desplat), NEW SUPER MARIO BROS. WII (Shiho Fujii and Ryo Nagamatsu), NEW TOWN (Jim Sutherland), NEXT DAY AIR (The Elements), NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM: BATTLE OF THE SMITHSONIAN (Alan Silvestri), NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM: BATTLE OF THE SMITHSONIAN (Chris Tilton), NIGHT TRAIN (Henning Lohner), NIKO - LENTÄJÄN POIKA (Stephen McKeon), NINE (Andrea Guerra), NINJA ASSASSIN (Ilan Eshkeri), NINJA BLADE (Norihiko Hibino and Takahiro Izutani), NIP/TUCK [SEASON 6] (James S. Levine), NOBODY TO WATCH OVER ME (Takatsugu Muramatsu), NO-DO (Alfons Conde), NON MA FILLE, TU N’IRAS PAS DANSER (Alex Beaupain), NON PENSARCI (Giuliano Taviani), NOODLE (Haim Frank Ilfman), NORA ROBERTS’ HIGH NOON (Stuart Michael Thomas and Chris P. Bacon), NORA ROBERTS’ MIDNIGHT BAYOU (Stuart Michael Thomas and Chris P. Bacon), NORA ROBERTS’ NORTHERN LIGHTS (Stuart Michael Thomas and Chris P. Bacon), NORA ROBERTS’ TRIBUTE (Marty Davich), NOT EASILY BROKEN (Kurt Farquhar), NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH (Larry Groupé), NOTHING PERSONAL (Ethan Rose), NOTORIOUS (Danny Elfman), NOWHERE BOY (Will Gregory and Alison Goldfrapp), NUMB3RS [SEASON 6] (Charlie Clouser)
  • OBSCURE II (Olivier Deriviere), OBSERVE AND REPORT (Joey Stephens), OBSESSED (Jim Dooley), OCCUPATION (Daniel Pemberton), OFFSPRING (Ryan Shore), OGGI SPOSI (Giuliano Taviani), OLD DOGS (John Debney), ONE HOT SUMMER (Joseph Julian Gonzalez), ONE TREE HILL [SEASON 7] (John E. Nordstrom), OOGVERBLINDEND (Jan Kooper), THE OPEN ROAD (Christopher Lennertz), OPEN SEASON 2 (Ramin Djawadi), OPERATION FLASHPOINT 2: DRAGON RISING (David Lagettie), OPPAI VOLLEYBALL (Naoki Sato), ORDER OF WAR (Jeremy Soule), ORPHAN (John Ottman), OSS 117: RIO NE REPOND PLUS (Ludovic Bource), THE OTHER MAN (Stephen Warbeck), OUTLANDER (Geoff Zanelli)
  • PAGAFANTAS (Aránzazu Calleja), PAINTBALL (Xavier Capellas), PANDORUM (Michl Britsch), PAPER HEART (Michael Cera and Charlyne Yi), PAUL BLART: MALL COP (Waddy Wachtel), PEDRO (Barbara Cohen), A PERFECT GETAWAY (Boris Elkis), PERSÉCUTION (Eric Neveux), PERSONAL EFFECTS (Jóhann Johansson), PETTSON & FINDUS - GLÖMLIGHETER (Niclas Fransson and Ulf Turesson), PHANTASY STAR 0 (Hideaki Kobayashi and Fumie Kumatani), PHANTOM RACER (John Sereda and Paul Michael Thomas), PHANTOMSCHMERZ (Martin Todsharow), PHOEBE IN WONDERLAND (Christophe Beck), A PIERROT (Zentaro Watanabe), PIGALLE, LA NUIT (Éric Demarsan), THE PINK PANTHER 2 (Christophe Beck), PLANET 51 (James Brett), PLEIN SUD (Jocelyn Pook), THE POKER CLUB (Evan Evans), POOL (Takahiro Kaneko), POPE JOAN (Marcel Barsotti), POPIELUSZKO: WOLNOSC JEST W NAS (Pawel Sydor), POST GRAD (Christophe Beck), POWDER BLUE (Didier Rachou), PRAYERS FOR BOBBY (Christopher Ward), PRECIOUS (Mario Grigorov), PRIMEVAL [SEASON 3] (Dominik Scherrer), PRINCE OF PERSIA: EPILOGUE (Inon Zur), THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG (Randy Newman), PRINZESSIN LILLIFEE (Wolfgang Simm), THE PRISONER (Rupert Gregson-Williams), THE PRIVATE LIVES OF PIPPA LEE (Michael Rohatyn), PRIVATE PRACTICE [SEASON 3] (Chad Fischer), THE PROPOSAL (Aaron Zigman), PROTOTYPE (Cris Velasco), PUBLIC ENEMIES (Elliot Goldenthal), PUCCINI (Marco Frisina), PUSH (Neil Davidge), PUYO PUYO 7 (Masaru Setsumaru)
  • QUELQUE CHOSE A TE DIRE (Jacques Davidovici), QUESTIONE DI CUORE (Battista Lena), QUESTO PICCOLO GRANDE AMORE (Claudio Baglioni)
  • RABBIDS GO HOME (Ghiorghita Lorga), RACE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN (Trevor Rabin), RAIN FALL (Kenji Kawai), RAISING THE BAR [SEASON 2] (James S. Levine), RATCHET & CLANK FUTURE: A CRACK IN TIME (Boris Salchow), REAPER [SEASON 2] (David Schwartz), THE REBOUND (Clint Mansell), THE RED CANVAS (James Peterson), RED FACTION: GUERRILLA (Timothy Michael Wynn and George Oldziey), RELATIVE STRANGER (Nathan Furst), RESCUE ME [SEASON 5] (Christopher Tyng), RESIDENT EVIL 5 (Wataru Hokoyama), RESIDENT EVIL: THE DARKSIDE CHRONICLES (Shusaku Uchiyama and Takeshi Miura), RESISTANCE: RETRIBUTION (Garry Schyman), REVIVRE (Stéphane Zidi), RICKY (Philippe Rombi), RIEN DE PERSONNEL (Flemming Nordkrog), RISE OF THE GARGOYLES (Ned Bouhalassa), RISEN (Kai Rosenkranz), THE ROAD (Nick Cave and Warren Ellis), ROBIN HOOD [SEASON 3] (Andy Price), ROSE ET NOIR (Roque Baños), ROYAL PAINS [SEASON 1] (James S. Levine), RUDO Y CURSI (Leoncio Lara), RUNAWAY (Daniel Pemberton), RUPAN SANSEI VS. MEITANTEI CONAN (Yuji Ono and Katsuo Ono)
  • S. DARKO (Ed Harcourt), THE SABOTEUR (Gabriel Mann and Rebecca Kneubuhl), SACRED 2: FALLEN ANGEL (Pedro Macedo Camacho), SAFARI (Martin Rappeneau), SAFE HARBOR (Bruce Broughton), SAINTS ROW 2 (Frank Petreikis), SAMMEN (Johan Söderqvist), SANCTUARY [SEASON 2] (Ian Browne and Neal Acree), SAND SERPENTS (Pierpaolo Tiano), SANTA BABY 2 (Misha Segal), SANTA BUDDIES (Brahm Wenger), SAVING GRACE [SEASON 3] (Susan Marder), SAW VI (Charlie Clouser), SAW: THE VIDEO GAME (Alex Guibert), SBIRRI (Fabrizio Lamberti), SCOOBY DOO: THE MYSTERY BEGINS (David Newman), SCRIBBLENAUTS (David J. Franco), THE SECRET OF KELLS (Bruno Coulais), THE SECRET OF MOONACRE (Christian Henson), THE SECRETS OF JONATHAN SPERRY (Jasper Randall), SECTION 8 (Jason Graves), THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE (Craig Richey), A SERIOUS MAN (Carter Burwell), SERIOUS MOONLIGHT (Andrew Hollander), SHADOWS (Ryan Shore), SHADOWS IN THE SUN (Richard Chester), SHERLOCK HOLMES (Hans Zimmer), SHIFTY (Molly Nyman and Harry Escott), SHONEN MERIKENSAKKU (Shutoku Mukai), A SHORT STAY IN SWITZERLAND (John Harle), SHORTS (Robert Rodriguez and George Oldziey), SHRINK (Brian Reitzell), SIETE MINUTOS (Roque Baños), SIMANIMALS (Winifred Phillips), THE SIMPSONS [SEASON 21] (Alf Clausen), THE SIMS 3 (Steve Jablonsky), THE SIMS 3: WORLD ADVENTURES (Steve Jablonsky), SIN NOMBRE (Marcelo Zarvos), A SINGLE MAN (Abel Korzeniowski), SINTERKLAAS EN DE VERDWENEN PAKJESBOOT (Maarten Spruijt), SINTERKLAASJOURNAAL DE MEEZINGMOEVIE (Het Paleis Van Boem), SKIN (Hélène Muddiman), SLEEP FURIOUSLY (Aphex Twin), SMALL ISLAND (Martin Phipps), SMALLVILLE [SEASON 9] (Mark Snow), SM-RECHTER (Ivan Georgiev), SOEUR SOURIRE (Bruno Fontaine), THE SOLOIST (Dario Marianelli), SOLOMON KANE (Klaus Badelt), SOMMAREN MED GÖRAN - EN MIDSOMMARNATTSKOMEDI (Jimmy Lagnefors), SONIC AND THE BLACK KNIGHT (Jun Senoue), SONS OF ANARCHY [SEASON 2] (Bob Thiele Jr.), SORORITY ROW (Lucien Piane), SORORITY WARS (Danny Lux), SOUTH PACIFIC (David Mitcham), SOUTH PARK [SEASON 13] (Jamie Dunlap), SOUTHLAND [SEASON 1] (J. Michael Muro), SPANGAS OP SURVIVAL (Martijn Schimmer and Mario Zapatta), SPANISH MOVIE (Fernando Velázquez), SPION VAN ORANJE (Fons Merkies), SPORE HERO (Winifred Phillips), SPREAD (John Swihart), ST. TRINIANS 2: THE LEGEND OF FRITTON’S GOLD (Charlie Mole), STAN HELSING (Ryan Shore), STAR OCEAN: THE LAST HOPE (Motoi Sakuraba), STAR RUNNERS (Claude Foisy), STAR TREK (Michael Giacchino), STARGATE UNIVERSE [SEASON 1] (Joel Goldsmith), STATE OF PLAY (Alex Heffes), STATEN ISLAND (Frédéric Verrieres), THE STEAM EXPERIMENT (Don Macdonald), STELLA’S OORLOG (Bart Westerlaken), THE STEPFATHER (Charlie Clouser), STILL WAITING (Adam Gorgoni), THE STONING OF SORAYA M. (John Debney), THE STORM (Jonathan Snipes), STREET FIGHTER: THE LEGEND OF CHUN-LI (Stephen Endelman), STREET WARRIOR (Stephen Graziano), STREETS OF BLOOD (Stephen Endelman), SUBDIVISION (Brendan Gallagher), SUGAR (Michael Brook), SUMMER WARS (Akihiko Matsumoto), THE SUN THAT DOESN’T SET (Norihiro Sumimoto), SUNSHINE BARRY AND THE DISCO WORMS (Jörg Lemberg), SUNSHINE CLEANING (Michael Penn), SUPERNATURAL [SEASON 5] (Christopher Lennertz), SURROGATES (Richard Marvin), SURVEILLANCE (Todd Bryanton), SUSKE EN WISKE: DE TEXAS RAKKERS (Ian Marien), SYMBOL (Yasuaki Shimizu)
  • TAJOMARU (Naoki Otsubo), THE TAKE (Ruth Barrett), TAKEN (Nathaniel Mechaly), TAKEN IN BROAD DAYLIGHT (Jeff Toyne), TAKING A CHANCE ON LOVE (Eric Allaman), TAKING CHANCE (Marcelo Zarvos), TAKING CHANCES (Scott Glasgow), THE TAKING OF PELHAM 123 (Harry Gregson-Williams), TAKING WOODSTOCK (Danny Elfman), A TALE OF ULULU’S WONDERFUL FOREST (Joe Hisaishi), TALES OF MONKEY ISLAND (Michael Land), TANNÖD (Johan Söderqvist), TATARAK (Pawel Mykietyn), TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES: SMASH-UP (Takahiro Nishi), TELLEMENT PROCHES! (Frédéric Talgorn), TENDERNESS (Jonathan Goldsmith), TERMINATOR SALVATION (Danny Elfman), TERMINATOR SALVATION (Trond Viggo Melssen), TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES [SEASON 2] (Bear McCreary), TERUG NAAR DE KUST (Jeroen Rietbergen), TETRO (Osvaldo Golijov), THE AGE OF STUPID (Chris Brierley), THICK AS THIEVES (Atli Örvarsson), THOR: HAMMER OF THE GODS (Lucas Vidal), THE THREE INVESTIGATORS AND THE SECRET OF TERROR CASTLE (Annette Focks), THREE RIVERS [SEASON 1] (Richard Marvin), TIBERIUM (Christopher Lennertz), THE TIME TRAVELER’S WIFE (Mychael Danna), TOM CLANCY’S ENDWAR (Alastair Hirst and Matt Ragan), TOM CLANCY’S H.A.W.X. (Tom Salta), TOO LATE TO SAY GOODBYE (Michael Alemania and John Pratt), TORCHLIGHT (Matt Uelmen), TORMENTED (Paul Hartnoll), TRAMONTANA (Paul M. Van Brugge), TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN (Ryan Schuck and Amir Derakh), TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN (Steve Jablonsky), TRAUMA [SEASON 1] (Bear McCreary), TRÉSOR (Frédéric Botton and Jean-Yves d’Angelo), TRIANGLE (Christian Henson), TRICHEUSE (Alain Auclair), TRICK ‘R TREAT (Douglas Pipes), TRINE (Ari Pulkkinen), THE TRIUMPHANT RETURN OF GENERAL ROUGE (Naoki Sato), TROGLODYTE (Chuck Cirino), TRUE BLOOD [SEASON 2] (Nathan Barr), TRUST ME [SEASON 1] (Rob Cairns), TSURUGIDAKE: TEN NO KI (Shinichirô Ikebe), THE TUDORS [SEASON 3] (Trevor Morris), TUTTI COLPA DI GIUDA (Fabio Barovero and Gianni Maroccolo), TWENTIETH CENTURY BOYS: CHAPTER TWO (Ryomei Shirai), TYSON (Salaam Remi)
  • U PANA BOGA ZA MIEDZA (Ludek Drizhal), UGLY BETTY [SEASON 4] (Jeff Beal), THE UGLY TRUTH (Aaron Zigman), ULTRA MIRACLE LOVE STORY (Yoshihide Otomo), UN BARRAGE CONTRE LE PACIFIQUE (Marc Marder), UN BUEN HOMBRE (Sergio Moure), UN HOMME ET SON CHIEN (Philippe Rombi), UN NOVIO PARA MI MUJER (Ivan Wyszogrod), UN PROPHÈTE (Alexandre Desplat), UN SINGE SUR LE DOS (Stéphan Oliva), UN VILLAGE FRANCAIS (Eric Neveux), UN’ESTATE AI CARAIBI (Manuel De Sica), THE UNBORN (Ramin Djawadi), UNCHARTED 2: AMONG THIEVES (Greg Edmonson), UNDER THE MOUNTAIN (Victoria Kelly), UNDER THE SEA 3D (Mickey Erbe and Maribeth Solomon), UNDERGROUND (Stuart Hancock), UNDERWORLD: RISE OF THE LYCANS (Paul Haslinger), UNE AFFAIRE D’ÉTAT (Noko), UNE AVENTURE NEW-YORKAISE (Matthieu Deniau), THE UNINVITED (Christopher Young), THE UNITED STATES OF TARA [SEASON 1] (John Frizzell), UNSTABLE (Christopher Dedrick), UNTER BAUERN (David Greilsammer), THE UNUSUALS [SEASON 1] (Jeff Russo), UP (Michael Giacchino), UP IN THE AIR (Rolfe Kent)
  • V [SEASON 1] (Marco Beltrami and Normand Corbeil), VALENTINO: THE LAST EMPEROR (Joel Goodman), THE VAMPIRE DIARIES [SEASON 1] (Michael Suby), THE VAMPIRE’S ASSISTANT (Stephen Trask), VAN DIEMEN’S LAND (Jethro Woodward), VAN WILDER: FRESHMAN YEAR (Nathan Wang), VENGEANCE (Tayu Lo), VERONIKA DECIDES TO DIE (Murray Gold), VERTIGE (Jean-Pierre Taieb), VICTOR (Christophe Julien), THE VICTORIANS (Chris Nicolaides), VILLA AMALIA (Bruno Coulais), VINCERE (Carlo Crivelli), VISION - AUS DEM LEBEN DER HILDEGARD VON BINGEN (Christian Heyne), VISIONS (Stefano Fresi), THE VOYAGE THAT SHOOK THE WORLD (Cliff Bradley)
  • WALLACE & GROMIT’S GRAND ADVENTURES (Jared Emerson-Johnson), WAR WOLVES (Corey Jackson), WAREHOUSE 13 [SEASON 1] (Edward Rogers), WARHAMMER 40,000: DAWN OF WAR II (Doyle W. Donehoo), WATCHMEN (Tyler Bates), WATCHMEN: THE END IS NIGH (Tyler Bates), THE WAY OF WAR (John Melvin), WELCOME (Nicola Piovani), WET (Brian Lebarton), WHAT COLOR IS LOVE? (Schaun Tozer), WHAT DOESN’T KILL YOU (Alex Wurman), WHATEVER WORKS (Dick Hyman), THE WHEELMAN (Jason Graves), WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE (Carter Burwell and Karen Orzelek), WHIP IT (The Section Quartet), WHITE COLLAR [SEASON 1] (Jon Ehrlich), WHITECHAPEL (Ruth Barrett), WHITEOUT (John Frizzell), WICKIE UND DIE STARKEN MÄNNER (Ralf Wengenmayr), WILDEST DREAMS (Daniel Pemberton), WILLI UND DIE WUNDER DIESER WELT (Patrick Buttmann and Philipp F. Kölmel), WINGED CREATURES (Marcelo Zarvos), THE WIZARD OF OZ: BEYOND THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD (Hitoshi Naruke and Michuko Sakimoto), WOLFENSTEIN (Bill Brown), WOLVESBAYNE (Miles Hankins), THE WONDER OF IT ALL (Scott Starrett), WORLD’S GREATEST DAD (Gerald Brunskill), WRONG TURN AT TAHOE (Nicholas Pike), WUTHERING HEIGHTS (Ruth Barrett), WYVERN (Pinar Toprak)
  • XGAMES 3D: THE MOVIE (Tobias Enhus), XIII (Nicolas Errera), X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE (Harry Gregson-Williams), X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE (Paul Haslinger)
  • YATTÂMAN (Ikuro Fujiwara and Masaaki Jinbo), YEAR ONE (Theodore Shapiro), YELLOWSTONE (Ed Butt), YO, TAMBIÉN (Guille Milkyway), THE YOUNG VICTORIA (Ilan Eshkeri)
  • ZAMIANA (Marcin Mirowski), ZEN (Haseo Nakanishi and Ryûdô Uzaki), ZIG ZAG LOVE (Philip Appleby), ZOMBIELAND (David Sardy), ZWEIOHRKÜKEN (Dirk Reichardt and Mirko Schaffer)

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