Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

By Geoff Johns


So as you know, while Jim Lee and Dan DiDio head up publishing and editorial, Diane Nelson and I work on everything outside of the comics in film, television and other media alongside Warner Bros. to try and bring DC’s rich and expansive universe of characters and stories to life. From 100 Bullets to Zatanna. Pretty awesome job. I feel incredibly lucky to be a part of it and to work with so many amazingly talented people.

When you’re moving behind the scenes on stuff like film and television there are always a lot of projects, scripts and cool things that are created. I always wanted to hear about and see the development of these projects, even if it was early or they weren’t a sure thing, and now that I have access to the top secret room we keep them in – I call it THE VAULT – I thought I’d share some glimpses at what Warner Bros. and DCE have in there with my fellow DC fanatics.

First up is one of my personal favorites: a live action screen test of Blue Beetle transforming and something we’re using in the hopes of bringing him to the small screen. There was so much excitement when I mentioned this on Twitter I thought I’d share a little more information…

I feel very fortunate to have been a part of Blue Beetle’s introduction way back in INFINITE CRISIS. I’ve said it before, but thanks to the BLUE BEETLE series launched by Keith Giffen and John Rogers with a great design by Cully Hamner, Jaime Reyes rocks. Great character, great story, great look. He’s already appeared in animation, had action figures and right now he’s on my computer in live-action glory. I have an early special effects test that has been floating around of what his armored scarab-suit could look like. This isn’t final. This isn’t greenlit. It’s only a test that was done. We still have a long way to go to see if we can get this off the ground and a lot of people to jump on board…but check out some stills:








Pretty cool, huh? We’ll be bringing this short clip to San Diego Comic-Con and playing it in as many DCU panels as possible so everyone gets a chance to see it.

At the same time, as previously announced, the YOUNG JUSTICE cartoon series is just around the corner featuring Robin, Kid Flash, Superboy, Miss Martian, Artemis and the all-new Aqualad who will be appearing very briefly in BRIGHTEST DAY #4, but really comes into his own in BRIGHTEST DAY #10 before hitting the small screen this fall.


When we first meet Aqualad in BRIGHTEST DAY he’s Jackson Hyde. An average student, with an on-and-off girlfriend, that’s pretty bored in New Mexico.

Since he was young, he’s been taught by his parents to fear water…they don’t want him near it because his true parents would be able to locate him. Not to mention certain changes happen to Jackson when he gets in the water.

Jackson has kept this secret hidden for years, lying to his girlfriend about being afraid of drowning, being unable to swim and being in the dark about the mysterious tattoos he’s had since birth. He’s done his best to avoid it. But soon something’s going to force him out into the open and dive into the water.

Obviously, this all ties into the larger Aquaman and Mera story within BRIGHTEST DAY, but Jackson’s adventures will also be seen in the YOUNG JUSTICE animated series this fall along with more DC characters than you could imagine.

I really believe in the story behind Jackson and, like Blue Beetle, I hope you give him a chance to grab your heart and imagination as he arrives on the scene in comics and cartoons.


Finally, the big one.

Mark Strong.


I just returned from New Orleans, where GREEN LANTERN is deep in production set for release in June 2011. GREEN LANTERN has an unreal crew and cast. Grant Major – the Production Designer on LORD OF THE RINGS. Martin Campbell – the director of CASINO ROYALE. And Mark Strong from SHERLOCK HOLMES and KICK-ASS as Sinestro. And while I was there, there was a test on Sinestro. How he looks. How he moves. An amazing test.

Unfortunately, that test is top secret.

I can say with confidence, however, if you like Sinestro you’re going to love Mark Strong as Sinestro. Powerful, regal, intimidating. Mark clearly has done his research and embraced every aspect of what makes Sinestro one of the greatest, most complex characters within the vast, epic universe of the Green Lantern Corps. I think you’ll be as psyched as I am when you finally see him.


So that’s (some of) what we’ve got going on right now. Before I log off…what hero do you want to see in live action more than any other? Let us know and remember



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  1. meisterlegion says on :

    OH WOW! Live Action Movie stuff! AWESOME! :shock:
    the Blue Beetle movie clips made my eyeballs about pop out!

    Geoff Johnss - you tha’ MAN!

  2. Muldercomics says on :

    The Blue Beetle Look Like One Power Ranger Epic Fail, Ted I Miss You so Much…

  3. johnbearrr says on :

    Blue beetle should be more blue.

  4. themightyzeus says on :

    Billy Zane as Lex Luthor!

  5. Ricardo says on :

    I’d rather see more cartoons than live action, but I always liked The Flash series and it would be awesome to see it back. The whole retro-look and the great character interplay stood out and it is probably the best comic book-based TV series I’ve seen.

  6. meisterlegion says on :

    …who is the boy playing Blue Beetle? Can we PLEASE PLEASE try to get that kid from Twilight - Taylor Lautner. He would be an awesome Jaime Reyes, and he has a built-in fan base. IT WOULD BE A BLOCKBUSTER!

  7. bizarroadam says on :

    Which hero would I like to see in live action? Starman- Jack Knight. That would be an amazing movie or TV series.

    The Question could be cool too.

    All of the stuff mentioned in here by Mr. Johns looks good to me.

  8. zacksparks88 says on :

    Anyone remember Beetleborgs? This is exactly what this reminds me of. The costume is just way too over the top.

  9. lakidash says on :

    Green Arrow movie, please.

    Then GL and GA in a hard travelin’ movie.

    …maybe not.

  10. nemalki says on :

    Which hero would I like to see in live-action?

    Plastic Man. Maybe Steel done right.

    Perhaps Static. Ooh, how about that Hardware character? Love to see how Vixen or Vaporlock would translate as a live-action character.

  11. aaronturon says on :

    Okay, wait. The new Aqualad is the son of Mera and Black Manta? Most probably, yes.

  12. jorel1983 says on :

    I am liking the story behind the new Aqualad I thought he was gonna be Black Manta’s son but I was wrong and glad to know I was wrong lol. Mark Strong once he was announced and saw him as Lord Blackwood in Sherlock Holmes I was not worried and glad to know Geoff has faith in him. I just hope he is a good guy at first then a bad guy. If that’s just a screen test for Blue Beetle that is awesome and can’t wait to see if it gets greenlit and gets a real budget behind it. And I would really like to see Wonder Woman on the big screen or better yet get rid of that abomination that was Shaq as steel and give us a real DCU Steel

  13. pookdogg says on :

    When I was younger watched “The Flash” live action show & we’ve see sooo many Batman movies & the new ones rock by the way. Green Lantern movei is coming to theatres next year. But I would love to see a Martian Manhunter either movie of live action show… not like smallville. But full on tights & flying action, he’s as powerful as superman why do people forget that… I think a show about him would be epic if done properly & with all his powers he could do anything… tie it into his detective skills put someone like a michael jai white in the role & you’ve got a hit. I could write you a treatment as well as a story arc for the first full season… Holla

  14. meisterlegion says on :

    @aaronturon - no way…Mera & Black Manta? No way dude!?
    It says in Geoff’s description of Jackson Hyde that his parents raised him in New Mexico and have kept him away from water…Mera and Black Manta both love the water - there is no way he’s a child to either of them.

    Plus, wasn’t Black Manta the butcher in Brightest Day #1 that went crazy and slaughtered everyone in the store. That wasn’t in New Mexico.

  15. ryaztek says on :

    @aaronturon Do you realize how completely disgusting it would be if that were the case?

    As if Mera would conceive a child with a man who would eventually murder another child of hew own ?!?!?

  16. fightoned says on :

    what hero do you want to see in live action more than any other?

    OK, Green Lantern. Oh that is in work.
    Flash. Oh that is in draft.
    Aquaman. Oh that is in draft also.
    Jonah Hex. Done and starts FRIDAY!!!!

    That is my top list. So what other hero?

    Green Arrow!

    If I could have another vote it would be DEADMAN.


    I can’t stop. There are too many great ideas/characters out there in the DC Universe!

  17. meisterlegion says on :

    @Pookdogg - I remember ‘THE FLASH’ tv show too!
    John Wesley Shipp was the actor. I remember him because at 16-years old I was hit by a car and stayed home from school for 2-months recovering - I got hooked on ‘As the World Turns’ soap opera and he played Doug Cummings on the show.
    (a resturaunt owner who turned out to be a psycho-path…’Someone to Watch, Over me’)…anyway, after his stint on the soap, he showed up as The FLASH in the t.v. series. I really like him. :)

  18. lyrik says on :

    I’ve always wanted a Green Arrow or Aquaman movie.

  19. cardboardpunk says on :

    Looks like “One Power Ranger Epic WIN” to me.

    (although I do agree he needs a little more blue in the outfit)

  20. aaronturon says on :

    @meisterlegio and @ryaztek

    Hey guys! I could be wrong! Haha! Sorry to disturb your mind, guys. XD

  21. jawafather says on :

    The new Aqualad sounds very intriguing!

    As for what DC hero I want to see more than any other in live action…Aquaman, without a doubt!

  22. meisterlegion says on :

    I want to see BOOSTER GOLD: The Movie (co-starring Maxwell Lord); with Kellan Lutz playing the lead role!

    and then the following year - JUSTICE LEAGUE of AMERICA: The Movie (also, with Maxwell Lord as the villian)

  23. flashfist says on :

    hey Geoff, please make a FLASH movie. but instead of Barry Allen please give Wally West another chance as the lead FLASH. PLEASE……thank you and keep up the great work

  24. Geoff Johns shares live-action Blue Beetle pictures | PastePotPete says on :

    [...] Reyes got pretty excited. Well, hold on to your scarab, because over on the Source blog, Johns posts pictures of the whole sequence. Here are a [...]

  25. rider28031 says on :

    Hey, Geoff. Could you try and give us an update on the Flash movie? I like the idea that Barry’s going to be the lead in the film; can’t beat the classics!

  26. mtldp says on :

    Re: Some of the theories on Aqualad’s parents: Read what Geoff wrote above…

    “Since he was young, he’s been taught by his parents to fear water…they don’t want him near it because his true parents would be able to locate him.”


    “Jackson has kept this secret hidden for years, lying to his girlfriend about being afraid of drowning, being unable to swim and being in the dark about the mysterious tattoos he’s had since birth. He’s done his best to avoid it.”

    In other words, his New Mexico parents are his adoptive parents and his biological parents are somehow water-based. So Black Manta could be the father. The mother? Who knows. And it seems her is aware of this history, so even though he knows he has a water-based heritage, he knows it’s dangerous for him to pursue it so he stays away from water.

  27. allysons0attic says on :

    My kids and I, LOve Blue Beetle.
    Sooo…I really hope this turns out right.
    BUT The costume needs to be MORE Blue.

  28. jslab425 says on :

    @Geoff Johns: More than any other? AQUAMAN!

  29. meisterlegion says on :

    …AQUAMAN (with Kellan Lutz as Arthur)

  30. reinard says on :

    Love Syndicate of Dreamworld. Live-Action or animated. Puppets might be even better.

  31. uncontested says on :


  32. eowyn says on :

    I want to see Wonder Woman on the big screen, and aquaman too. =)

  33. allysons0attic says on :

    Also the face of blue beetle is too Iron Man like.
    I’ve always thought of it conforming to Jamie’s face.
    The same with the rest of the suit, I’ve thought of it being more flexible, then being metallic, because it can change forms for what is needed.

  34. brightgirl says on :

    I think DC should consider more women for live action>>> How about :

    Black Orchid

    Rose and the Thorn

    Element Woman

    Just this girl’s opinion :)

  35. hectorunited says on :

    I’d love to see a new WONDER WOMAN movie, also a JUSTICE LEAGUE would be awesome! There are so many great DC characters! AQUAMAN would be cool or GREEN ARROW/BLACK CANARY
    Can’t wait to see GL in the big screen!
    Thanks DC!!!!

  36. themanwoaname says on :

    ugh, i hate spidermanmexibeetle with such an unrelenting burning passion. ted kord is the only blue beetle ever.

  37. Jill aka The Nerdy Bird says on :

    @meisterlegion, I have to say, that’s a really good idea about Taylor Lautner. But what @aaronturon says about Mera and Black Manta could be true. The description Johns gave was “Since he was young, he’s been taught by his parents to fear water…they don’t want him near it because his true parents would be able to locate him.” Meaning, he’s living with adoptive parents now.

    As for who I’d like to see in live-action: Batgirl

  38. thefreakytiki says on :

    What do “I” wanna see?…

    The Spectre


    Gotham Central TV show

    the Tiki

  39. themanwoaname says on :

    ps. live action booster gold.

  40. brightgirl says on :


    Sux to be you man, DC is pulling out all the stops to promote Jamie as Blue Beetle and fans seem to overwhelmingly approve.

  41. igasu says on :

    Personally I want to see Catherin Zeta-Jones or Monica Bellucci as Wonder Woman.

  42. brightgirl says on :

    @ Jill aka Nerdy Bird

    I agree with Ryaztek– Mera and Manta = barf-o-rama!!! He murdered her son!

  43. CultOfConner says on :

    Who i want to see live action? Simple:

    Conner Kent
    Power Girl

    I’ll beg if i have to…

  44. laughingman says on :

    Live-action Dick Grayson that isn’t a joke!

    New Aqualad sounds like a cool character.

  45. Jill aka The Nerdy Bird says on :

    @brightgirl, Oh, I never said I approved, just that it was possible. Though I’m thinking Black Manta is involved with him one way or another. Why else would his adoptive parents want to keep him away from his real parents?

  46. stitch656 says on :

    The Spectre, Dr.Fate would be two awesome, dark, and Supernatural Series. I would like to see Capt. Marvel. Mystic adventures would be cool.

  47. bravedave says on :

    Looks Awesome. Great work Geoff!
    Who do I wanna see?

    Big Screen:
    Outside of the big 4: Batman, Superman, GL and the Flash:
    - Wonder Woman, Aqauaman, Green Arrow, Morisson’s JLA

    Animated Feature:
    - Green Arrow/Green Lantern travelling team up, Shazam: Captain Marvel, The New Gods of the 4th World, Allstar Superman, Superman/Batman:Supergirl, Maybe a Wildstorm feature?

    Small Screen:
    - Gotham Central or perhaps a rebooted Birds of Prey, JSA (smallville spin off), Morrison’s Seven Soldiers (mini series).

  48. Zawisza says on :

    Live action heroes I’d like to see:


    Doom Patrol (or at least in video games. I’m not a gamer, but I can’t think of a license more video game-ready)



    Hawk & Dove


  49. batmanners says on :

    so excited for all of these. Especially Blue Beetle and Young Justice.

  50. majesticfool says on :

    I said it once, and I’ll say it again: Geoff Johns is a GOD!!!

    The future is bright for the DCU in the hands of Geoff Johns!


    All this is awesome, I am 100% behind the new Aqualad, especially after this lil’ synopsis of the dude! THANK U THANK U THANK U GEOFF (and Diane and EVERYONE INVOLVED,even Mr Didio…hehehe), you’re making the dreams of thousands of geeks coming to life!

    AW YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. jsagent says on :

    Would love a Hawkman / Hawkgirl movie…. could be very Indiana Jones-ish.

    A true Birds of Prey film would be fun too (as opposed to the altered character versions used in the short-lived series)

  52. qjanuary22 says on :

    i think a Blue beetle television show would be cool which smallville ending , It would be a great chance for the new gen of fans to get and meet the new blue beetle

    Martian man hunter to wuld be a nice movie

    And a Aquaman movie to so peeps can stop thinking hes worthless lol

    I also think a show based on catwoman and catgirl would be kind of interesting
    u would be able to see have katrina became kittyhawk
    and go in to depth with Seline and Bruce relationship in tights and out

  53. steeltrain says on :

    It would be perfect karma for Arthur to take Black Manta’s son under his wing and mentor him on the side of righteousness!

    As for live action I would love to see Arthur, Mera, Black Manta, Aqualad and the entire AQUAMAN FAMILY brought to life !

  54. coocoocachoo says on :

    Nightwing (not Robin) would make a great series. Imagine a grown up Dick Grayson on his own in Bludhaven. With his own supporting characters trying to the escape the shadow of his mentor. That would be a fantastic show…

    And of course Gotham Central.

  55. flashazam says on :

    Yeah, I agree that Blue Beetles face looks too much like Iron man, but I love the idea of a Blue Bettle TV show. I’d have to disagree with the Twilight kid just for the fact that I hate Twilight and feel like a number of comicbook fans do, but I won’t argue with him having a built in fanbase so it could help it reach a wider audience…but still on principle hatred and Atrocious like rage I never want to see any of that cast in anything…ever.

    The Black Manta/Mera thing would just be sick…but in a good interesting story kind of way.

    I agree with all the live action suggestions here but like to reemphazie The Marvel Family, Booster Gold, the J.S.A (Smallville spinnoff or otherwise, I’d take it anyway I could get it) and I can’t wait for The Flash movie to really get up and running (pun*).

  56. therealssjlink says on :

    Judas Contract animated movie.

    Live Action Wonder Woman

  57. moiralewis says on :

    Thanks for asking.

    Live-TV or Feature Film… The original JLI (while Batman, Bruce Wayne, was still a member)with the stories and style pretty much as written from those first 16-17 issues.

    TV? An ongoing GOTHAM CENTRAL.

  58. tyekoon says on :

    I really like the story behind the new aqualad. I’m really liking the Blue Beetle tv show snaps. I really hope that Aqualads story is original and has his own background, hopefully Aqualad is the name they gave him to introduce him. I’m really anticipating Brightest Day #10. LUCK DONT FAIL ME NOW!!! That cover was just BADA$$!!

  59. moiralewis says on :

    Oh, and I am really looking forward to YJ. I realize this would not be a universal wish, but I wish that Blue Beetle and Static were also in the group.

  60. themanwoaname says on :

    lol @majesticfool.

    @brightgirl i dont think so. it seems like they’re forcing him opposed to promoting. i waited all through blackest night for booster to meet ted as a black lantern because there would be an incredible story and that whole arc was given to mexibeetle running around with his mexispiderpals. i was pissed.

  61. clintp says on :

    Booster Gold!

  62. severusdent22 says on :

    What hero do you want to see in live action more than any other?

    Catman. To make him a badass in comics was one thing, but to see him be badass in live action would be just awesome. If you do a Secret Six film I would love to see Matthew Fox as Catman and Josh Holloway as Deadshot, or vice versa. They are the Jack and Sawyer of villains.

    Booster Gold and Skeets in their own movie, in an episode of Smallville (more on Smallville later) or just passing through like in the World War 3 storyarc.

    Wonder Woman written, and possibly directed by Gail Simone with Marina Sirtis as Hippolyta.

    Black Alice. TV or Film.
    The Teen Titans. Any incarnation would be fine.
    Finally, the rest of the JSA on Smallville spinning out into their own Movie or TV series would be awesome.

    Now on the subject of Smallville, I would like to say this. Smallville, even before the new Batman movies, was DC’s return to live action. We see Green Arrow, Impulse, Cyborg, Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, Supergirl, Zatanna, The Legion, and the JSA making their live action debuts on Smallville, and almost all perfectly cast. Now Geoff, if you read these posts, I think it would be best to continue making Smallville the Nexus Point of the live action DC Universe. I think Justin Hartley makes an awesome Green Arrow and I would love to see him tackle the role in his own TV series or Feature length motion picture. Not every actor works, but I think if you introduce a character and see the fan’s reaction to that character you could have a general idea of how they would do. Just something to consider. Reply to “Two Batmen” on twitter if you’re interested.

    P. S. I’d also like see Detective Chimp. If you can make a successful film or film franchise with him or Aquaman, you can’t lose.

  63. wildclaw says on :

    Live action Wonder Woman played by Bridget Regan in any form tv/tv movie/mini series/full series/cinema. I want Catwoman played by Rachel McAdams live action and I want Huntress played by America Ferrera (have you seen her unBetty-ed she looks amazing). Black Canary can stay with Alaina Huffman but get the outfit and look right. Oracle was well played by the actress who played her on the original b.o.p. Ultimate wishlist series. Batman Beyond live action. Puck from Glee has the balls and the body to pull that off….but trust me on the Wonder Woman. Imagine that spin with modern effects! Oh I’m melting just thinking about it

  64. severusdent22 says on :

    Seconded Rachel McAdams as Catwoman. May Halle Berry be forever forgotten.
    PS ALL WILL BE WELL, back at ya Geoff.

  65. wildclaw says on :

    …forgot a few Dr Light played by the excellent Dichen Lachman and Donna Troy played by Miracle Laurie…both of Dollhouse. Vixen has to be Gina Torres…no contest there. I know I’m very Whedoncentric here and while I’m at it..wigs and die and all being what they are I could see Elisha Dushku as Batwoman. She has the build, the physique and the balls to be a lipstick lesbian. But please give me Katee Sackhoff as Powergirl. Smallville can do the multiverse for a few episodes. The Supermen of many worlds will be needed to take down Darkseid next season and the show needs a Supergirl again

  66. wildclaw says on :

    @severusdent22: I felt she was the only good thing about Sherlock Holmes. Perfect as Selina.

  67. hewgriff says on :

    I’d love to see Black Adam. The Great Ten would be pretty kick butt. Booster Gold could be fun, if done right. Some of the space heroes could be interesting too, Comet or Adam Strange.

  68. spookysage says on :

    Oh, I hope Jaime does well (with lots of Ted and Dan flashbacks, and Booster and Guy cameos - and Peacemaker)! Hoping Young Justice turns out good too - especially Miss Martian.

    As for what (other) heroes I’d like to see on TV (or film!) the most: the Question. Both of them, because I’m greedy. It’d be an interesting interweaving narrative, don’t you think? And J’onn J’onzz - with time spent as John Jones, please!

  69. spookysage says on :

    Also seconding someone’s suggestions of the Spectre… and Gotham Central (now there’s a great idea).

    Might as well nominate my other favorite character while I’m here - Rip Hunter. And if the show centered around him (and Booster, hell yeah), you’d pretty much have the whole DCU to play in.

  70. themanwoaname says on :

    if there were any hero that needed to a live action story it would be THE GREATEST HERO YOU NEVER HEARD OF!

    booster gold would be a fantastic hero to bring to a general audience that has no idea who he is, and is entertaining enough to keep them around.

    he deserves it. not mexibeetle.

  71. WaltGrogan says on :

    The SHAZAM! movie. Definitely.

  72. tonyz16127 says on :

    I would love to see a Shazam movie and also a Wonder Woman movie…

    And to the Jaime hater… When Ted Kord first showed up I believe Dan Garrett fans felt their Blue Beetle was the true Blue Beetle. Ted was not the first.


  73. thealucinaut says on :


    Thanks so much for this entry! Ever since you mentioned this Blue Beetle thing on Twitter I’ve been telling everyone about, & it looks GREAT! I am so glad the character is being (mostly) accepted into the fold & pushed into the limelight.

    New Aqualad looks cool as heck, even if my heart hurts when I type the phrase “new Aqualad.”

    Your bit about Mark Strong gave me the chills. I absolutely cannot wait for this movie, which sounds perfect all over.

    & for who I’d like to see Live Action Style, The Flash indeed comes to mind first now that GL is covered, followed closely by Jack Knight Starman. Aquaman & a proper Superman film would be amazing too.



  74. SageShinigami says on :

    …Mexibeetle? Comic fans continue to disappoint me. *sighs* Setting aside racist comments…

    Geoff, anything you can do to get us a live-action series featuring Tim Drake? Centering it around Chuck Dixon’s Robin run, him stepping out of Batman’s shadow, and the legacy of the Robins. (Nightwing the “older brother”, and Jason the “Black Sheep”.) It could work man. You know it.

  75. kidatomic says on :

    TV Show (Live action):
    Green Arrow
    Include his supporting cast with Black Canary and Speedy

    TV Show (cartoon):
    Shazam! Captain Marvel, Mary Marvel, and Captain Marvel Jr.
    However, keep it lite like the original books. Bring back the fun please!

    Legion of Superheroes (either cartoon or live action)
    Wonder Woman
    Blue Beetle and Booster Gold (make it a buddy movie)
    JSA (animated)
    JLI (One Punch! ;) )
    Formerly Known as the Justice League (sequel to JLI)
    Mister Miracle and Big Barda (a romantic comedy)

  76. Freeman says on :

    Добрый день!” rel=”nofollow”>……

    С уважением,…

  77. joao_miranda says on :

    Starman Jack Knight


    Challengers of the Unknown

  78. ryaztek says on :

    I can’t believe I forgot to answer Geoff’s question!

    Simply put, AQUAMAN is the 1 hero I want more than any other to be showcased in a DCU live - action.

  79. eowyn says on :

    @severusdent22 and @wildclaw: Oh yeah, Rachel McAdams as Catwoman would be perfect. =)

  80. damo32 says on :

    Thank you Geoff - you truly know what it means to be a fan and how to show respect & value.

    The Blue Beetle test looks awesome - look forward to seeing it!

    Regarding your question, now that my dream of a great Batman movie, consistent/equally brilliant Batman sequel and professional Green Lantern are all reality or close, my next fave is Flash and Wonder Woman! If they can meet the quality of the recent DC animated movies, we’ll be in for a treat!

  81. tedkordlives says on :

    I really want a JLI style movie or show. Actually a cartoon with a futurama type humor, or the Tick, Superheros spending more time arguing or developing personal issues while fighting bad guys is secondary.
    i suggest a team composed of: Captain Marvel, Blue Beetle (ted kord preferred but if we have to Jamie) Booster gold, Fire, ice, Guy and Martian Manhunter. This avoids the costly rights of Superman or batman but keeps the comedic gold with enough different power/personalities to make the show interesting.

  82. dollarbill says on :

    Live-Action TV show based on the Rucka/Brubaker Gotham Central series: A police procedural set in the DC universe, doesn’t need Batman (although his presence can be implied) and can use lower level villains.

    James Robinson’s Starman (Jack Knight) would be nice to see too.

    Above all else, though, a animated series based on Darwyn Cooke’s take on the Spirit should be put into production. It could help people erase the movie from their minds.

  83. fukbot says on :

    Rip and Boost playing in time throughout the DCU, The Question (Vic), 100 Bullets on HBO, Gotham Central sounds like a good idea.

    Wonder Woman, Nightwing, Zatanna (feat. all the magick people)

    AWW YEAH, Dude!

  84. coopster says on :

    The Question has the earmarks of a great TV detective show.

    And I’ve always wanted to see a Robin series since they won’t use him in the movies. It would be easy, put him in a boarding school much like Chuck Dixon did and hi jinx ensue. You could use Tim or Dick and Batman would never have to appear, just be a “presence”.

    And please, please give us the REAL Black Canary. What a kick ass martial arts movie that could be…

  85. coopster says on :

    Actually, if you’re going to use Dick, just do a Nightwing series and stick him in a travelling circus. New mysteries every week with a rolling mythology built around the circus. It could be very Twin Peaksish.

  86. meisterlegion says on :

    How about…. TEEN TITANS: The Movie!

    The film starts off in a dark alley - a black cloud of smoke and all you see is the sillouete of RAVEN. She says something cryptic - “almost out of time”. Cut to, a person in a brown trenchcoat and hat…zoom in closer to see his face - it’s Green! Camera zooms around the back to reveal a tail. Beast Boy is on his way to Star Labs - where he meets up with Victor. Donna is moving into her apartment, Dick is helping her move, when there is a crash on the rooftop - they go up there and passed out is an unconcious Starfire.

  87. capmarvelfan says on :

    For a test, I think that looks pretty darn good. Like many people have said, more blue in the armor. Not a big fan of the energy wings, but I’m not a big fan of them in the comics either. I do love how the first cap is practically exactly the panel from “52″ where Jaime first transforms, right down to the glowing scarab tracks crawling up his back. :-)

    As for Aqualad - I’d say it’s a safe bet Black Manta is his father, but I have no clue who his mother would be. Seriously doubt Mera. Maybe the woman who had Arthur’s OTHER child. The Inuit woman. That’d make a tie to the Aquaman family. I’m sure the mystery will slowly be revealed - that’s the point, right? :-)

    As for live action:

    Shazam! (either would like to see the movie make some progress in production or else a live-action that is NOTHING like the 70’s show)

    The Question - would make for an AWESOME show. Probably better than Human Target.

    Along the same lines a Suicide Squad or Checkmate show would be cool or else Secret Six. Some combination there-of. I think a cast made up of Catman, Deadshot, Nightshade, Nemesis, and maybe one or two other non-power or low-power villains would be cool concept-wise and doable on a TV budget.

  88. kennypick says on :

    I know a lot of people here are pining away for post teen “hunks” to be cast as live action DC Characters, but I think DCE should focus on GOOD ACTORS first and foremost.

    I also disagree with casting the part of Jaime Reyes with a non-Latino actor like Taylor Lautner. That’s just an abominable idea.

    What I want out of all these movies or TV proposals is GOOD WRITING that doesn’t insult my intelligence and thoughtful casting… Let’s not forget to get the right director too. Let’s keep Zach Snyder away from other DC properties as well.

  89. Kal-El says on :

    Live Action Starman Jack Knight, please!!!!

    And the new Superman movie, make it awesome Geoff!

  90. themightyzeus says on :

    Here’s a suggestion, don’t “end” Smallville. In the finale have Clark finally don the outfit and fly, rename the show Superman: Year One (or something similiar) and get Geoff to write it so that we have at least 1 full series in which every episode was as brilliant as ‘Legion’ and ‘Society’.

  91. outlawstar741 says on :

    This is exciting! I love the new Blue Beetle and I’m very happy to see him moving forward.

    As for the character to appear on screen–there’s only one character that could unravel the entire DC Universe on screen and succeed:


    Imagine travelling through the universe and meeting everyone! Time travel shows are a hit these days–look at Lost and Dr. Who.

    Booster Gold is a fun, human character that can relate to everyone and still inspire. And since it’s outside of the comic medium, there is a lot of creative freedom as to what you can do with the characters without having to worry about continuity.

  92. meisterlegion says on :

    @themightyzeus - sounds pretty cool to me! …Up, Up, and AWAY!

  93. thealucinaut says on :

    I thought about some more & a Greek mythology Wonder Woman show/movie could be AMAZING. Like…my heart soars thinking about it.

    & yeah, a Birds of Prey series is unlikely due to the awful first try, so a movie version could be done well by the right people. It can work as a tongue-mostly-removed-from-cheek Charlie’s Angels & carry the weight of Gail’s stories.

  94. gensa says on :

    I’m glad there’s the possibility of a Blue Beetle show focusing on Jaime Reyes; I wish you guys had chosen to animate, but I’ll take what I can get.

    I also really, really hope you cast a Mexican or Mexican-American actor to play the part of a Mexican-American teen. Anything else is going to piss a lot of people off. Casting a white person in the role would be hurtful, insensitive, and spectacularly tacky.

    Looking forward to the new Teen Titans ‘toon as well. Looks promising, but then I’ve thought that before and been disappointed. *shrugs*

  95. Black Manta says on :

    Animated Series:

    - Aquaman (just like Superman and Batman’s animated series)
    - Outsiders (make it a darker JLU)

    Live-Action Series:

    - Mercy Reef (the trailer was awesome, make it happen)
    - Teen Titans

  96. cleveraert says on :

    Live action Lobo….n’uff said

  97. lakidash says on :

    Weren’t there plans for a STARMAN movie? I can see that as being amazing, as long as they stick to Robinson’s elements closely. And who could play Shade? Depp’s an easy possible choice, but maybe they’d dig a little deeper…

    Also, SHAZAM would be great, but not if they made it dark like I heard there were some plans for. It can be moody and maybe a little dark, like Harry Potter, but certainly no more than that.

  98. meisterlegion says on :

    OH! HAWKMAN movie would be great….”IF” you can get the same guy who did it in the SMALLVILLE episode of Justice Society…man, that guy played the part perfectly - I really thought I was watching a real life Hawkman.

    Would love to see him through the ages and on the planet Thangarian - what a rich-full epic movie that would be…but yeah - that guy stuck with me more than any of the other actors in the episode.

  99. mulanzo says on :

    The most important thing we need is a Superman movie that actually demonstrates Superman. Superman done RIGHT should be the priority.

    Superman vs Brainiac. Then worry about the rest of the vault.

  100. ladyomega says on :

    actually, the char i MOST wanna see live-action (or in any form really) is Sinestro. GL=So Cool!*thunderbolt pops up)

    and besides that lessi…
    Gotham Central. i wish this could happen! it’s be like Homicide with bat-villan cameos!
    looking forward to animated miss martian too…
    a GOOD wonder woman movie-is it impossible?
    i also am greatly a fan of the j.s.a. and L.o.S.
    and as for aomeone that hasn’t been mentioned (i sometimes think i’m his only fan) Pscho-Pirate 2 (roger hayden). i know that they came close ion that one saw-ish smallville…but still, ew.
    i know it most likely will never happen…but ah well.
    (also-i am in favor of those jamie stills. looks good-the wings look like from the comics, didn’t like ‘em then, but they aren’t permanent at least…)

  101. acelder says on :

    Geoff- I am a huge fan, everything you do is great. As far as a character I’d like to see…not on the big screen but I think The Question could make for a fantastic TV show, him and Dr. Fate have always been two of my favorites. I would also like to see something more done with The Spectre, in an animated form like the short on Superman/Batman Public Enemies…that was all kinds of cool!

  102. Styphax says on :

    I think the hardest part about bringing DC characters to the big screen is that DC deals in Icons, as opposed to Marvel, and the rest of the publishers, who deal in character and thematic stories. Superman, Batman, and Wonder Women are all icons as well as characters. What they represent is as important as who they are.

  103. themanwoaname says on :


  104. ladyluck says on :

    Movies - Booster Gold (with possible JLI ties/hints)


    Nightwing! (done right, please)

  105. meisterlegion says on :

    How about a daytime soap opera. The show would deal on a daily basis with the characters as they interact in normal situations and other non-hero types, as well as their interactions with villians not in costume, and their other relationships in their alter-ego lives. There would be appearances of them in costume, but mainly in their civilian clothes. There could be three locations all in the city of Gotham: The police headquaters, The Gotham Hospital, and the Batcave - where we would see Alfred and many of the others. It would be a mish-mash of BIRDS OF PREY meets DAYS OF OUR LIVES.

  106. meisterlegion says on :

    …sorry about that last post - I think I was thinking way too far “out of the box” LOL!

  107. csnyde74 says on :

    Wow! This is a blast from the not-too-distant past, as I lovingly worked on this and was a bit disappointed when I never could get confirmation of if, when & where this was potentially going to be used. It was definitely a memorable experience Art Directing & overseeing animation for this and I certainly hope it gets greenlit.

    Thanks Geoff!

  108. wildclaw says on :

    Streets of Gotham…Live action. That book and the fact any of the Dini Batbooks are calling out for live action

  109. memorandom says on :

    . . . . So when do we get Ted Kord back from the dead. Please? If we can have bland characters nobody cares about like Osiris and the old Captain Boomerang being brought back, why not characters people actually LIKE such as ted, and the dibneys. . . .?

  110. memorandom says on :

    I mean seriously - Who cares about Osiris?

  111. jsamou says on :

    Live-action TV series: Starman (Jack Knight), Gotham Central, and Birds of Prey (done right)

    DCU animated movies: New Teen Titans: The Judas Contract, Green Lantern: The Sinestro Corps War, and Identity Crisis.

    Live-action movies: WONDER WOMAN, Justice League of America, WONDER WOMAN, and Shazam! Oh,…and WONDER WOMAN!

  112. dsblack71 says on :

    I won’t be watching the new Blue Beetle. Not much about Jaime appeals to me at all. And I am not a Robinson fan since he screwed up Will Payton and only read his series for the first year waiting for Will to show up. The story was just bland to me and I just couldn’t seem to like Jack at all. As for live action movies there are many good ones to choose from but I am leaning towards Wonder Woman. But I would go with a new actress that looks the part. Catherine Zeta Jones is too dark. Wonder Woman is white not mexican. She may be an amazon but has always been portrayed as being rather pale. Casting a mexican as Wonder Woman would be as upsetting as casting a white man to play the new Blue Beetle.

  113. severusdent22 says on :

    I also would love to see Michelle Rodriguez as Renee Montoya, she has been a badass cop before and I would love to see her in something where she doesn’t die.
    I’m also Curious whatever happened to the Clancy Brown as Lobo movie project?

    @Jill aka The Nerdy Bird: Which Batgirl?

  114. themanwoaname says on :

    @ memorandum…agree. i cant think of any character other than max lord, deadman, aquaman, martian manhunter and firestorm i give a crap about. dont get me wrong, i really enjoyed blackest night, but i cant help but admit that i read every possible tidbit to see if i could find any way that ted kord was coming back. there’s no one i want more back alive than ted kord.

    **** jamie reyes.

  115. Live-Action ‘Blue Beetle’ Screen Test [Updated] - Screen Rant says on :

    [...] the company’s official blog, The Source, Johns recently revealed images from a live-action Blue Beetle screen test and [...]

  116. says on :

    DC Universe Online priced and dated…

    Sony Online Entertainment has finally priced and dated its upcoming super hero MMO, DC Universe Online.The DC Comics-license MMORPG, in which you can play alongside classic DC characters like the Joker, Batman and Superman, will launch on 2 November th…

  117. wwfan7 says on :

    I don’t know why I bother either, but Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman. She’s supposedly part of the Trinity, but DC treats her like a D lister. I also would prefer a new actress-someone that’s true to the look. I would love to see Aquaman also. A Justice League movie would be great, but would be strange if it didn’t involve Christian Bale, Ryan Reynolds, etc. I don’t think it would work to cast new people when there are established actors playing the roles. My other favorite would be Booster Gold-but the current writing is awful. Nothing ridiculous please.

  118. rambobloodaxe says on :

    The live-action adaptations that I’d like to see aren’t actually my favorites, but they’d certainly make shows that would interest me.

    Firstly I’d like a Dr Occult TV show, with various mystical villains and heroes guest-starrig from time to time. (I originallt htough maybe a mystic investigation series focussing on Dr Ftae, but the DCU already has a mystic investigator, so why change a character?)

    I’d also really like to see a Resurrection Man TV show. I think it’d have a nice old-school Hulk or the Fugitive kind of feel to it, with him travelling the country, helping people and fighting the Body Doubles and that company that were after him (can’t recall their name).

    Also, if the make a Starman (Jack) movie, I think Rupert Everrett would make a fantastic Shade.

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