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In a global economy, the unit of competition now is more region than city or state.

Power of 32 is a regional visioning initiative that will involve tens of thousands of people across 32 counties in Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia in creating a shared vision for the region’s future.

Through Power of 32, we can think differently about our region’s challenges—our role in the global economy, our quality of life, and our opportunities—and act in ways that set a new direction for the future.

The Power of 32 differs from any planning effort in significant ways

  • It is the largest regional visioning project ever
  • The 32-county region has common challenges and opportunities in the global economy, but is larger than the scope of any one single political entity, authority, or organization
  • The project doesn’t have a pre-determined set of issues, all of the priorities will be determined by YOU, the residents of the region
  • The process aims for the broadest possible public participation both from people within the region and from the many former residents around the globe
  • The resulting To-Do list will require the cooperation of entities – quite possibly across government, business, and non-profit sectors – to address regional problems and opportunities

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Only through dialogue with thousands of residents like you throughout our region, all 32 counties spanning four states, can we truly develop a shared vision and regional will to implement a...

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Meet the Power of 32 Staff Members and Team who have come together to help make a regional vision a reality.

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Power of 32 Steering Committee

Community, non-profit and business leaders from across 32 counties have joined together to get involved in the Power of 32 initiative. This extraordinary group of engaged citizens is active in helping their own neighbors, friends, and people in their own individual communities to make sure all voices throughout the region are heard. Click here to read more about the leaders who are involved in YOUR area today.

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