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Today let’s take a look at five things that probably shouldn’t be posted to your social networking profiles if there’s any chance at all you’ll be job hunting in the future.

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from onreact 9 Days ago #
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Controversial viewpoints? Not sure about that. Who wants to hire an opportunist with no balls? Just look at the most outspoken people in our industry, Aaran Wall, Michael Gray, Lisa Barone and the rest of the Outspoken crew.

I'm quite controversial and nonetheless headhunters are after me from time to time even without asking. In fact I've declined some job offers for political reasons.

Don't be a coward just because you're afraid one day someone won't give you a job. You probably do not want to work for such people anyways.

from Andrew9 3 Days ago #
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I completely agree with Annie7's viewpoint UNLESS you are a complete non-conformist and do not want to work for other people then I say have at it. If, however, you fancy yourself working at company X or ever plan to go into politics or just want to work for the local University think twice about what you post and where. HR departments are getting more and more savvy when it comes to social media and you can bet they will be using every tool they can to weed out those they feel won't fit culturally especially during a time when they are seeing all-time high numbers of applicants for even the basic entry level jobs. They need a quick way to sift the wheat from the shaft and finding some “uncompromising” photos or “low-brow” statements might just be the thing they need to shrink the candidate pool.

Some may say "be yourself, be authentic and let the rest be damned" and that might be good advice for them to follow but don’t let them play with your future. Put yourself in the hiring manager’s shoes. Imagine you just started your own business and it has your name on the website, building and letterhead. It’s your reputation and that of your business. Now imagine you need someone to work for you. Who are you going to let into your “family”? Will it be the “edgy” creative guy who looks like he’s always ready for a party and occasionally has an unsavory post or will it be the somewhat “conservative” nice gal who might be a little shy online but does really good work too. Hmmm…your name, your business, your reputation…which of these two people that you really don’t know can you trust? It’s not an easy decision and the web can help you decide.

The problem is that people live their lives online as if everyone really knows them personally. It’s like the reverse of that celebrity phenomenon where when we meet an actor who we’ve seen hundreds of times in TV shows, movies or hocking the latest VW you get struck with the notion that you really know this person. Heck, he was just in my living room the other night on that show. He’s a great guy! Then the truth comes out and we are always let down because we realize they are just regular people who make mistakes and can sometimes come off as jerks. I recall a run-in with Dustin Hoffman I had once in LA. I’d a sworn he was the nicest guy in the world. He was Rainman for josh sakes! But you mess with his valet service and cause the poor valet to not bring up his massive Mercedes Benz to the hotel front door and watch out. A stream of expletives come flying out worse than a truck driver stuck behind grandma on the highway. Wow! He can yell! But you won’t see that behavior very often and it doesn’t get memorialized on the web unless someone has a flip cam or something at the time (I did not). Where is TMZ when you need them!?!?

So, while we are not celebrities and should not be worried about managing our reputations 24/7 we should consider that the web for all the great things it does for us in allowing us to promote and position ourselves it can also hurt us if we are not at least a little careful. The way I think about it is if my mom were surfing the web and searched my name and read my posts what would she think? If I can keep that in mind it helps me to be a little more balanced. I’m sure she knows I know how to swear just like Dustin Hoffman but she doesn’t need a constant or permanent reminder of that and neither does your next employer. Choose your words carefully, be deliberate, be yourself and always be nice. You won’t regret it. Keep in mind, just as the web giveth the web can taketh away.

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