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  • An interview with Oscar De La Hoya, cover boy for EA SPORTS Fight Night Round 3.

Olympic gold medallist (1992 Barcelona) Oscar De La Hoya, the "Golden Boy" of boxing, is a big gamer. The six-time world champion boxer graces the cover of EA SPORTS™ Fight Night Round 3 for Xbox 360™. While there are athletes that take cover honors for sports games for the status, De La Hoya is a true gamer, and a big-time Xbox 360 fan.

"When Xbox 360 came out last year, I couldn't wait to get one," said De La Hoya, who has homes in Los Angeles and Puerto Rico. "Of course, I was in Puerto Rico, so I couldn't go wait in line in the U.S. for one. So I went online and bought one on eBay for $1,500. I'm having a ball with it. I've played through Peter Jackson's King Kong The Official Game Of The Movie. I love Need for Speed™ Most Wanted. And I spend a lot of time with Tiger Woods PGA TOUR®. Now that Fight Night Round 3 is out, I'll be playing that a lot."

"EA has caught every moment of the
sport down to the smallest details."

Talk about putting your money where your mouth is. De La Hoya is an athlete who rose from poverty to become one of the greatest boxers of our time.Hi record currently stands at 37 wins and 4 defeats, with 29 knockouts. Still active in his sport, De La Hoya won the WBO middleweight world title in his last fight against Felix Sturm. He faces off against WBC-IBC middleweight world champion Bernard Hopkins in a title unification bout this September.

Oscar De La Hoya puts on his game face.

Oscar De La Hoya puts on his game face.

Come Out Fighting
"I'm using the game as part of my training for the upcoming Bernard Hopkins fight," said De La Hoya. "You can do that because Fight Night Round 3 features the real moves and tendencies of actual boxers. When you turn on this game and enter the ring, it's like you're getting a real fight. When you hit Bernard Hopkins in the game, he puts his hands down and stops moving his head for a minute, just like he does in the ring."

When he's not using the game as part of his rigorous training schedule, De La Hoya like to create his own fights. Perhaps it's the promoter in him. De La Hoya founded his own boxing promotion company, Golden Boy Productions, a few years back as a way to give back to the sport that he loves.

"When I play Fight Night Round 3, I like to switch it up with the boxers," said De La Hoya. "Sometimes I'll play as myself, sometimes I'll play as other boxers. The great thing about this game is that you can create matches that you'd never see I real life like Arturo Gatti against Antonio Berrara. That'd be a real barn burner."

Gonna Knock You Out
Oscar de la Hoya previously worked with EA SPORTS in a motion capture studio to record his boxing moves for the Knockout Kings franchise. He ventured back to the studio for a full facial scan for Fight Night Round 3.

"Going into the Los Angeles studio was pretty exciting," said De La Hoya. "The process of getting scanned for the game is pretty cool. Having worked on the Knockout Kings game before, I thought I knew what the final results would be. But when I saw myself in the Xbox 360 game, it was scary. It's so real. The level of detail on my face and body is unbelievable. It looks just like me."

De La Hoya said EA Sports even got the emotions right. Players will see his face change as he progresses through the rounds.

EA SPORTS brings the Golden Boy into virtual reality.

EA SPORTS brings the Golden Boy into virtual reality.

Golden Boy, Cover Boy
"It's wonderful to be on the cover of the Xbox 360 game," said De La Hoya. "It's cool just to be able to see yourself on the box. And the way I look in the game is just amazing. The rippling effects of the face when you throw a punch … the blood and sweat that pours off the face … EA has caught every minute moment of the sport down to the smallest details. It makes you feel like you're actually there in the ring."

De La Hoya is always around the ring, whether it's virtual or in real life. As a boxing promoter, his Golden Boy Productions has a lot of big fights in the pipeline to keep his sport moving in the right direction.

"The past few months there have been some really good fights on HBO and Showtime," said De La Hoya. "We need good fights to keep our sport in the spotlight and grow our audience. We need mainstream corporate sponsorships and media attention to help our sport. I don't think outlets like USA Today will ever give boxing huge coverage, but the more fans that we get, the more demand there will be for the sport."

King of the Ring
"I think this game will help the visibility of the sport of boxing," said De La Hoya. "A lot of people like playing these videogames, and some of them may tune into a bout on HBO or ESPN2 as a result. What our sport needs is more visibility to help it grow."

De La Hoya said that because the game's so easy to pick up and play, a lot of gamers will learn nuances of the sport just by becoming good at the game. They'll also have a lot of fun along the way without worrying about the cuts and bruises that boxers like De La Hoya endures for the love of the sport.

Article by John Gaudiosi

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