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_Professional League where men __and women have equal roles.     
_All matches are played on a multi-__colored court.
_Pro tennis features no ad scoring. 
_Substitutions and on court __coaching are allowed. 
_Invented use of Overtime and __Supertiebreaker in tennis.
_Use of  instant replay (first __implmented in 2005). 
_First sports league to "go green."

Billie Jean King was the inspiration behind Elton John's "Philadelphia Freedom", which became the theme song for the Philadelphia Freedoms.

The mascot of the 1974 WTT Champions, the Denver Racquets, was an Airedale named Topspin. Topspin's owner was the Denver Racquets player Francoise Durr.

• After the first World TeamTennis season in 1974, seven of the eight Wimbledon titles were won by WTT players. 
Johnny Carson was one of the owners of the WTT team Los Angeles Strings.
As the coach of the Philadelphia Freedoms in World TeamTennis' 1974 season, Billie Jean King was the first female coach of a sports team featuring male athletes. 
In 1975, Boston Lobsters teammates Kerry Mellville and Raz Reid were married; they were the first professional sports teammates to wed. Following in their foot-steps, Sacramento Capitals tammates Tami Whitlinger and Kelly Jones married in 1994 and later played together for the Delaware Smash in 1996.
The WTT Finals are held on the grounds of the US Open for the first time on August 26, 2000.  The Sacramento Capitals edged the Delaware Smash 21-20 for the title..
For the first time in US Open history, the WTT format is used in the Legends Invitational event in 2009.  The teams featured three generations of tennis greats competing using the WTT co-ed team format.  WTT co-founder Billie Jean King coached one of the three teams - Pat Cash and Ivan Lendl were at the helm of the other two squads.
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(Philalelphia Freedoms 1974; New York Sets 1975 - 1976; New York Apples 1977 - 1978; Oakland Breakers 1981; Los Angeles Strings 1982; Chicago Fyre 1983 - 1984)
(New York Sportimes 2005 - 2006; New York Buzz 2010)
(Cleveland Nets 1976; Boston Lobsters 1977, 1978, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009; Los Angeles Strings 1981; Atlanta Thunder 1991 - 1993; New Jersey Stars 1994 - 1995; Deleware Smash 1996, 1998, 2001; Schnenctady County Electrics 1999 - 2000; Philadelphia Freedoms 2003; New York Buzz 2004)
(Kansas City Explorers 1996; New York Hampton 2001 - 2002; New York Sportimes 2003, 2005 - 2010)
(Deleware Smash 2000, St. Louis Aces 2007 (injured), Washington Kastles 2008 - 2010)

(Sacramento Capitals 2002 - 2004, Philadelphia Freedoms 2009)

(Baltimore Banners 1974, Los Angeles Strings 1991 - 1992, Phoenix Smash 1993 - 1994, Kansas City Explorers 1998, Philadelphia Freedoms 2001)
8: Lindsay Davenport
(St. Louis Aces 2001, 2010; New York Buzz


9: Chris Evert
(Phoenix Racquets 1976 - 1977, Los Angeles Strings 1978)
(St. Louis Aces 2000, Deleware Smash 2005, Philadelphia Freedoms 2006 - 2009, Washington Kastles 2010)
WTT co-founder Billie Jean King is named as the League's first MVP (1974).
Jimmy Connors dominated men’s tennis in 1974, winning three of the four slams.  However he was barred from playing in the French Open after he signed up to participate in World Team Tennis.  Because the ATP and French officials opposed WTT, Connors was not admitted into the French Open field in 1974.  It was the only Grand Slam title he never won in his legendary career.
Billie Jean King leads the New York Sets to first of her three League Championships in 1976; King's final WTT title was in 1983 with the Chicago Fyre, which was coached by current WTT CEO/Commissioner Ilana Kloss . 

Chris Evert becomes the first WTT player to win back to back MVP awards (1977-78).
Billie Jean King is named as the first woman commissioner in pro sports history, taking the role at World TeamTennis (1984).
• WTT Commisioner Ilana Kloss signs Jimmy Connors and Martina Navratilova to the League's first multi-year marquee player contracts (1990).
• Newport Beach Dukes post the League's first (and only) undefeated regular season in 1994 with 14-0 mark.
Kansas City stages the greates comeback in WTT history. Trailing the Sacramento Capitals by nine games going into the final set, the Explorers won men's doubles 6-0 amd added three games in Overtime to force a Supertiebreaker. Kansas City won the Supertiebreaker 7-3 and the match 25-24 (1997).
The "Ready, Set, Racquet!" program begins at WTT matches in 2003. Since that time, more than 150,000 free junior tennis racquets have been distributed.
• Instant replay is introduced to professional tennis competition at WTT matches with the WTT Coaches Challenge presented by GEICO (2005).

Sacramento becomes first team in WTT history to win 6 championships with the 2007 title.  The Caps also had an unprecedented four-peat, winning the title from 1997 to 2000.
• Martina Navratilova, playing for the Boston Lobsters in 2009, becomes the first player to reach 20 seasons in WTT.  
Kim Clijsters comes out of retirement and makes her WTT debut for the St. Louis Aces in July 2009.  Less than two months later, she stuns the sports world by winning the US Open title.
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