Gamer-Non Gamer Dilemma: “Why the hate?!”

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In life, a gamer is surrounded by three types of people: the hardcore (gaming friends), the casuals, and the haters.  An avid gamer will usually try to steer clear of the game-haters to avoid the annoyances they bring, but fate can be cruel and funny.

One moment you’re coming up with ideas on how to get to PAX on a $50 budget, and the next you’re staring at the beautiful young thing sitting at the table in front of you. Although she notices your grim stalker stare, she isn’t repulsed by you and somehow you two begin dating.  As happy as you are, however, you soon find out she’s not exactly thrilled about your favorite hobby.  She can deal with your constant masturbation and massive porn collection, but there’s just something about video games she can’t stand.

You ask yourself, “Why is she hot yet dumb enough not to appreciate the wonders of the gaming world?”  Well, after studying my friends and sitting through VH1’s agonizing Undateable mini-series, I’ve narrowed down some of the reasons why your lover might be hating on video games:

(1) In the choice between your girlfriend and your games, you choose wrong!
It’s safe to presume you actually like something about the person you’re dating.  Otherwise you wouldn’t be dating them.  It’s probably also safe to presume if you’re dating someone who hates video games, that something you like is their rack. Hence, she may not have an interesting personality to keep you entertained.  This is why you resort to video games for some amusement.  This is where things go wrong.

Girlfriends want quality time, that’s what being in a relationship means. You prefer gaming time!

As a gamer, I completely understand you.  As a girlfriend, I want to smack you over the head with a controller.  It’s excusable to have a hobby that distracts from every day life, but there’s a fine line.  If your partner is that bad that you need to be preoccupied all the time and you don’t pay any attention to them, then maybe it’s time to change that relationship status on Facebook.

(2) What they love in movies, doesn’t apply to video games
A lot of movies nowadays add a lot of violence to sell their horrible stories in the box office.  Generally, it’s just brutal action shots back to back, with the occasional teen sex scene mixed in between.  These ploys usually work to sell a movie; thus dictating what sells with the general public: violence (and sex, but that’s saved for another discussion).

With series like Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty ranking as top sellers, it seems that games which immerse you in hostile situations are just as appealing.  This may be due to how a player can imagine themselves as the soldier killing the enemy forces or the gangster taking care of business.  It’s an alternate world the gamer can take part in that they wouldn’t be able to otherwise, because the real thing would be too dangerous or illegal.

Through your hottie’s eyes, these simulations are horrible. It’s one thing to watch actors portray violence on the big screen, but when she watches you enjoy killing life-like pixels, she may start believing you have issues.  Except gamers are not dimwitted; we know the difference between imitation and reality.  We don’t emulate what we see.  I’ve personally never encountered a gamer that wanted to go on a shooting spree after playing some Red Dead Redemption.  So tell that woman to stop watching Sex in the City, it’s rotting her brain!

(3) “I don’t get it…”
Here’s a test for you to try: Boot up Super Mario Bros. for your significant other to play and see how well they do.  If they die on the first level, dump them.

Alright, not all games are easy to play.  Some require strategic moves and quick maneuvering, abilities many non-gamers lack once a controller is placed in their hands – especially if that controller is held backwards.  It is easy to dismiss what you don’t understand nor have an interest in, so it’s understandable if your girlfriend dislikes what she can’t partake in. Considering their version of gaming involves cell phone Tetris and Farmville, they can be excused for that right?

No. If they play Farmville, dump them.

(4) Silly nerd, games are for kids!
For some reason there’s this misconception among the lamer part of the population that video games are only for children.  You shouldn’t be playing video games after a certain age because you’re mature… or whatever.

However, just as movies are always entertaining, video games remain interesting and fun year after year.  With technology constantly upgrading and stretching the imagination, it’s not surprising adults still enjoy video games just as much as kids do.  In fact, the average gamer is 35 years old.  That statistic dictates who developers market to, and why the best selling video games are for audiences that know more than their ABC’s.

But if your loved one is like those people that think you’re just being childish for still visiting the game section of Best Buy, then it’s time to educate them a bit.  Introduce them to what ESRB ratings are so they get an understanding of the age ranges the gaming world has.  Before you do that though, you might want to quit having tantrums every time you get pwned by a n00b in BFBC2.  It’ll help with the conversation.

(5) We look like Hermit Crabs
A stigma society has labeled gamers with is the supposition that we don’t interact with the outside world.  What your girl sees during your gaming time is a couch potato with expensive gadgets on their head. The fact of the matter is, thanks to the way online gaming has evolved, we make friends online that we actually keep around.  Depending on the manner you interact with the people on your friends list, some become true buddies while others become acquaintances, similar to those you have at work.

In my case, video games have helped introduce me to great people I’d never meet otherwise, thanks to conventions and other gaming relations.  I never thought something I do for pure enjoyment would actually bring me closer to others. I’m sure this is the case for many of you reading this.

Thanks to gaming, I know and now love these people!

Yet, all your partner sees is your face glued to the TV or computer screen, without realizing that you’re actually interacting with ten people at a time.


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