April 7th, 2006

Comic #1 “A Rude Awakening”

Ladies and Gentlemen, I welcome you to this, the beginning of Dead of Summer.

After months of hype, I (Marty Day, fine writer of this comic), and the fantabulous artist Nick Borkowicz (aka Ghostfreehood) proudly present this first of what we hope to be many installments in our Baltimore based zombie adventure. As you can tell from this comic already, it’s written in a serial style format, something that we hope allows us to stand outside from the pack when it comes to the highly populated webcomic world. Jump on here, kids, as it’s going to be an exciting ride through the City that ReadsFeeds, Baltimore, Maryland.

This comic is an ever growing, ever changing entity, and in turn, we welcome your praise (we hope), suggestions, and comments (please keep the 4 letter words to a minimum) over at our brand spanking new forums. In addition, here on the site, we have a selection of some of the behind the scenes of making the comic to this point, including the always entertaining zombie reference photos, featuring our good friends from local Baltimore bands Avec and Karmella’s Game.

That reminds me…keep an eye on those zombies in the comic, you never know who you might see next.

And hey! If you’re reading this and enjoying it, come out and support the Baltimore Art Scene, as TONIGHT at 7pm, at the Ottobar in lovely Charm City, Nick, along with photographer Matt Roth, and fellow artist Jeremy Glab, display their art as part of the “Monsters & Mayhem” exhibit and also celebrate the beginning of this here webcomic. Good music, good drinks, and even a little bit of Ghostfreehood/Dead of Summer merch will be available (shiny new pins!), so come out tonight and have a good time.

Thank you again for viewing our comic, and we hope to see you with the next installment, tenatively scheduled for Monday. Until then, pop in the forums, hit up our MySpace Group, and enjoy the world!

16 Responses to “Comic #1 “A Rude Awakening””

  1. Paige Davis Says:

    SO COOL! Marty looks hott as a zombie.

    The art is fantastic! I demand more!

  2. lynnesha muldrow Says:

    Frickin’ awesome. I’m hooked already!

  3. Anthony V. Says:

    Damn fine job guys! Keep em comin’ ^_^

  4. jimo Says:

    Totally freakin sweet! Nick, if you want to do another zombie photo shoot then we must. I LOVE seeing myself as a zombie!

  5. Brock Says:

    Way to go, M-dawg. Keept it sweet.

  6. Mike George Says:

    Totally awesome man, went to ottobar last night saw how siked you were. This looks great, and the story I know is going to be awesome because you, the big M-dizzle are gonna rock it. Nick great meating you and keep up the good work. Nice to see some zombie love in the world. Peace and Zombielieve.

  7. Josh Crone Says:

    Looks great! I enjoyed the show last night, great work guys, I look forward to more of the comic coming out!


  8. Kevin Says:

    Lookin’ like a very solid start, boys, and I hear you packed the Ottobar. Awesome for you, kids. Awesome.

  9. Alyssa Says:

    Looks great, guys! So proud of you, Marty for doing something so awesome. I’ll await each installment with bated breath, my friend! Congrats on the new endeavor!!

  10. Mandy Says:

    Fabulous show, guys - the art was fantastic! I’m looking forward to the comic, and I can’t wait to be a zombie!

  11. don Says:

    those that could not attend would like pictures… god…

    Nick, everyone that comes into my apartment compliments the painting you gave me. no bs. Glad to see your finally making something of your talent.

    Marty, continue to lay off the drugs.


  12. Daine Says:

    Awesome comic, great work guys after all the long nights and bloody pillow fights it looks great. can’t wait to see more.

  13. Mike Rotch Says:


    Thank you for this…I will be a loyal reader.

  14. Mike B Says:

    Very nice Marty. Shaun of the Dead meets North Avenue.

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