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This board is the place to comment on recent polls and to submit poll suggestions for future ones. To help other users know what type of thread you're starting please adhere to the following guidelines:

To comment on a current or past poll please use "Comment On" in your subject line, e.g. "Comment On: Best Twist Ending?"

To suggest a poll please include "Suggestion," then the title for your proposed poll, in the subject line, e.g. "Suggestion: Best Monster Film of the 1980s?" The IMDb editorial staff will review this board and may use the submissions as the basis for our Daily Poll.

We do attempt to give credit for polls where we can. When polls become collaborative in nature, we cannot assure that the poll will include full (or even partial) credit. Submitted polls are subject to the same terms and conditions of use of any other contributed data (see That said: Enjoy your board, and we're eager to see your comments and suggestions!

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Sugg: Favorite dance scene from a character played by ...Tom Cruise??? Rafael_M  3 1 hour ago
Sugg: Fav Oscar Nominated performance in an Anthony Minghella film? collins0302  4 1 hour ago
Suggestion: Fictional movie language you'd most like to learn robber93  3 2 hours ago
Suggestion: Favorite BAFTA Nominated Ennio Morricone Film Score? woodrr9  2 2 hours ago
Today's Poll Question regarding 'Top 10 Westerns' is flawed..
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BloodStone  12 2 hours ago
Suggestion: Favorite movie gum-chewer?
Page:  1  2  3  ... last
collins0302  33 2 hours ago
Suggestion: Your prediction for this year's Worst Picture Razzie? Eytukan  3 2 hours ago
Favourite Top 250 film starting with the letter 'B'
Page:  1  2
mallardb  14 2 hours ago
Suggestion: A simple question, from which decade is your favorite movie?
Page:  1  2  3
ElMaruecan82  27 2 hours ago
Comment on : AFI's Greatest Westerns
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ElMaruecan82  39 2 hours ago
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