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+Retail Store Game Displays

1989 Legend of Zelda promotional 26"x23" display
Super Mario Bros. 3 Talking Promotional Store Sign - listen to .mp3 - (Button on sign that plays a quick advertising message from Mario.) Mario really squeezed every last word out of his pitch in that little tiny sound bite of his. I can only imagine a few of these still existing... I would imagine employees who were forced to hear this everyday getting their sweet revenges on 'promotional Mario' shortly after SMB3's release. - submitted by imanerd0011
Mario 2 Classic Stance sign - submitted by imanerd0011

Super Mario Bros. 2 store tabletop standee - made out of plastic, but the Back of it is cardboard. It has a thing on Back that you can pull out, and it will stand up on a table (i.e. a picture frame). The freaky haircut/look of our favorite plumber is due to the sign's age (1988), before Mario's makeover period between '89 to '92 - submitted by imanerd0011

Yoshi KB Toys In-Store 3-D Display
Bart Simpson standee promo for 'Bart Vs. the Space Mutants'
Final Fantasy Promotional Store Sign/Standee
Legend of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link Promotional Store Sign/Standee

Super Mario Stance Sign - Big Mario #1 / Big Mario #2 - from France - submitted by Emmanuel
NES Open Golf Tournament counter/mobile standee - (Nintendo Of America Part Number 22910 NES M30G) - Assembled / Pieces / Box / Questionnaire - stands 16" Tall x 9 1/2" Wide, includes a two-piece stand to place on a counter, or an optional piece to hang it as a mobile from the store's ceiling. Shiny "foil" image of Mario teeing off helped attract customers to buy this NES golfing game back in 1991. Also in the box is a "retail merchandise display questionnaire" for the store to fill out and mail back to NOA their opinions.
NES Challenge Counter - (Nintendo Of America Part Number 24617 NES M31C) - Assembled / Insides / Directions / Box - stands 16" Tall x 15" Wide, used to advertise newly release Super Mario Bros. 3 and the NES Challenge bundle in 1990. Plastic 3-D logo graphics appear as if they are "popping out" of the cardboard standee.
Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! Store Display

+Nintendo Service/World of Nintendo Signs
Nintendo service shop
Nintendo Super Mario service shop
World of Nintendo globe sign
World of Nintendo silver sign
World of Nintendo illuminated
Vintage Neon light Nintendo
Fiber Optic Nintendo Entertainment System light - daylight / lights out - (Bought from a guy who worked at Nintendo of America in the mid 90's, and when they were getting rid of their NES stuff, he got to keep anything he wanted for FREE! I really like the fact that this sign actually hung at the NOA headquarters.) - submitted by imanerd0011
Fiber Optic World of Nintendo light
- daylight / lights out - submitted by imanerd0011
Neon Nintendo World of Nintendo chained light - submitted by imanerd0011
Flouresant World of Nintendo light - daylight / lights out - submitted by imanerd0011

World of Nintendo gigantic banner - submitted by imanerd0011
World Class System Kit Mario sign - displayed inside of Nintendo service stations nationwide - submitted by imanerd0011

[Collector's Pieces]
Mario/NES Advantage Carry Case
Super Mario Bros. Game Storage Case - Pic1 / Pic2
Nintendo Two-Drawer Storage Unit - Top holds 2 controllers & 1 Zapper; bottom holds up to 28 cartridges
Nintendo Storage Cases - Pic1 / Pic2 - Each holds up to 10 cartridges
Super Mario & Legend of Zelda Toy Chest - Front / Side / Back
Nintendo Entertainment System Travel Case - made of Nylon, dimensions 13x10x8
Cap - Nintendo PowerFest 1994
T-shirt - Nintendo PowerFest 1994
T-shirt - Nintendo World Championships 1990 - (black) // (blue)

[Food, snacks, & dinnerware]
Nintendo Power Party Invitations
Nintendo Power Party Centerpiece

Nintendo Power Party Tablecloth

Nintendo Power Party Tablecloth
Topps Super Mario & Link Figure Bubble Gum Dispensers - Dated 1989; contains a sum of 24 blue, green, red, yellow Mario and Link hard figure dispensers per case
Nintendo munchies - Mario Bros. candy bars, Mario juice boxes (with Warp Zone Orange!), Mario ice cream sandwiches, Zelda fruit snacks, and Nintendo cereal

Holographic "Nintendo Cereal System" mug - (3 holographic images) - 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7
Super Mario - Pepsi Can - Made in the Netherlands 1993 - 1 / 2

[Double Dragon Tyco Toys]
Manufactured by Tyco, these toy figures (released in 1993) were meant to advertise the ill-fated Double Dragon cartoon. Besides Billy and Jimmy Lee, there were also figures for Blaster, Shadow Warrior, Sickle, Trigger Happy, and Vortex. No, I don't know any of these characters, and yes, Tyco failed to include a smashing-action Abobo figure. A few vehicles were also released: Cruiser, Cycle, and Shadow Raven. Indeed, the Double Dragon duo certainly have earned their blackbelts in the art of whoring themselves out. Now, for the poses!
Billy Lee - Close Up: Front / Back - this figure, like Jimmy, has a "glowing" green dragon symbol on his chest. On its back is a lever that when pushed makes his arm do a karate chop. Originally came bundled with a mask and weapon, but Billy don't need no fancy stuff to kick ass.
Jimmy Lee - Close Up: Front / Back - the lever on its back, when pushed down, unleashes a fearsome kick-him-in-the-balls flying kick.

The Dragon Duo Play Some NES.
The Lee Brothers Pose Inside Dojo.
A Practice Match.

Billy And Jimmy Attempt A New Training Exercise.

[VHS Tapes]
Captain N cartoon: "Gameboy"
Captain N cartoon: "Game Master" (PAL-format)
Captain N cartoon: "The Most Dangerous Game Master"/Underworld Connections" (PAL-format)
Captain N cartoon: "Nightmare on Mother Brain Street"/"How's Bayou" (PAL-format)
Captain N cartoon: "Quest for the Potion of Power"
Super Mario Bros 3 - Never Koop A Koopa - Front / Back
The Super Mario Bros Super Show - Mario's Magic Carpet - Front / Back
The Super Mario Bros - Reptielen op de loer - Front / Back
Super Mario Bros Super Show VHS - Legend of Zelda - Sing For The Unicorn - Front / Back

Team Power Silver Wings pin - Given to NP subscribers as a free gift when ordering 12 issues

Zap Pak NES Game Trading Cards
Nintendo Game Packs Scratch-off Game Cards & Stickers - Box / Cards / All 33 stickers
Nintendo Power Jacket - Front / Side
Tetris Board Game By Milton Bradley - Front & Inside / Back
Nintendo Fun Club Pajamas
Uforce accessory promotional pin
Super Mario & Legend of Zelda Comforter - 1 out of 4 bed products (flat twin sheet, fitted sheet, pillow case, comforter)
Kellog's Frosties Nintendo Collectors Cards - (Gameboy) Breakfast cereal promotion in 1993; Set of 24

Nintendo National Safe Kids Campaign trading cards - SMB3 (Back) / SMB (Back) / Link (Front) / SMB (Front)
Nintendo Power - Binder Folder - Made in 1988 - outside / inside
Nintendo Power 1990 Calendar
Nintendo Power 1991 Calendar
The Official Nintendo Sticker Album - Front / Back / Stick-Ons Sheet 1 / Sheet 2 / Sheet 3 / Sheet 4 / Sheet 5 / Sheet 6 / Backside
Nintendo Sneakers - Shoe Box / Shoes in Box / Shoes From Above / Shoes Side / Power Pad Soles

Hasbro Punch-Out!! Trophy 1988 Collection - Each toy came with a Hi-Score sticker to record your best in-game achievements! Similar, more abundant variations of trophies were made for the first Super Mario Bros. game around the same time. Note: On the back of the Punch-Out!! trophy boxes it says "Mac Jabs Don Flamenco," however it is Glass Joe who is the one being jabbed. Was Donny boy once a planned trophy or did somebody at Hasbro forget to read the instructions? It is an epistemological question that will be mused for years to come by NES fans the world over.
Bald Bull And Mac Mix It Up (Mint in Box)
Mac Brawls With Super Macho Man (Mint in Box)
Mac Catches The Tiger Magic Punch (Mint in Box)

Mac Jabs Glass Joe (Mint in Box)
Mac KO's Piston Honda (Mint in Box)

Mac Punches Out King Hippo
Back of Box

Nintendo PVC Figurines - Collect all 12!
King Hippo
- Mint on Card / Extreme Close-Up
Back of Box (Lists All 12 Figurines)

Punch-Out hat
Ringer Shirt

Game & Watch

[Home Products]
Super Mario Bros. Bandages
Mario and Luigi Beach Towel
SMB Shampoo Ad
SMB Sleeping Bag
SMB & Legend of Zelda bed products - New in package / Bed Spread / Bed Sheets / Pillow Case
SMB Pillow Case
SMB Laundry Bag
SMB 2 Wall Clock
SMB 2 Wall Clock
#2 - more detailed than the previous clock listed - submitted by imanerd0011
SMB Wall Stickers - box / larger - 42 come in a set of gigantic images of Super Mario, Princess, Yoshi, Koopa Troopa, etc. to adorn a gamer's bedroom walls
SMB Wall Trim - it's pre-pasted, it's washable, it's strippable-- "Putting up the walltrim is a lot easier than rescuing the princess!"
Mario and Link Curtains
Mario Alarm Clock

Mario Bank
Luigi Bank
SMB Holiday Gift Boxes
Mario AM Only Portable Radio - operates on one A76 button cel battery..all riiighty
Mario Dixie Cup Dispenser
Mario Dixie Kitchen Cups

Mario Christmas Stocking
SMB Red Pipe Telephone - Pic1 / Pic2
Official Mario Plush Chair
Super Mario Bros 1 Ceiling Fan
Mario Desk - Pic1 / Pic2 / Pic3 - A little bit about this desk. It measures close to 2 feet tall. The bottom hinge is broke on mine, but the door will stay on. It also has moveable shelves and rolling wheels. Beneath Mario's left arm is a copyright, "C1989 Nintendo of America". (info: Rob K.)
Mario trash can

[Kitchen Accessories]
Mario Bros. 2 Glass
SMB Children's Mug
Mario Cake Pan
Mario Candy from Italy - wait, isn't that from Super Mario sixty.....four?
United Kingdom "Egg" SMB 2 Mug - what the hell was nintendo thinking? for shame, guys
Mario Cookie Jar - when you open up the lid, pretty music is activated
Mario Cookie Cutter - when you open up the lid, pretty music is activated
Mario Soda
Mario Lunch Box
Nintendo Power SMB 2 & Legend of Zelda Lunch Box - Red / Blue
SMB Thermos

SMB 2 Thermos - Red / Blue
Collection of 4 SMB 2 Kitchen Jars

Set of 3 1990 Cloth Stitch Leaflets
Super Mario Bros. Official Hat
Rain Slicker
Custom-Made Tie Dye Mario Pants - nEaT-o! i found this on eBay, the "artist" cut out patches from parts of smb bed sheets. the cut-outs serve as pockets and for decoration. but, would you wear this in public in day light?
Mario & Princess Toadstool Sewing Instructions - learn how to sew mario or the princess.. woo
Mario and Luigi Sweater
Mario Halloween Mask
Dr. Mario Neck Tie
Mario & Luigi Watch
Super Mario Bros. 2 Bow Biters
Super Mario Bros. 2 Belt Buckle - Front / Back - Manufactured by Lee Company in 1989
Official Nintendo "Power Patch" - 1988 3" diameter "I saved the princess" iron on patch
Nintendo Punch Embroidery from Plaid Enterprises - 1990 - Super Mario Designs - Front / Back
Bob-omb necktie

3.5 Floppy Disk Super Mario Bros. PrintWorld
3.5 Floppy Disk Super Mario & Friends When I Grow Up - Front Cover / Back Cover / Disks - This piece of software, called Super Mario Bros. and Friends When I Grow Up, is basically like a painting program that you can fill in colors in boxes for various "careers" that kids want when they grow up. ~ information/pics provided by Jacob Ewald
Mario Bros. for Atari 2600
Hotel Mario - a VERY RARE game that was released on Phillip's CD-i system
SMB Watch Game

Super Mario Bros. Board Game (1988) By Milton Bradley - 2-4 players; 6+ ages; Collect coins, avoid enemies, and rescue the princess by using one die to move Mario around the Mushroom Kingdom.

Super Mario Bros. Ladder Game (?) By Tiger
SMB Pinball - i remember my cousin having this one, the sound is soo annoying. after a few minutes try not to throw it across the room because, being made of plastic, it WILL break. why so noisy and annoying? my guess is that its filled with japanese subliminal messages but instead of translating into english its in japanese. what kinds of subliminal messages? you may ask: most likely "i love nintendo" "nintendo is my jesus christ" "kill mom and dad for super mario bros 3" and so forth
Handheld Pinball Game - cheap junk in its finest hour!
SMB Watch Game
Nintendo Power Super Mario Bros. Mario Madness Card Games - score card / Front / Back / manual
Nintendo Power Super Mario Bros. Monster Trix Card Games - Front / Back / manual
Nintendo Power Super Mario Bros. Super Zock Card Games - Front / Back / manual

>Hasbro Super Mario Bros. Trophy 1988 Collection - Each toy "trophy" measured approx. 5" and came with a Hi-Score sticker to record your best in-game achievements!
"Super Mario Hurls a Fireball" (Mint in Box)
"Bowser Guards Princess Toadstool" (Mint in Box)
"Mario Runs from Bullet Bill" (Mint in Box)
"A Blooper Chases Mario" (Mint in Box)
"Mario Stomps the Goombas" (Mint in Box)
Super Mario Bros. The Movie Action Figures MIB (Mint in Box)
>Mc Donald's SMB 3 Happy Meal Toy Promotion
Store Display Storage
Outdoor Drive-Thru/Over the Counter Promo Sign
Happy Meal boxes
(Front) / (Back)
Mario Figure - serves as a good choking hazard to small children
Mario on Spring - push mario down and let go to see him fly up!
Luigi on Cloud - wind him Back and let luigi go!
Koppa Pararoopa - moves his wings
>Wendy's Gameboy Advance Kid's Meal Promotion
Mario Figure
More Wendy's Toys
SMB Viewmaster Slides - put these slides into your viewmaster to see shots of the SMB crew
Set of 4 Nintendo Adventure Books - Pringles sponsers
Race Car Mario, Wierd-Looking King Koopa, and Princess PVC Figures
Acme Mario Plush - featuring mario's "old school" look
Acme Mario Plush (2) - Front - Back
Mario Doll - hard-faced, plush-bodied doll which has a removable hat (in box)
>PVC Figures Sunoco Give-aways By Applause
Luigi PVC
Mario Butt-stomp PVC
Mario Vegetable PVC
Paratroopa PVC
The Princess PVC
Mouser* Nintendo Wind-Up Walkers - Dated 1989, 3.5" tall (*boss character from Super Mario Bros 2)
Super Mario Doll Clip - Dated 1988
Super Mario Bros. 3 Walkie Talkies - 1990 Micro Games Model No. SMW-3: uses 9-volt battery in each walkie talkie - Front of Box / Back of Box / Walkie Talkies / In Box / Instructions / Warranty / Pidgit on Flying Carpet Shout Out / Pidgit Is A Squawker
Raccoon Mario Acme Plush - Dated 1990 - Front / Back
ERTL Die-Cast Super Mario Bros. Delivery Banks - Dated 1989 - Model T / Van

Mario Bros. Movie Pin - the pin that the ushers wore when Mario was in the movies
Mario w/ open hands
Mario Racing Pin - submitted by Jared Thorbahn
Complete Child World Collector's Pin Set

[VHS Tapes]
"Super Mario Bros. Super Christmas Adventure"
Super Mario Bros. Super Show: "The Great BMX Race"
Super Mario Bros. Super Show: "The Great Gladiator Gig"
Super Mario Bros. Super Show: "Mario Meets Koopazilla"
Super Mario Bros. Super Show: "Princess, I Shrunk the Marios" (PAL-format)
Super Mario Bros. 3: "Mind your Mummy, Mario"

[Animation Production Cels]
Mario & Luigi from the Super Mario Super Show

King Koopa from the Super Mario Super Show
Frog Suit Luigi Animation from the Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3
King Koopa from the Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3
The Mario Brothers Plumbing Co. in an unknown commercial

SMB Sun Blocker Automobile Windshield Screen
Kids-A-Peel Peel-Off Stickers
Eyeglass Case
Super Mario Bros. Party Invitations
SMB Wallet - Pic1 / Pic2
Mario Skateboard - Front / Back
Super Mario Car Antenna Topper
Super Mario Automobile Deodorizer
Super Mario Bros. 3 Valentine's Day Cards - Front / Back - 42 cards per box printed in 1989
Super Mario Bros Mini-Comic - Milky Way - Front / Back
Super Mario Bros Sticker Fun - Precut stickers - Front / Back

[Home Products]
Legend of Zelda & SMB Bed Sheets
Nintendo Power SMB 2 & Legend of Zelda Lunch Box - Red / Blue

Zelda 2 Thermos
Legend of Zelda Dinner Plate

Rain Slicker - Front / Back
Zelda 1 Pin
Link Halloween Mask - scary stuff
Nintendo Punch Embroidery from Plaid Enterprises - 1990 - Legend of Zelda Designs - Front / Back

Link: The Faces of Evil Game - an extraordinarily rare game playable on Phillips CD-i system
Zelda CD-i - another rare CD-i game
The Legend of Zelda
Game & Watch
The Legend of Zelda Board Game By Milton Bradley -
Pic1 / Pic2
The Legend of Zelda 60-piece Jigsaw Puzzle By Milton Bradley

>Hasbro Legend of Zelda Trophy 1988 Collection - Each toy "trophy" measured approx. 5" and came with a Hi-Score sticker to record your best in-game achievements!
"Link Fights the Head of Gleeok" (Mint in box) - Angle1 / Angle2 - submitted by Retro Nerd
"Link Boomerangs a Gohma" - Angle1 / Angle2 - submitted by Retro Nerd
"Link Attacked By a Trap" - Angle1 / Angle2 - submitted by Retro Nerd
>PVC Figures Sunoco Give-away By Applause
Link PVC
>Zelda II The Adventure of Link Figurines - (Mint on card) Collect all 12! - Front / Back / Close-up

Link Nintendo Wind-Up Walkers - Dated 1989, 3.5" tall

[VHS Tapes]
Legend of Zelda cartoon: "The Ringer"
Legend of Zelda cartoon: "Sing for the Unicorn"

Legend of Zelda keychain
- NES game logo
Valiant Comic