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Dear Digital Reader user,

Welcome to the Digital Reader customer care and support site. It is designed to assist you with any questions, concerns or issues you may have regarding your Digital Reader.
We provide three first class mediums to resolve your issues quickly and efficiently.


The IREX phone support (help desk) is temporarily off line - we are working diligently to bring this service back up in the near future.

For technical support please use IREX's web based support system to enter a trouble ticket. Thank you for your patience.



4 May, 2010: If the device has a completely empty battery, the indicator light will not turn on and the device cannot be used during the first hour of charging. When the indicator light turns orange, the device can be used. A green light indicates that the battery is fully charged.


DR800SG (United States - 3G connected device)

3 March,2010: During the device setup and registration process you are required to enter your Barnes & Noble user information in order to open and read the B&N content. Please follow the steps below to insure this registration process is done correctly:

1. On your IREX Digital Reader, go to the Home screen and choose Settings.

2. Click on B&N Secure eBook Account.

3. Enter the First Name, Last Name and Credit Card Number that you used to setup your Credit Card Billing Address in your Barnes & Noble Account. The first name, last name, and credit card information must exactly match or you may not be able to open content purchased from the Barnes & Noble eBook store.

For additional setup information, go to the following web site from any PC or MAC:


1.   Frequently Asked Questions
If you prefer to browse and search independently then our knowledge base will provide you with resolutions to any common questions and problems regarding the Digital Reader.
Please click on the above ‘Knowledge base’ tab to begin searching our extensive database.

If you were not able to find a resolution to your question or problem, please use one of the options below. 

2.  Submit a Case on-line 
This feature allows you to file, follow and update a case on-line.
The IREX support team will respond with the proposed resolution to your problem by email.
You can update and check the status of your case at your own convenience by logging into your own personal support page.
Please click on ‘My Support'’ and 'New Customers' to register.
Click on ‘My Support’ and 'Returning Customers'  any time; click 'Contact support' to submit a new case or 'See Support Cases' to follow the progress of your case(s).

3.  Talk with a dedicated IREX support representative (Temporarily offline)
We understand the importance of providing personal human contact. Our support team has been trained to provide you with first class, individually tailored service.

Click on ‘Phone support’ and call us, any time, any day!

If you already registered your ticket  before January 18th, 2010 please use
http://support.irexnet.com to access your existing ticket.
Submitting a new ticket can be done by clicking "My Support" on this page, and follow the instructions.


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