Malta Chef Society

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History of the MCS

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History of the MCS

MCS Logo

The Malta Chefs Society (MCS) is the result of an amalgamation of two former associations, namely, The Malta Cookery and Food Association (MCFA) and The Malta Culinary Association (MCA). Both were founded by the late Tony Theuma,  the former 1986 and the latter six years later, in 1993.  Throughout  these years  both associations have been very active in organizing competitions and other activities aimed at  raising the standards of the culinary arts in Malta. In recent years, however, it was becoming increasingly clear that having two associations, with practically the same aims and objectives, was proving to be counter-productive , and, on many occasions efforts were being duplicated with result of  wasted energies and resources. Some months ago the two committees came together, put aside any difference which might have arisen  in the past,  and considered the options of amalgamating the two associations into one body.  After several meetings the dye was finally cast and following an Extraordinary General Meeting called by each association, the members approved the amalgamation. Malta now has one strong and much more effective  body , The Malta Chefs Society, incorporating the best  resources available  from the two former associations. The MCS is a member of WACS (World Association of Chefs Societies) and is therefore recognized  to officially represent Malta in international culinary events, and also plays a very active role in the European Regional Committee. After its first and inaugural Annual General Meeting in January 2009, the MCS will move into top gear since there are a number of national and international competitions which the national team will need to participate in. But the MCS will also be organizing educational as well as social events alongside the ITS and WACS. Our main emphasis must certainly focus on the HACCP Process as well as the latest trends in preparation and presentation. The first international event in  which the MCS will be participating is  the Junior Culinary Grand Prix in Scotland , in March 2009.  For this purpose a competition will be held at the end of November with the purpose of selecting the five members of the Malta Junior National team of Chefs. In February the MCS will be organizing the Mediterranean Food Festival at the Malta Fairs & Convention Centre, ta’ Qali. Another major event will be ‘Malta Kulinarja, the Malta International Cookery and Culinary  Arts Championships, programmed for November 2009. Throughout  the course of the year the Malta Chefs Society will be organsing several educational activities in the form of seminars, workshops and  demonstrations always with the aim of  further improving the skills and talents of our chefs.
The MCS works in close collaboration with the Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS)

The MCS Action Committee:
Guido Debono – Martin Camilleri – Julian Zarb – John Saliba – Vincent Lungaro Mifsud –
Roger Debono  - Lino Schembri – Mario Briffa  - Aaron de Gabriele.

Contact:  Julian Zarb;  21 413 192  -   9944 0034

Interim Comittee