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Chaotic maul Chaotic maul [ Submit Correction ]
Members? Yes Unlocked by Quest? No Tradeable? No Stackable? No
Examine: A maul used to claim life from those who don't deserve it. Weight: 0.00 kg
Category Equipable Sub-category 2h Weapon
High Alchemy 132000 gp Low Alchemy 88000 gp
Location Can be purchased from the rewards trader in the Daemonheim camp for 200k tokens.
Uses Wield as a two handed weapon.
Notes Requires 80 attack and 80 dungeoneering to wield.

Each chaotic weapon starts at 20% charge. A fully recharged chaotic weapon will last 10 hours in combat before it cannot be used. Once these charges have been used up, the weapon can be recharged, for a fee, by the rewards trader. To do so, right-click on him, and select 'Recharge' with the depleted weapon in your inventory.

There are two methods of recharging: cash, or a combination of cash and dungeoneering tokens. A cash repair will cost you up to 2 million gp (for a weapon with no charge at all). A combination of cash and tokens will cost you up to 200,000 gp and 20k dungeoneering tokens (for a weapon with no charge at all).
Links Dungeoneering Guide
Credits Xena Dragon, 00nick5, Dutch1gods
Attack Defence
Stab -4 Stab 0
Slash -4 Slash 0
Crush 167 Crush 0
Magic 0 Magic 0
Range 0 Range 0
  Summoning 0
Strength 155.0 Prayer 0
Ranged Strength 0 Equipment slot: 2H Weapon




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