Why should you take the time to learn about all stomach muscles anatomy? If you are planning on beginning a regular exercise routine, then it would be a good idea to know the physiology behind what you are doing. This way you could also know why certain exercises focus on specific muscles and which exercises to do to build that perfect "Six Pack Abs" look.

Basically speaking, the stomach muscles are all the muscles in and around the abdominal cavity. This stretches from the top of the pelvic bone area until the lower ribs. The anatomy of stomach muscles serves many purposes. First and foremost, the muscles in the abdominal region are the center of motion. Did you know that almost every single movement within the human body utilizes at least one of the following muscles: the rectus abdominal, the transverse abdominal, the outer obliques, and the inner obliques? In addition, these muscles serve as protection for the inner organs and assist in various functions, such as breathing. Thirdly, the muscles allow mobility of the spine, meaning a person cannot bend laterally or forwards and backwards without exercising these muscles.

Thus, it is easy to see why building stomach muscle is so important. The easiest way to accomplish a stronger stomach is by doing simple exercises that can be done with a minimum of space or planning. The most common stomach exercise, the crunch, can be done anywhere at anytime and a regular pattern will build strength in no time at all. If you are taking the time to learn about this specific muscle group, it won't be long before you realize the other exercises that can be done that provide a better workout and utilize more muscles than standard crunches. Another way to enhance a body's abdominal muscles is jogging. This activity not only provides benefits to a multitude of the body's muscles, but also improves cardiovascular health and endurance.

Also, being armed with knowledge can help in knowing how to recognize and what to do in cases of injury. How will you know how to deal with an exercise-induced stitch if you don't even know what it is? If an injury happens, it is good to know which pulled stomach muscles exercises are still acceptable to do.

The benefits to improving stomach strength and function are nearly limitless. Do you feel clumsy when you walk? At the basic level, continued exercise of these muscles will lead to a greater sense of balance. How long has it been since you could touch your toes? By strengthening the muscles in the stomach region, a person gains better flexibility and mobility, including the possibly long-forgotten knowledge of what it feels like to touch one's toes. All these benefits and more could be yours by taking the time to learn the role and function of all stomach muscles anatomy.