Nominated by the Olympic Resistance Network
Headquarters:  Lausanne, Switzerland
Sector: Sport governing body
Revenue and profit: 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing: US $2,15 billion revenue, 126 million profit
CEO: Jacques Rogge

In Brief

Corporate manners under the guise of an association: The Lausanne-based International Olympic Committee (IOC) is a globe-encompassing organization – with a holding structure quite similar to a large corporation – that possesses tremendous power and wealth. With the awarding of the 2010 Winter Games to Vancouver, Canada, the IOC is causing the displacement of a large part of the indigenous population around the venue, because the Games will be held on Indian lands whose title was never ceded. This has devastating consequences for man and environment: Vast areas of virgin landscapes and wild animal retreats were sacrificed for the expansion or construction of freeways, winter sports centers and other infrastructure. Homelessness in the Vancouver region, particularly among First Nations peoples, has tripled since the awarding of the Games. It is reprehensible that global corporations earn millions on the Games while social promises to local residents are broken. The affected peoples will be left to their own devices in their ghettos and on their reservations.

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