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UK in Indonesia

London 05:06, 26 Jul 2010
Jakarta 11:06, 26 Jul 2010
Last updated at 5:37 (UK time) 13 Apr 2010

UK-Indonesia relations

UK Indonesia

UK-Indonesia relations

The UK has strong bilateral relations with Indonesia. Former Prime Minister Tony Blair visited in March 2006, during which time he met President Yudhoyono and agreed "the establishment of a regular Indonesia-UK Partnership Forum to be chaired by the Foreign Ministers, to promote strategic dialogue on bilateral, multilateral and global issues".

The first UK-Indonesia Partnership Forum was held in London on 31 January 2007. Former Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett hosted with her Indonesian counterpart, Foreign Minister Wirajuda.

Britain has a strong interest in seeing Indonesia develop into a healthy, transparent and stable democracy, in order to strengthen ASEAN and reinforce stability in South East Asia as a whole.

Through our Strategic Programme Fund (SPF),the UK supports a number of projects that encourage reform in Indonesia. The SPF also funds projects that advance co-operation in areas of joint interest, such as human rights, climate change , counter-terrorism and interfaith dialogue.

The UK established diplomatic relations with Indonesia in 1949. The current British Ambassador in Jakarta is Martin Hatfull.

The Embassy in Jakarta offers a full range of services: Commercial, Consular and Immigration.  There is also an Honorary Consulate Bali.

The British Council and the Department for International Development  (DFID) both have offices in Indonesia.


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