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Fish Farming

Sterling has a long established capability to manufacture fish netting and small mesh fabrics of various fibers (nylon, polyester, polypropylene) and has decades of experience custom designing and building various structures used in fish farming.
Sterling's knowledge and range of products include small growing box pens, marine raceways, protected bethmic cages, and growing pens secured into large rope structures for extreme marine conditions in tidal waters. With our extensive product line and custom design services, we can custom manufacture any product to meet your fish farming needs. Please send or call us with your detailed requirements.
Below are some of the different products that Sterling manufactures for fish farming set-ups.

Holding Boxes
Ideal for fresh storage of live fish, fingerlings, etc.. Boxes have a rope border around the top (1000 lb. test) and four corner ties. Netcoat treatment optional. holding box for fish farming and aquaculture  
nylon holding box prices  
    Holding boxes are available with floats and or sewn-on covers. Contact Sterling stating requirements for price quote. Other sizes available.
Fish Farming and Research Cages
floating cage illustration for fish farming and aquaculture

Sterling has extensive experience in the design and construction of fish cages, their flotation collars and floating structures.
The floating ring cage is easily erected and is capable of being towed to any location. The cages may also be modified to accommodate walkways. The bottom of the fish cage can be raised, lowered and moved as required.

Cage nets are made from a variety of netting materials and can be supplied in special configurations to meet every requirement. The nets range from nursery nets to small nets to grower nets to predator side and top nets. Please send, fax, or call us your detailed requirements.
fish farming cage with optional marine cage attachments Special Design
Brown Trout
Research Net
Hydro Raceway Recovery Nets and Holding Collection Boxes.
Sterling has extensive experience in building these nets. The body is designed to dissipate the water flow over the length and restrain the fish from escaping. Fish are collected in an attached holding box. Designs have included metal front attachment frames, reinforcing gore ropes and many other special user requirements. Send us your size requirements for quotation.
Fish Farming Pens
fish farming pen, stock and custom designs for hatchery, fish farming use

Sterling has constructed growing pens for the following species of fish: trout, salmon, catfish - as well as special designs for biological growing situations. Sizes have ranged from small holding boxes to large 100'x100'x45' deep cages completely rigged for tidal waters up to 11 knots.Sterling has considerable experience in the development and design of these Growing Pens.


This experience includes pens located in the Atlantic, Pacific and Gulf of Mexico costal areas, as well as inland waters. In addition to the manufacture of the netting and the fabrication of the Pens, Sterling has also developed a series of plastic net preservative treatments that prolong the life of the net, but still keep it soft, flexible and easily handled. Sterling will be pleased to quote on your requirements and assist you in design. Take advantage of our world wide experience, today.

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