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Google Sponsoring 'Deep Sky' Party At Empty Lawrenceville Pool

Leslie Park Pool To Host Free Astronomy Event

POSTED: 9:57 pm EDT July 21, 2010
UPDATED: 12:10 pm EDT July 22, 2010

Google is sponsoring a fundraiser to help revitalize Lawrenceville at a local pool this weekend, but there's just one catch: those in attendance won't need to bring their bathing suits.

The Deep Sky Urban Star Party will be held at the empty Leslie Park Pool on Butler Street from 8 to 11 p.m. Sunday.

"What this means is that we can really revitalize something that was just a garbage filled pit, a blighted space in our neighborhood," said Deborah Knox, of Lawrenceville.

The event will feature five professional telescopes from the Amateur Astronomers Association of Pittsburgh, as well as music and a "SkyMap" demonstration from Google engineers.

Admission is free.

The city closed Leslie Park Pool in 2003.

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