Demonstrating the Value of SEO Within a Large Organization: What to Measure, How to Report

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Thursday, August 5 – 1 PM EDT (10 AM PDT)

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If you run a large website within a large organization, you know the challenges of reporting on the results of your search engine optimization (SEO) program. Whether it’s because upper management still needs to be convinced, or because you are dealing with multi-national, multi-lingual websites to report on — it can be a daunting task at best.

In this webcast, search marketing expert Bill Hunt will discuss strategies and tactics for SEO reporting within a large organization. He’ll talk about what to measure, what to report, and how to break it down so it makes sense to everyone in the chain of command.

Attend this webcast and learn:

  • How to report SEO results for large websites
  • What to measure and report that demonstrates value and ROI of SEO
  • How to share reporting up the management chain

Bill Hunt is currently the President of Back Azimuth Consulting. He is considered the top thought leader on Global Search Engine Marketing and is internationally recognized Search Marketing expert , having spoken at conferences in more than 30 countries. He has previously been the CEO of two of the largest Global Search marketing firms, Global Strategies and Outrider both of which were acquired by WPP. Bill is the co-author of the best-selling book “Search Engine Marketing, Inc.” He writes a popular blog on search and social media marketing at

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Sponsored by Searchmetrics

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