Greejatus, Janus

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  • Homeworld:
    Chommel Minor
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  • Affiliation:
    Galactic Empire

From the Expanded Universe

Since competition from non-human workers had whittled away his family's fortune on Chommell Minor before he was even born, Janus Greejatus had a deeply ingrained hatred for aliens. He was taught by his father to never let non-humans get the better of him in life. As Greejatus climbed through the ranks of Chommell Minor politics, he carefully veiled such sentiments in politically deft language that earned him a popular base on the planet, eventually gaining the notice of the sector's galactic representative, Senator Palpatine.

Though Palpatine was prudent enough not to echo some of Grajeetus' more polarizing statements publicly, the two became fast friends -- at least in Greejatus' eyes. He constantly proved to Palpatine that he had a keen political mind, so much so that when Palpatine ascended to the position of Supreme Chancellor, Greejatus succeeded him as Senator of the Chommell Sector. This move, however, displeased influential politicians on Naboo, the foremost world of the sector. The Naboo now had a distinctly multicultural mindset, which clashed with Greejatus' more closed-borders approach. As a result, after just two years of service, Greejatus was replaced by Horace Vancil of Naboo. Naboo would represent Chommel Sector in the Senate through the end of the Republic, with Senator Amidala eventually serving in that office.

Despite Greejatus' ouster, Palpatine still had a use for him, and enlisted him as an advisor. When the Supreme Chancellor declared the New Order, Greejatus helped shape COMPNOR -- the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order -- and was appointed to the Imperial Ruling Council. With his new position, he founded the Imperial Department of Redesign, a secretive agency which dedicated much effort to the liquidation and subjugation of aliens. In time, Greejatus realized that he could develop projects without the Emperor's consent or oversight, and grew overly ambitious.

His plans, however, came to a halt after the destruction of the first Death Star. Greejatus was one of several Imperial officers discovered to have goaded Moff Tarkin into seizing absolute power with the superweapon. Palpatine learned of this and decided to keep Greejatus within reach. This eventually brought Greejatus to the second Death Star, which was attacked and eventually destroyed by the Rebellion. Greejatus was believed to have perished in the explosion.

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