Val Pollard

Played by Charlie Hardwick

Val Pollard played by Charlie Hardwick - ITV

Val Pollard

- Val is the sister of Diane Sugden who brought her up after their mother died. She is married to Eric Pollard.

- Always on the look out to find a man to pay for her extravagant lifestyle, Val has dated many of the men folk of Emmerdale, including ex-brother-in-law Rodney Blackstock.

- After revealing she'd had an affair with her ex brother-in-law whilst he was still married to her sister, Val was shunned by all in the village.

- Their on-off relationship is both personal and business oriented as both are deeply selfish and motivated predominantly by greed.

Charlie Hardwick

- Charlie Hardwick (real name Claire) was born in Tyne and Wear in 1959.

- She is an avid Newcastle United fan, holding a season ticket to St James' Park.

- She won a Best Actress Award at the Monte Carlo International Television Awards (1998) for her role in The Scar.

Memorable Moment

After Eric planned a surprise wedding, in order to keep costs down, Val was kidnapped by the Dingles after a misunderstanding on the big day.

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