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Sharon Case Chats About Jewelry Line
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Sharon Case Chats About Jewelry Line

Sharon Case (Sharon) is taking on a new role. Wait! Before you head to the message boards in outrage, be forewarned she is keeping her day job. One thing fans may not know about Sharon is, her secret love for fashion jewelry. Case teamed up with a friend, and created a line of fine jewelry called Pomp that will be featured on QVC on Tuesday, August 10. Here are all of the details...

Did you enjoy the Emmys® in Las Vegas?

"It was so fun. It was one of the best Vegas trips ever. I hope that they do it there again next year. I felt like we went on a mini vacation. I mean, after all, when is Vegas not fun?"

Let's talk about your jewelry line. How did you get started in this jewelry business?

"Well, I had spoken to a manufacturer that works at QVC, and, you know, I had talked about, you know, a possible jewelry line. And I'm thinking around the idea of something with, you know, either jewelry or, you know, a clothing line or something. And then, I just took a long time to think about it because these things, you know, I mean, these original discussions were years ago."

"I started talking about it with my girlfriend Elif, who's the stylist of The Young and the Restless, and she and I have been good friends for a long time. And I just brought it up to her, and in casual conversation, we ended up coming up with the idea to partner up on it, which made it more interesting to me because I think part of the reason why I wasn't really jumping to do it was because it was so much work. I just didn't know if it was something I could handle all on my own along with my job so partnering up just made it perfect."

How do you come up with the concept to create the actual jewelry?

"There are a lot of jewelry that I see, and I like, certain styles I like that I'm influenced by. And Elif is the actual designer. She knows how to design clothes and jewelry. That's what she does for a living so she really does the designing, and I have input of what I prefer and what I don't, suggestions about the line. Elif already knows what I really like to wear."

"It's a great line. There's a different color or different piece that goes with everything in your wardrobe. It's a real complete collection of different colors and styles of jewelry. So literally, if you owned one piece of everything in this one line, you'd have something to wear no matter what you put on in your closet; you'd have a piece of our jewelry that would match with it."

What I liked about the line is the variety. If you like delicate, there's delicate. If you like, you know, big and flashy, there's big and flashy.


And so when you're sitting down with Elif and you're talking about the design, what kind of input do you put in? Like, what are your likes and dislikes when it comes to jewelry?

"I'm a big fan of jewelry. I like everything that's in our line. Our line is an example of the things that I do like. I really like necklaces. I'm into them. I wear a lot of them. I wear chunky necklaces a lot on my own time."

Your line is being featured on QVC soon. Are you nervous?

"No, I'm not nervous. It's kind of surreal. I can't believe after all this time it's finally here. It's just weird, you know. For years we've been kind of chipping away at it bit by bit, putting it together, getting everything together: the line, the samples. It's just weird when it finally happens."

Was this something that you thought about growing up or was this just something that kind of fell into your lap, or you were inspired by?

"It just fell into my lap, but fashion jewelry of this sort is something I've always been into since I was a child. I remember when I was about ten, my grandmother gave me all of her fashion jewelry. She just gave me these gorgeous silk bags that she kept everything in. All these beautiful folk bags that were full of gorgeous fashion jewelry that I couldn't believe she was giving to me. I really loved it. And you know what's funny, is a lot of these styles are exactly the same thing."

Coupled with the fact that you're on one of the most glamorous soaps where the actors are always featured with a great wardrobe line and great jewelry. Did that come into play when you were thinking about your own line?

"Oh, yeah! There have been a lot of different things that have inspired us. These past few years Sharon has been starting to wear more and more jewelry too. A lot of characters are. Fashion jewelry has become very popular."

How did you come up with the name for the jewelry?

"Well, we were looking for something that was one syllable, and very flashy, a fun word, something that would really grab you. And Pomp it means bling and pageantry and we feel that that represents the line."

Were you wearing your own jewelry line at the Emmy's®?

"I was! On the red carpet, I was wearing my earrings and my bracelet. I was at a lot of the red carpets events in Vegas, and at every single one of them, I was wearing my jewelry. And then, the day before when I was at the Emmy® Gift Room, there was a little press red carpet. There, I was wearing a bright yellow dress, and I have a necklace on with that dress that is really phenomenal, and a lot of people commented on it. At the another party, I was wearing my earrings, and those are really, really fun earrings, big and flashy chandelier earrings that I had in pink gold, and it matched my pink dress."

And if this is successful, are you going to expand it?

"Yes, we are already working on a second show right now. We have it mostly put together." And what would you like fans to know about your jewelry?

"I hope they'll tune in on August tenth on QVC and see if they find something they like."

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Thanks, Sharon!

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