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Introducing the latest
digital reader from IREX

Boasting an impressive 8.1-inch display and one of the only digital readers with 3G capability*, the IREX Digital Reader is packed with advanced technologies that make eReading a natural, paperlike experience. Bringing you thousands and thousands of books, newspapers, and magazines, IREX is the next generation of eReading.

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Perfect for people on the go, we use the latest in 3G technologies* to bring you free wireless service, an exclusive feature of the IREX Digital Reader. While other readers might be clunky and inefficient, the IREX Digital Reader allows you to download a book in less than a minute.

* 3G connectivity available to USA customers only



Hold an entire library in this 12.7-ounce eReader. Not only can you access thousands of newspapers, you can also browse a selection of more than 750,000 eBooks brought to you by the Barnes & Noble eBookstore. And the 2GB SD card allows you to store and access thousands of these books, periodicals, and magazines.

Big screen, small body

Screen Size

How can something be big and small at the same time? IREX Digital Reader uses the latest technology to bring you the biggest display on the market at a fraction of the weight. At 8.1 inches, the IREX Digital Reader’s display is almost twice as large as other electronic reader displays, though its ultrathin body weighs considerably less. Ideal for graphic-rich books, newspapers, and magazines, the screen is so easy on the eyes you’ll think you are reading a book on ordinary paper!