Our Mission

Third Door Media’s mission is to empower interactive marketers and others by providing the quality, trusted content they need to be successful. Editorial independence and integrity are convictions core to our philosophy.

Quality content fosters community engagement. An engaged community is the benefit we offer advertisers, sponsors, exhibitors and partners. We excel at creating opportunities for our vendors to interact with the community, while respecting the community’s privacy and sensibilities.

Community isn’t something that we observe from afar. We proactively contribute to the education, well-being and growth of the interactive marketing community. We build brands and resources the community can depend on and we consider it a privilege to do so.

Our Team

Our team has been involved in the search marketing space from the beginning, from before it was hot. They’ve helped shape, create and influence the space through their work. Fulfilling our mission also means exposing the community to new and alternative voices and sources of information. We involve the community in what we do, so community members influence our direction and have a voice from which others benefit.

Third Door Media also understands that content can and should be delivered in a variety of media, and we will continue to pioneer new information delivery methods.

Our Brands

Third Door Media publishes web sites, and produces in-person events and webcasts. Each of the four brandsSearch Engine Land, Search Marketing Expo, Search Marketing Now, and Sphinn – fosters continuing education, evolution and engagement for the community we serve.

Our Newsletter

Marketing to Search Marketers

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