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    What is ASML’s mission?

    To provide leading-edge imaging solutions to continuously improve our customers’ global competitiveness.

    How does ASML try to accomplish this?

    ASML provides semiconductor manufacturers (chip makers) with highly-advanced imaging tools (lithography systems) that make the smallest, most advanced and cost-effectively produced electronic chips. These chips, or integrated circuits, are used in most computers, TV and hi-fi systems, mobile phones, MP3 players, cameras, banking cards and automotive control systems. In fact, they are at the heart of most electronic equipment used in the home, the office and on the move.

    How important is lithography in chip production?

    Lithography is arguably the most important and critical part of the chip production process:

    • it determines how much circuitry can be packed onto a chip — controlling the size and shape of all chip components, connections and contacts
    • it is used in making every layer of the chip — typically, that’s about 30 steps to selectively grow, modify and etch out the features in every chip.

    Where are you located and in which stock markets are you active?

    ASML has its headquarters in Europe, and major facilities in the US and Asia; in total that’s over 60 facilities in 15 countries. The company employs more than 6400 people and is publicly listed on the NSYE Euronext Amsterdam N.V. and NASDAQ. Full details are in our Corporate Fact Sheet and Investor Relations FAQ.

    Where are your R&D facilities located?

    Our main facilities are in Veldhoven (the Netherlands), Wilton (Connecticut) and at our ASML Center of Excellence in Taiwan. We cooperate closely with independent research labs at IMEC (Leuven, Belgium) and the Albany College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (New York, US). And as a system integrator with a value sourcing strategy, we also rely on a network of key suppliers such as Carl Zeiss and Cymer to conduct research in their own fields of expertise.

    What differentiates ASML from other companies?

    A strategy to invest heavily in R&D, striving for the most advanced lithography technology and products. Consequently, our imaging tools — wafer scanners and wafer steppers — are world class in terms of their ability to print layers of incredibly small patterns (with the smallest possible ‘Critical Dimension’) at high speed (productivity) exactly on top of each other (overlay accuracy).

    Which business units do you have and what products do they offer?

    We have several business units specializing in products to meet different customer requirements. These include advanced 300 mm immersion scanners, high-volume 300 mm dry scanners (i-line, KrF, ArF), customized imaging solutions (imaging tools for GaAs, special applications, 200 mm silicon, etc), optics, computational lithography (Brion Technologies and MaskTools), incubator products and EUV development.

    What is ASML’s strategy for profitable growth?

    The key points of our strategy include securing leadership in technology, cost of ownership and customer service, while maintaining a flexible cost structure, a high market share and a low break-even point. In addition, a focus on adding value, shorter cycle times — despite increasing complexity — and maximum share acquisition have contributed to successive years of growth and sustained profitability.

    What does ASML do to protect its intellectual property?

    In a high technology company like ASML, innovation is our lifeblood. So using patents to protect the IP and inventions that make us successful is vital for our future success. Patents ensure freedom to operate, creating leverage to vigorously defend lawsuits and negotiate deals. ASML has an enormous patent port folio (>3000 worldwide) which is growing to match our increasing investment in R&D.

    Do you sponsor events and support charities?

    ASML sponsors many local and global activities to do with technology, the communities where we are located, employer branding and promoting our company values. These include international research projects, tradeshows and scholarships, but also regional government initiatives and local events such as sports competitions, business initiatives and supporting the arts.

    Separate from ASML, the ASML Foundation is an independent organization set up to finance education and other worthwhile activities worldwide, to improve the quality of life of children and the underprivileged.

    When was the company established and what do the letters ASML stand for?

    ASML was founded in the Netherlands in 1984. It started as a joint venture between two Dutch companies: Royal Philips Electronics and Advanced Semiconductor Materials International (ASMI). It was named ASM Lithography to complement ASM International’s subsidiary companies, which had similar names and also served the semiconductor industry. In 1988, ASM International withdrew from the partnership but the company was too young to change names, so it continued as ASM Lithography. After floatation as an independent company, ‘ASML’ became well known and became the official company name, so ‘ASM Lithography’ is no longer used.

    Where can I download company information?

    Please click to download the Corporate Fact Sheet and the Corporate Brochure.

    Is it possible to visit ASML?

    For ASML’s headquarters at Veldhoven, the Netherlands, we organize visits for specific groups to minimize interruptions to business. In line with the type of group (press, analysts, students, etc.), requests will be passed on to the appropriate department for consideration. Please send your request to corpcom@asml.com stating the purpose of the visit, when you would like to come and the estimated size of the group.
    For all other locations, please call or email the appropriate regional office.
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