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Surprise! Phantom Delays Game Service Again

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Phantom Entertainment said that it is pushing out its downloadable game service until March 2007 as part of a licensing and recoding effort. The company's lapboard is still due in November.

Phantom, whose product originally started out as a games console and has morphed into a service amid sharp criticism from gaming and tech blogs, said that the software was originally designed for the console. Now, it must be recoded for the Windows environment.

"The Phantom Game Service software was originally engineered to run on a Windows XP embedded operating system as a standalone configuration managed by our service and content servers," noted Greg Koler, President and chief executive of Phantom Entertainment, in a statement. "We intend to modify our software to run in the user-controlled PC environment."

"We expect the Phantom Game Service PC client software will be ready during the first quarter of 2007," Koler added. "This move will enable the Company to license the Phantom Game Service technology to well-established manufacturers of PCs and digital home entertainment centers."

Phantom designed its lapboard as a combination laser mouse, keyboard, and gaming service, the company has said previously.