Be the First In Your Family To Have An Upside Down Christmas Tree!

Upside Down Christmas Trees – are you crazy? Well, if that’s what you are looking for, you have come to the right place. Did you know that the origin of the upside down Christmas tree dates back to the middle ages? Folks in Europe would hang their trees upside down to represent the holy trinity. But, today, when the tree is set right side up and pointing to the heavens, some folks think it is disrespectful to hang the tree upside down.

Although it isn’t quite clear the true history, we do know that during the 600ad a British monk preaching the word of God traveled to Thuringia. He wanted to make the triangular shape of the tree the display of the Holy Trinity which is God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost. As he converted folks, they also admired his upside down tree as the Tree of God. By the 1100’s most everywhere in central Europe, the upside down Christmas tree would appear.

The trend in recent years has been to decorate with an upside down Christmas tree. It has gained popularity because of its uniqueness. The best places to hang your tree are in place of a light fixture or over a spiral staircase or really anywhere you have the space. Hanging ornaments on the tree will be more prominent since they hang down from the branches and don’t get lost in them if the tree were right side up. Really everything you hang on this tree will hang down, including tinsel and garland, creating a fantastic look.

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Because you are hanging a tree upside down, you really can’t use a live tree as the weight would be too great and impossible to water. Upside Down Christmas Trees come in light weight forms so as to avoid any damage or undue weight to your ceiling. Make sure thought to follow the directions when installing your tree as they usually require bolts that are reinforced with wire for additional safety. Another option is installing your tree on a special stand designed for the upside down tree.

Even better is your upside down Christmas tree can come pre lit so you don’t have to mess with the lights. This is a much better way to go and much easier when you set out all your Christmas decorations. But when hanging your ornaments and such on the tree, take care to hang them securely so they don’t end up falling on someone’s head. Fishing line or wire is a great tool that will help keep your ornaments in place. Also, because the tree is hung usually high enough to be over people’s heads, you will need a ladder to hang your decorations. If you hang your tree in a corner it will be easy enough to decorate without a ladder.

The Upside Down Christmas tree is so wonderful in saving space and because it hangs from the ceiling (unless you use a special stand) it shouldn’t fall over. Families with kids and pets or loads of presents will greatly benefit from an upside down holiday tree since they can’t reach the ornaments or possibly tip the tree over. The upside down artificial Christmas tree is great for smaller apartments and smaller rooms since it takes up little to no floor space. The upside down Xmas tree is also quite unique and not many folks have yet caught on to the trend. So if you want to be the trendsetter in your family or neighborhood, get your Upside Down Christmas Tree here online today.

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