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Kashtin by Kashtin
1. E Uassiuian / My Childhood
2. Kashtin / Tornado
3. E Peikussian / Solitude
4. Pakuakumit /
5. Shashish / A Long Time Ago
6. Apu Tshekuan / It Doesn't Matter
7. Tshinanu / What We Are
8. Tipatshimun / The Devil's Song
9. Uitshi / Help Me
10. Ashtam Nituapam / Come Find Me
11. Shteteian / Departure
12. Nitanish (N'Teish) / My Daughter
In the CD jacket, Florent Vollant and Claude McKenzie explain that their native culture "is often perceived as a single entity, without distinction as to nations, languages and customs." Through their music, they seek to "tear down the walls of indifference" by captivating the listeners with the difference.
This is how they describe some of their songs:
"This is a song about childhood and its ending with a sudden awareness of the world around. To us, it means discovering the difference between life on the Reservation and life on the "outside".
E UASSIUIAN is also about the desire to continue living an existence filled with laughter, enjoyment and wonder. A child is born a GIANT and becomes smaller as he grows up.
Lyrics and music: Claude McKenzie

Akuta Tuta by Kashtin
Akuta Tuta [take care]

If I’m no linger a child of the Earth,
I no linger know where I come from.
I no linger recognize my brothers…
Self-awareness is respecting
And caring for oneself
And protecting out Mother Earth.

The actual words are:
Akua tuta, akua tuta
Akua tuta tshekuan kaminekuin
Akua tuta
Naketuenta kiei tshin tshekuan
Hey, hey, hey

Akua tuta
Akua tuta tshekuan kakunuene mekuin ?
Akua tuta
Naketuanta kiei tshin tshekuan kauitshikuin
Hey, hey, hey
Akua tshe tessinnu

Akua tuta nete kiei tshin kanetaunekuin
Akua tshe mushumenut
Akua kiei tshukumenut eshei
Akua tshe tuassimenut
Akua kiei tsheshimenut eshei
Hey, hey, hey

Uasset [all the children]
In my left hand
Children’s games and their hearts
Sometimes beating to the rhythm of fear.
In the right one
Bursts of laughter
And quickly drying tears.
At the heart of my Indian guitar
The laughter of the children of the world
It’s for them that I sing.

Ashtam Nashu [come follow me]
Together if you wish
We can rediscover the Earth
Walk to its four corners
And trace a circle
Around our differences
We’ll tread a path
Between your part of the world and mine.

Nuitsheiuan [like a flower]
Amidst the green and white moss
So fragile and so soft
A tiny flower of the North
Bursts through the rock
And melts the snow…
So fragile and yet so strong
A flower of hope to share.

Ne Puamun [my dreams]
I dreamed of a woman-
Do you know her?
You’d like to know
The colour of her eyes?
Her name, where she comes from and the music she loves?
The woman of my dreams
Needs no introduction.

Tapue Shtutune [you really make me…]
I must be going but first
Make me laugh just once more
Play once more so we can dance
Don’t stop singing…
When I’ll have turned aways
Then will I allow myself to shed a tear.

Apu Shapentaman [without interest]
There are these nights
When we want to give up
These nights…
when nothing seems possible
moment when hope becomes ‘music’
music we share
with those left to listen.

Uaultemu [tell me]
Just to walk together
Part of the way
No longer strangers
To the stars above
The dream of a lifetime
That we dream of all night.

Tahekunu Mak [why]
You have your own way and I, different.
You don’t want to hear what to believe.
It’s difficult for us to walk together.
But if one tries another time….
Why? … Why not?

Utel Tau Etaian [here with me]
Will you still be there tomorrow
And will you love me just as much?
What will become of us?
How long still
Can we keep on dreaming?
Just maybe
Are we worrying for nothing.

Iame [goodbye]
GOODBYE! To all these moments shared
With those we leave behind
For new aquaintances and more goodbyes

To all the nomands of the Earth.…
GOODBYE! The road is beckoning

Innu by Kashtin


Nikanish [My people]

They walked like the caribou
They followed the caribou’s path

And somewhere within ourselves
We are proud to be of those
Who walked for survival

Nekashtuamani! [surprise / anguish]
When Tshiko turns on the lights
And you stand before us
And we stand before you
What shall we do?

Go on Tshiko light up … light up

Nte Tshitshuat [your place]
You place was fine
Your place was beautiful
I truly felt at home
But everything changed
And I had to fly away

Apu Tshekuan Nikan’kuian [nothing can stop me]
When winter was over and it was time
To return to the sea, my people ran
In the portages.

When the time comes for me to go
Nothing can stop me
I will gnaw into my paw if I must
But I shall excape the trap

Harricana [long road]
Then I will no longer be afraid of fear
Harricana, I shall see, I shall understand
Harricana, I shall gain
Harricana, my freedom

Son of the sun
Thank you, Willie Dunn, the dark-skinned musician
Protaging his drums and guitar
Thank you, Willie, the Micmac Indian
You’ve reminded us of who we are

Son of the sun
Daughter of the light
Children of the earth

Tshinuau [all of you]
All of you who come to see us, hear us
And dance to our music
We wish to give you our best
We wish you happiness
We love you

Apu min’tan [leave me alone!]
Will you stop thinking for me
Will you stop trying to change me
Will you stop telling me what to do
Leave me alone!

Quebecois band Kashtin play if not invent wall-of-sound First Nations folk-rock, biting into a '70s classic rock niche but skirting period cliches via a traditional music undercurrent. Hand drums, rattles, and other expected embellishments are used sparingly as singer/songwriters Florent Vollant and Claude McKenzie embed native motifs deep into songs that are richly orchestrated in a guitar-based prog-rock mode. Shifting layers of fuzz guitar, acoustic instruments and electronic ambiance are subordinated to Vollant and McKenzie's possessive vocals even when wolf howls and a snowmobile rev up the opening bars of the Algonquin-language "Harricana" (Long Road) or when the north-of-60 montage "Overture" bleeds into the mid-tempo "Nikanish." Strong songwriting and performances meet their match in this disc of old-fashioned studio craft at top form.
-- Bob Tarte, All Music Guide

Eternal Drum
by Kashtin

In this soulful video, native rock stars Kashtin use the traditional drum as a link between nations from across Canada. Kashkin in concert, featuring the music from the double platinum album "Kashkin" and the platinum album "Innu". Kashkin shares memories and hopes with native people from all parts of Canada. If I track it down, I'll let you know
VHS 60 minutes.

Also! I'm tracking down a video called "Kashtin" that was shown on CBC. 24 min long, 1991.
Kashtin is an exciting musical duo that combines pop music with the native language of Innu.

I do have a demo tape done by them. Various concerts are highlighted as example of their work. I think it's 60 min.

Innu Town by Mckinsie
Innu Town / An Innu in the city
Nemenuentenan / Happy to see you
Ekuen Pua / So be it
Ueshkett / A long time ago
I got a taste of tears
Mamu / Together
Apu metateman /
Shash / Already
Nte Tshemun / It's raining
Nin e shatshitan / Me, the one who loves you
Dans les bras de la musique
Shashish Ketak / Already far


Innu Town
by Alphonse Leong

This solo effort by Kashtin's Claude McKenzie reminds me a lot of...well, Kashtin. The Buddhist chant-like vocals are there, and so are the understated rhythms and fluid Innu phrasing. Not speaking the language, I don't have a complete response to the songs, but the melodies are pleasant enough and the production by Guy Trepanier is tight, while still allowing an earthy quality to emerge. Down to earth and pleasant are the key ideas here (in the liner notes, McKenzie even politely encourages us to "just press FF" if you don't like a song!). Tunes range from moody mythology ("Ueshkett") to open desire ("Shash").
If you're into Kashtin, chances are you'll like this stuff, too. For me, this disc is like Italian opera; I appreciate the genuine musicality and the beauty of the language, but I'm just not totally swept away.

Taken from:

Florent Vollant
1999 Christmas CD

Tshitshitua tepishkat / Silent night

Tshishe manitu
Eku papa-peta-kukat

Eku nashpit minuashu


Translation from the French provided by "M.A."
Review by Jacques Thibault for Club-Culture.
Florent Vollant -

Florent Vollant sings about Christmas in Innu. He overcame a big challenge because he wanted to share with this album the pride of the Innu people and a respect for differences, and in doing so abolish the barrier of ignorance and intolerance between native and non-native peoples. In this regard, the album was a total success. During the last two years, Florent Vollant returned to his birthplace, Maliotenan, to seek additional resources. He did this at the same time as his friends: Richard Séguin, Zachaire Richard, Luce Dufault, Ray Bonneville et Lucien Gabriel Jourdain, who all participated in the recording of this album by singing in Innu for Nipaiamianan (O Holy Night). On the disk, we find five classic songs of Christmas: Silent Night, Angels We Have Heard on High, Adeste Fideles, Venez divin Messie (traditional French-Canadian carol-- possibly Come All Ye Faithful), and O Holy Night. The album also lets us discover spiritual chants inspired by Innu tales. There is also a musical guitar piece (picking) which is utterly charming. Florent Vollant has reached a stunning result and has been able to give colour to his music as well as a great dose of extraordinary originality. A really magical product! The music, as well as its arrangements, is simple and soft, and in this fashion brings an ambiance which is intimate and fraternal. The producers are Toby Gendron, Réjean Bouchard, and Florent Vollant.
A unique and original disk for the holiday season.
Jacques Thibault
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