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Written by

Marcus Klier


27/Jul at 14:49



Flag of Austria

Media reports

[UPD] Austria will return to Eurovision in 2011

According to, Austria will return to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2011. The rumour is based on an article to appear in magazine TV-MEDIA on Wednesday. It would be the country's first participation since 2007.

Update: The news have been confirmed by ORF. Austria will therefore compete in the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in Germany.

According to the TV-MEDIA press release, the national final format is still being discussed. A talent search format is being considered and there are also plans to include the winner of another talent search, Helden von morgen, in the national final. The final of that show will take place in October. 

Austria has not been taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest since 2007, when Eric Papilaya finished 27th (second last) in the semi final. Austria won the contest once back in 1966 with Udo Jürgens and Merci Chérie.

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It is still amazing to me that you still use that monotone propaganda of yours. :S I am the last person on earth to suffer with an identity crisis :D I am proud of what and who I am! You say I speak ill of Southern Cyprus and Greek-Cypriots? :S That is a complete an utter lie! If I remember correctly you were the one who brought up the cyprus-isssue in June and somehow linked it to the current politics of Turkey. If your parents spoke so highly of Turks to you when you were knee-high for example! then you would not seek the most smallest opportunity presented on a Eurovision site by a few characters to attack Turks in general (like you did in June). I don't hate greek-cypriots but when greek-cypriots like yourself begin to attack turks in general and constantly shift the blame onto them with their anti-turkism tactics, that is when I tend to intervene ;) Unlike you I know full well how to differentiate between ordinary people and bent/corrupt/money-grabbing politicans! and my parents have shaped my personality in a way which enables me to stand my ground but at the same time to have respect towards others (who deserve respect ofcourse). I am not a "human-voice-recorder" NOBODY talks BS into Angelic and then Angelic plays back that BS to the world! I know how to research and analyse as well as formulate my own ideas and conclusions about subjects. Your no ordinary greek-cypriot because if you were then we wouldn't be having this conversation right now! If you never held hostile feelings towards turks you wouldn't have posted that comment to mak- ut yesterday and you wouldn't have felt the need to make undercover insults within that comment. Even in your most recent comment to me you still use the same shabby tactics! "I wonder your parents reactions about greek cypriots " what kind of phrase is that? my darling these tactics are irrelevant on a site like this because unfortunately this site is contaminated with people who hold hostile feelings towards Turkey and Turks in general! Who exactly are you trying to persuade? Now you can call me a nationalist and god knows what else! but I know who I am and what I am and I certainly do not have to justify myself to you of all people on this site.

Albert seven [63706]
Sat 31 Jul 2010 00:40:27

Welcome back Austria! :D
I've missed you these last 3 years

Switzerland may get some points now

@Jack Cuffe

Seriously who cares about that? Just be happy about Austria's return and don't worry yourself about how many points Switzerland will receive from there.

Lina !!! [56410]
Fri 30 Jul 2010 22:41:29

@Ozi, NO ! :) I say "some people" and you definetly your NOT one of them :):-* I realy like you beacuse you show many times that your not Nationalist :) @Angelic i speak only for my countrey history :) When you diside which is your countrey then you can say your oppinion :) You and some other Turkish users speak very bad for my countrey back in June if you remember ;) Also i know Cyprus history very whell beacuse i m pure Cypriot ;) I know all bad things who greeks and Turkish cypriots make to each others in the past i know everything ! But your mind stuck to EOKA and ENOSIS some things who happen before 40 + years, also in your mind Greek cypriots looks like bad animals , you know many things changes after so many years, but you dont know anything beacuse you dont live in Cyprus and you never visit south part of the island ( your parents family place ) to speak with people and see face to face theyr reactions :) You just listen what the others want to put in your mind :) You know something ? My parents always speak very good for turkish cypriots beacuse they live with them ( exeptions are some Nationalist turkish cypriots but it was also and some greek cypriots Nationalist that time ) . I wonder your parents reactions about greek cypriots :S

Jack Cuffe [63737]
Fri 30 Jul 2010 22:25:55

Switzerland may get some points now

:O LINA your back? so you decided to come out of hiding after your repulsive behaviour back in June? Good for you ;)

Don't worry nobody is going to insult you (K) unless of course you vomit about Turkish-politics/history/people while a**-licking a few anti-turkish ESC fans who talk of politics but unfortunately are not connected to big-boy politicians in any way possible.

Cheers :D

Ozi :-) [42913]
Fri 30 Jul 2010 15:59:28

@ lina, is that comment meant to be directed at me?

Lina !!! [56410]
Fri 30 Jul 2010 15:28:45

@mak ut, Austria's return beneficial Turkey, as i remember Austria gives to Turkey 8 points and up through televoting beacuse of huge Turkish population who lives there, so Turks must be happy for Austria's return ;) Also dont pay attencion to some people here, they dont like to speak negative for Turkey or Azerbaijan but they like to speak negative and to insult the rest people and countries :) That is theyr metality and nobody can change it beacuse they learn to respect only muslim countries and people :) Relegion for muslim people is very importand even and if they tried to show that theyr open minded :) For example Just take a look to Turkish people profiles, they have as a favory ESC countries all the muslim countries ( Turkey, Bosnia, Albania, Azerbaijan ) also the Turks have FYRO Macedonia also as a favory countrey even and if that countrey never send a good song :S And that beacuse Turkey political have strong relations with FYRO Macedonia. Now all usual trolls are going to attack me but i dont care :) cheers :)


I still think Austria returns because of the good ranks of some Western-European countries in the last 2 years ( France 09, UK 09, Germany 10, Belgium 10, ... ). But if it's true what you said ( returning because of Germany ), then I would find it also stupid from them.

Canim Angelic nice to see you back. I like your prfile phot, it is very know

Actually I don't know! but I am hoping you will tell me. Convincing??

CC Catch [61018]
Fri 30 Jul 2010 10:00:21

@mak ut
sry, I did read it carefully but interchanged the names because kenan posted below (and I was a bit tired). so it was nothing against you. ;-)

Laila ♥ Peter Nalitch ♪ ♫ [58775]
Fri 30 Jul 2010 05:02:38

Fantastic news! :D I hope they will have a good song and successful re-entry. October sounds a little early for the final though?

Ozi :-) [42913]
Fri 30 Jul 2010 02:58:55

@ Mak Ut, I dont OBJECT to Austria returning... all I'm saying is that due to my personal taste I would rather they didnt beacuse I don't like the songs that they have previously sent.

I don't understand why you keep bringing up Turkey for. I have not said anything about Turkey. And if I was a 'diaspora voter' wouldnt I be happy that Austria are returning since Turks are the largest immigrant group in Austria which would probably gurantee some points?

I respect your views, all I ask in is that you respect me as an individual and stop seeing me as just a Turk. I do not represent the entire ethnic group... only myself.

@ Kenan, yes of course... I'm not going to not support them without hearing their songs. But it seems as though the only reason why Austria are returning is because they think that the voting system is now in favour of the West. But this is evidentally wrong. Germany deserved to win this year and it had nothing to do with it being a 50%-50% voting system. If Austria don't try to actually do well then they will be at the bottom of the table...


My comment below was a reply 2 you, forgot to write your name! :S

If they send a song that I like then I will obviously support it!

To be honest, I have also no big hopes from Austria ( at least not as much as Turkey, Greece, Ukraine, Serbia, ... ). I mean, my music-style are ethnic up-tempo songs, and I know that Austria would never send such stuff to Eurovision lol, but still, it's just ridiculous to lose your hope just because Austria didn't sended a song which you liked in the previous years.

@mak ut

Ozi votes just for songs he really likes, he's objective ( and not from Turkey by the way ).

+ your comment: its ok that the reputation of Turkey is more important for you than the participation of a Country like Austria. When the reputation of Turkey would be more important for him then he'd be happy about Austria's return, not sad.

mak ut [61317]
Fri 30 Jul 2010 01:19:44

Ozi you know the meaning of the words like "probably", "guess" or "it seems"?
I know that an argumentation is almost useless and i dont expect you to change your opinion, to show interest in my arguments or to admit that im right and its ok that the reputation of Turkey is more important for you than the participation of a Country like Austria. But i dont share that view and i will tell that.

Ozi :-) [42913]
Fri 30 Jul 2010 00:49:38

thanks for judging me**

Ozi :-) [42913]
Fri 30 Jul 2010 00:48:44

@ Mak ut, thats for judging me agin by describing me as a 'diaspora voter' based on my ethnicity... really respectful of you! Gosh this is one of the reason why I stopped commenting on this site for a long time...

Ozi :-) [42913]
Fri 30 Jul 2010 00:44:55

@ Kenan, If they send a song that I like then I will obviously support it! Silly question :P

Ozi :-) [42913]
Fri 30 Jul 2010 00:43:30

@ Dino, why would I lie about being a Turkish Cypriot for?

You can think whatever you want about my identity but I all you are doing is proving your prejudice towards certain users by judging them.

mak ut [61317]
Fri 30 Jul 2010 00:42:28

Well CC you should read carefully when you get involved. We are talking about Ozi and not Kenan. That mistake can only happen to someone who is not rly interessted in the issue. So i guess you just want to insult me.
Criticism is a good thing and i welcome you to criticise my comments, but do it in a specific way.
Btw CC you dont got the general german opinion on ur side and im thankful for that. Because unlike you, germans support the participation of Israel in the ESC.

CC Catch [61018]
Fri 30 Jul 2010 00:10:05

kenan has the right to express his opinion as every other user doeth - independent of his nationality. some people always tend to forget about it if it don't fit to they mind... I think only a very few years ago "arguments" like some members use here concerning ethnicities and so on would have been unthinkable. the level seems to get lower day by day.
at least it still ain't the "general german opinion" some users from germany spread here.

mak ut [61317]
Thu 29 Jul 2010 23:48:07

sure he can tell his opinion, but i have every right to criticise his comments especially if they are against another country and against the whole idea of the ESC.
He would rather not see Austria in Germany next year because he dont like their entries and he dont like more moaning about diaspora voting?
Thats funny because that comment comes from a Turk living in the UK who is probably a diaspora voter himself.
I guess he dont want another example for the effectivness of diaspora voting (Austria), because that would harm the "success" story of diaspora beneficiaries like Turkey in the last decade.
It seems the reputation of Turkey is more important for him than the participation of Austria. That is shameful and against the idea behind the ESC.

Dino Mil [58964]
Thu 29 Jul 2010 23:44:50

Canim Angelic nice to see you back. I like your prfile phot, it is very know ;)

Sorry, I wanted to write this in italics,

1) I don't really like the songs that they send to the contest

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