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Golden Girls Hits Spain

Las Chicas de Oro x390 (fair) | Advocate.com
From top: Carmen Maura, Lola Herrara,
Concha Velasco, and Alicia Hermida
The famous camp classic The Golden Girls will be vamped up with a dose of telenovela as Spain prepares to launch a star-studded reinterpretation of the hit series.

According to Televisión Española, the show’s airing network, Chicas de oro will star Concha Velasco, Carmen Maura, Lola Herrera, and Alicia Hermida as Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia, respectively.

This is the channel’s second foray into a Golden Girls re-creation, the first being 1996's Juntas pero no revueltas, which aired for only one season. Chicas de oro follows a long line of international show variations, including the U.K.’s Brighton Belles, Russia’s Большие Девочки (Bolshie Devochki), and Greece’s Xρυσά κορίτσια (Chrysa Koritsia).

Las chicas de oro is produced by Disney Media Networks and Latin World Entertianment for Spanish audiences and Spanish-language TV in the United States. The show debuts in Spain this September.
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Reader Comments
  • Name: Ryan
    Date posted: 7/30/2010 4:11:17 PM
    Hometown: New York, NY


    It may not hold a flame to the original (nothing can), but Carmen Maura?! I am sooo excited to see it! What most people may not understand is that this is Spanish acting ROYALTY! It would be like Meryl Streep (in makeup of course), Judi Dench, and Diane Keaton doing the golden girls with Mickey Rooney as Sophia! And this Queen is certainly excited!!!

  • Name: Dave O
    Date posted: 7/30/2010 9:23:23 AM
    Hometown: Vancouver BC


    I saw a trailer for this on TVE24 (Spanish TV's 24 hour news channel www.rtve.es ).. looks quite funny (I speak Spanish). Of course, nothing will hold a torch to the original Golden Girls.

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