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Perrydale History

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In 1870, the first Perrydale school was built. This was a small building on the east side of Amity Rd. This building was used for a short span of time. Then the new school was built where our school stands now. This new school only had one room. In 1902 it was moved, so a two room school could be built. The old building was turned into a furniture store. The  two room school house was not built until 1915. In it, it had a kitchen, auditorium, and a main room.

Perrydale is built on three land donations. They are the Townsend, Kinsey, and Butler land claims. The Townsend land claim was deeded to Narcis Provo in 1859 and then to William Perry in 1866; then he deeded it to John McGrew. Three years later Mr. McGrew plotted the town of Perrydale, embracing seven blocks and named the town after William Perry, from whom he had bought the property from.


The McCoy Store. This picture was taken in 1859.
The store burned in 2000

 Behind the baby on the fence is
the old school building.

This is a picture of the old
school building.