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Countdown to Flight!


Author: Steve Englehart
Publisher: Avon Camelot Book
ISBN: 0-380-77918-8

A Supplemental Literature Unit

Literature Unit Introduction

This supplemental literature unit is to be used in conjunction with the tradebook (available in paperback) Countdown to Flight! (see the novel's description below). It was originally designed as part of the educational multimedia CD-ROM entitled Exploring Aeronautics for 5th through 8th grade. Teachers who wish to use this Wright Flyer web site along with an aeronautics-themed unit are encouraged to utilize the following materials.

This supplemental guide is formatted using an "Into, Through and Beyond" approach to literature, and attempts to engage the learner in critical thinking, exercises in creativity and writing activities. Choose from the assorted "Into" activities to get your students motivated to read the novel. Use your choices of "Through" activities to help your students interact with the elements found in the story while engaged in reading the book. Upon completion of the novel, the "Beyond" activities can extend your students' learning experiences as well as provide a link to elements found in other sections of this Wright Flyer web site.

We hope you find this literature unit to be useful in your classroom.

Exploring Aeronautics cd


and Wright Flyer Online

A curriculum in Aeronautics for the 5th through 8th grade level

aero-nau-tics \-iks\ n pl but sing in constr 1: a science of dealing with the operation of aircraft 2: the art or science of flight

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From dream to reality- This is an exciting story of the invention of the airplane. The story focuses on the lives of Orville and Wilbur Wright and their remarkable work of creating a heavier-than&#