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  On October 1, 1975, 96X (WMJX) in Miami was born out of WMYQ an AOR station that faced stiff competition from two other AOR stations in the market. 96X entered as a top 40 station that played some soon to be classic rock along with the top 40 hits. Top 40 in those days was much different than today, and 96X thrived becoming a model for large market top 40 stations. The on-air personalities were colorful and a good part of the reason why the station was so successful. They obviously were having fun, and you did too if you listened. 

    In April of 1978 Disco came calling, and 96X became Disco 96. It suited the times, but didn't last long. 

   96X made a comeback soon after in 1980, but due to some legal problems with the FCC, 96X finally shut down for good on February 15, 1981 at 12:03 am. DJ Stuart Elliot, who had been with the station through most of the good times, was the one to pull the plug. 96X was dead, but the memory of what a great radio station should be lived on in my memory. 

   What I am attempting to do here is play what I think 96X would sound like today spanning all 3 demos that it occupied in the 70's. There's the Classic Rock, Pop, with some Funkin' Grooves thrown in occasionally.

    In the future I will throw in specialty programs that are of interest to me. Meanwhile, kick back and get a load of my impression of 96X, 24 years after the final curtain fell on a radio legend in South Florida.

    Here are some links to airchecks from the mid 70's so you can hear what the original sounded like:  Steve Rivers-1976     Composite     Stuart Elliot signs off for good



  1. X rock  5 am to midnight Eastern, Daily. Classic Rock the way it was meant to be.

  2. X grooves  Midnight to 5 am Eastern, Daily. Some old, some new, all smokin!

  3. Xychedelic Sunday   10 a.m. to midnight every Sunday. Take a trip and never leave your mind!



     Currently in rotation; Aerosmith, The Babys, BadCo, The Beatles, The Brothers Johnson, BTO, Buffalo Springfield, The Cars,  Chaka Khan, The Clash, Crowded House, David Bowie, Rick Derringer, Detective, The Doobies, The Doors, Donnie Iris, EWF, Elvis Costello, Foreigner, Frank Zappa, Gary Numan, George Harrison, Jimi Hendrix, The Human League, The Isley Brothers, Jamiroquai, Level 42, Little Feat, Men At Work, Pet Shop Boys, The Police, The Pretenders, Prince, Robert Plant, Roland Orzabal, Todd Rundgren, Rush, Sly, Split Enz, Squeeze, Steely Dan, Steve Arrington, The Stones, The Stone Temple Pilots, Talk Talk, Tears For Fears, The Tubes,  U2, Van Halen. And of course, Led Zeppelin, and many more.

   Don't expect to hear the normal, heavily rotated stuff you've heard over the years with the morning zoo's and drive at 5 crowd. You won't get that here.