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Golems Of Amgarrak DLC Coming To Dragon Age

BioWare has revealed more DLC content for Dragon Age: Origins. Golems of Amgarrak lets you explore an underground area to uncover the fate of a missing dwarven expedition. You can choose to import existing characters from Origins or Awakening, or create a new appropriately high-level character just for the quest.

Along the way, you'll encounter new characters and battle new creatures – presumably including some of the squishy fellows seen in the embededed trailer below. There are also puzzles to solve and rewards to claim.

Golems of Amfarrak is due out August 10 for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. It's priced at $5/400 Microsoft Points.

  • This game can't stop getting better!

  • Easy to get excited for, but I felt like I overpaid a bit with all the other DA:O DLC... I finished my Awakening playthrough and traded it all in - I'll be ready to return with DA2.


  • this is just my opinion but i didnt really like any of the other dlc besides stone prisoner


  • Haha whoa, nice ME2 music..surprisingly, it fits as well as it does mass effect.

    5 bucks? Im down.


  • glad to see there still makin dlc with dragon age 2 already announced


  • I wish I hadn't traded in Origins - but I can't justify another purchase of it to play the DLC.


  • Finally! DLC that lets me play as my main character


  • All the DLC has been great so far, so keep um coming. This will be good motivation to finish off my 2nd Awakening play though


  • never got awakening because of the price but at five bucks this looks to be a solid buy

  • never got awakening because of the price but at five bucks this looks to be a solid buy
    (sorry about the double post)
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  • This might be another good reason to dig out Dragon Age again.


  • I'm glad I just bought Dragon Age last week. I'm late to the party, but I have a stack of DLC to get through, so yay. It would be cool if they did a DLC where you travel into an area from Mass Effect, and at the same time a DLC for Mass Effect where you travel into DA:O.


  • The dwarf main quest was definitely the best told story in the game, but the game is still a piece of $%&* overall.


  • Still haven't played Leliana's Song. I have Warden's Keep and The Stone Prisoner, but I also need to get The Darkspawn Chronicles and Awakening. Definitely going to be getting this one IMMEDIATELY though. That looked epic.