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Space Trader

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Space Trader is the game where you challenge your friends, foes, and yourself in a bid to becomes the wealthiest Trader in space! Travel between exotic destinations buying and selling commodities, while avoiding the government that's trying to tax your way of life. Hunt down criminals to collect bounty rewards, or go take jobs from crime bosses to earn money under the table. Explore locations in search of hidden bonuses and other secrets! 8 Players can compete together and have your stats tracked in our online scoreboard.

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For more details or to start playing immediately, go to the Space Trader website and download the free demo. If you like the game, you can unlock the full version right away!
Space Trader is in development by HermitWorks Entertainment, and the team consists of:

Cameron Tofer - Marcia Tofer - P D - Jordan Dennis - Kjell Iversen - Scott Brooks - Phill Djonov - Chris Fraysse - Matthew Regan - Lena Gilje
Publisher: Indie

How does it work? What's the objective? How many bosses must I face?

Space Trader is easy to learn, but a challenge to master. Your goal is to make as much money as possible in the time you're given. You Buy, Travel, Sell, and repeat - while taking on dangerous Bounty missions on the side for extra cash.

Disasters can influence how much commodities are worth on different planets; taking advantage of them can mean the difference between topping the score board and bankruptcy. Stash is hidden around levels, and grabbing it nets you free items to sell off - in Multiplayer it becomes a mad dash between Traders to see whom can find the stash and claim it first. Best of all, Space Trader features a free demo that you can download and try out right now!

See it in action.

This is a video of Space Trader way back in its alpha stages. A lot has changed since then but we still wanted to show it off!

There's tons of stuff to see and do in Space Trader, and it can appeal to both casual and hardcore gamers. Don't like the strategic trading very much? Play it like a First Person Shooter and go on bounty missions to earn your fortune! Hate First Person Shooters? The game can be played with out taking combat missions, and becomes a point and click thinking man's game.

Here's what other people on GGE are saying...

Ric Lumb said,
I joined the beta thinking there'd probably be a huge download and enrollment process, I was actually playing within about a minute! Stunning! I'm really impressed with the slickness of this game and the bounty hunter missions are fantastic.

supremespleen said,
This game was surprisingly (and refreshingly) different. I was particularly surprised at the combat.

Benjamin Timmins said,
I like the idea that you not only can explore to different planets to trade, but you can explore within those stations as well.

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