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Meet Charlie Tahan of 'Charlie St. Cloud'
The up-and-comer talks acting, brotherly love and Zac Efron

By Natalie Broulette
Special to MSN Movies

Zac Efron may get top billing in "Charlie St. Cloud," but 12-year-old actor Charlie Tahan holds his own, bringing an element of realness and heart to the drama, despite the fact that his character is dead for the majority of the film. Tahan plays Sam, Charlie St. Cloud's younger brother, whose death catapults the title character's journey of grief, healing and redemption. We talked to the young actor about his role, getting emotional on screen and forming a brotherly bond with his co-star.

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MSN Movies: What did you enjoy most about filming?

Charlie Tahan: Mostly just having fun with it. This is the biggest role that I've ever done, and it was a good experience.

What was the hardest part about it?

Probably when I had to cry.

How did you do it?

I really don't know. I didn't think I was actually going to cry. I just made myself. I never really expected it.

Tell me about your character Sam.

Well, Sam and his brother Charlie have, like, a normal brother relationship, and then after Sam dies, Charlie can't deal with it. He can see Sam every day at sunset, so they kind of rebuild their brotherly relationship there and continue it.

Do you have an older brother? How did you relate to Sam?

Yeah, I have an older brother named Willie. I related because we have a bond and some inside jokes that I think relate to Charlie and Sam.

Tell me about working with Zac Efron.

He's just really fun and funny and fun to work with overall. We just had to keep it fun and have jokes on the set and stuff.

Were you a fan of his before?

I mean, I saw "High School Musical." It wasn't like a big thing, though. I was like, "Oh cool, Zac Efron."

You guys really capture that brotherly bond. How did you achieve that?

We just tried to hang out off-set and offscreen, just trying to kind of create what Sam and Charlie have.

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