What is HCSMEU?

Healthcare Social Media in Europe (#hcsmeu on twitter) is a community of EU healthcare blogger, twitterers and social media users

In August 2009 two people, Silja Chouquet and Andrew Spong, from different European countries who shared a belief that social media could revolutionize healthcare by increasing patient focus, improving access to healthcare services and gathering high quality patient outcome data stumbled upon one another using the self-same media they perceived so much potential in.

They discovered that they shared a conviction that social media had the potential to augment the targeting of medical research, improve the quality and delivery of care, and advance patient education and empowerment.

They also believed that there were equally committed, passionate, and creative individuals engaged in healthcare-related activities across Europe. In August 2009, they founded Healthcare Social Media Europe in order to test their hypothesis.

They were right.

Twenty-five meetings later, the Healthcare Social Media Europe community has grown to more than 140 active members with diverse backgrounds and interests from across Europe (as well as the USA) who participate in a weekly online event.

Please find our vision here:

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