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Knock 'Em Into the Pit: The Worst Mortal Kombat Characters Ever

With a new Mortal Kombat game on the horizon, we’re expecting a lot of blood and guts, along with a cast of characters that we know we’ll get to know and love – before we kill them, anyway.  With that, we’re hoping that Warner Bros. and Netherrealm Studios will avoid the obvious stinkers…because the series certainly has them.

With that, we count down the ten worst Mortal Kombat characters ever created.  You may not agree with our choices (and if you don’t, hey, let us know in the comments), but you should agree that, for the most part, these guys suck.


10. Hotaru

We put Hotaru on this list for two reasons.  First, while his armor may be traditional, it looks awkward when it comes to executing special attacks.  But the bigger reason is the obvious – he uses lava as a weapon.  Lava!  He’ll fire off magma from his feet or ooze lava from his hands instead of a fireball.  Plus he stole Liu Kang’s bicycle kick.  In a way.


9. Hsu Hao

Even though he belongs to the menacing group Red Dragon and means serious business against his enemies, he simply doesn’t look it.  It’s not bad enough his wardrobe was borrowed from one of the Village People (sorry, just look at it) but he has a glowing gem in the center of it, which distracts us.  Plus…Thunder Klap?  Seriously, one of his moves is a Thunder Klap.  Guy’s just asking for a beating.


8. Mavado

While we admire this guy’s fighting style, we’re not too crazy about his grappling hook abilities.  They seem like lame variations of Scorpion’s spear attack, and the slide is slightly borrowed from Sub-Zero.  Plus, he has a move called Anger Management that boosts his physical attacks.  Ooh, someone got Hulk angry!  On top of that, his fatality, a lame slingshot attack pictured above, is just stupid.  Drop kick of death!


7. Shinnok

Shinnok managed to replace Shang Tsung as the boss in Mortal Kombat 4, as well as Mortal Kombat Gold and the spin-off Mortal Kombat Mythologies.  Seriously, though, the most threatening this guy gets is when he summons giant hands to squeeze someone to death.  Plus, did we really need a violet-colored skeleton fist as a projectile?  It’s almost like a Grateful Dead-inspired attack…if they were ever to inspire physical attacks.


6. Kobra

Kobra rips off Ken from Street Fighter so bad it’s not even funny.  He’s got a burning fist attack (Shoryuken, anyone?) along with a Windmill Kick (a lame variation of the Hurricane Kick) and a Chi-Blast (fireball).  On top of that, his fatalities are lame.  His “rip out someone’s heart and feed it to them” doesn’t have the same levity as Kano’s original.  Sorry, Kobra, but you ain’t got no bite.


5. Sheeva

Imagine Goro reduced to a half-hearted character, but with a smaller arsenal and not nearly enough power.  That’s Sheeva in a nutshell.  Her moves are bland without her big brother around, and her fatalities – most notably her lame scorpion animality – are worse.  Plus, she barely makes an appearance in Mortal Kombat Annihilation before she’s killed.  Yeah, some threat.


4. Shao Khan

So…let’s get this straight.  Shang Tsung, the cool end boss from the original Mortal Kombat, was replaced by a guy who looks like he failed WWE training camp, and has a big hammer to boot?  Please.  He may be Midway’s idea of an Asian warrior, but he seriously doesn’t have much to rely on, save for his cheap, energy-reducing fighting tactics.  And don’t even bring up how lame he was in Mortal Kombat Annihilation.


3. “New” Sub-Zero

Sub-Zero is a terrific character in his traditional form, with his cool blue gi and his freezing attacks literally leaving his opponents out in the cold.  But then, in Mortal Kombat 3, he changed – for the worse.  He took off his mask, donned some awful red face paint, and became a far lesser character.  Sure, his freeze moves are still intact, but we prefer the ninja of old.  Perhaps that’s why Midway added “Classic” Sub-Zero, after so much fan outcry.  Good.


2. Mokap

Sure, we get why Midway added Noob Saibot and Ermac to the cast, even though they got their start from glitches from previous Mortal Kombat games.  But what could possibly be the reason for adding a motion capture actor as a serious combatant in the game?  His story is lame, most of his move arsenal is borrowed from other characters, and his slow fireball leaves him wayyyy too wide open for attacks.  This guy should’ve stayed in the studio, where he belongs.


1. Stryker

If all street cops were like Stryker, we’d be a little less confident in the chances of Earth against Shao Khan’s forces.  Seriously, this street cop is the lamest of the bunch, between his cheap baton throw move, his “quick” Uzi attack (why not use that instead of fighting?!), and his ridiculous wardrobe.  (In his defense, it did improve in future games, but not by much.)  What’s worse, his Taser fatality is ridiculous, and his animality – where he inexplicably changes into a T-Rex to bite an enemy’s head off – is beyond questionable.  Please, Netherrealm, if you have any decency, do not bring him back.  This guy gives cops a worse name than any given character on The Shield.  Plus he spells his name with a Y.  How stupyd would that look?  (See what we did there?)

Jeffery Sventora
21 hours ago

I'm pretty sure that the reason why the "newer" sub-zero looks the way he does because there were actually 2 sub zero's in the actual story line. Noob was Sub Zero's brother and was killed, he was believed to be the real Sub Zero but was not. I am pretty sure the new Sub Zero would in fact be the "True" Sub Zero but I might be very wrong... It still doesn't give a good excuse for the lame outfit, but if they looked the same it would be bad for the story in a sense. Great article btw!

14 hours ago

I disagree with this list completely. You just list silly reasons for disliking the characters. Hsu Hao is one of my favorite characters. He is fun to play as and has an interesting storyline. He was a cool concept that was just poorly executed.

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