A Public Trust

Having served in our nation's military in a leadership role, I've witnessed first-hand the dedication of men and women who heed the call to duty.  I learned discipline, honor and commitment in the United States Navy and I am grateful to have played a role in helping to keep America safe.

For me, public service is a public trust. 

So when elected officials in Madison embrace the culture of partisanship and gridlock to further the cause of special interests or their political party the public trust has been broken.  It makes me even more determined to work harder for the people of Wisconsin and the 40th Assembly District.

You have my commitment that I will continue to vote as you would; with commonsense and a commitment to doing the people's work.

Kevin Petersen

Petersen's E-Press


Petersen to seek third term

By Robert Cloud | June 4, 2010     WAUPACA - State Rep. Kevin Petersen announced his bid for re-election to the state Assembly.     First elected to represent Waupaca County in 2006, Petersen kicked off his campaign for a third term on Tuesday, June 1.     "My job is to put the needs of the...more

Rep. Petersen Column: Taxed Out of State

By Kevin Petersen, Wisconsin State Representative    You may have heard the news rumbling through Wisconsin about Harley Davidson. In an effort to fill gaps between expenses and profits, Harley Davidson Inc. must cut $54 million in annual operating costs. To offset the difference, one of the...more

Rep. Petersen Column: A Call for Action on Jobs - NOW

By Kevin Petersen, Wisconsin State Representative     There are very few days remaining of the legislative session where both the Assembly and Senate can pass bills. Because of the short timetable and our state's continuing economic struggles, action on jobs should be our number one priority...more

It's The Economy...

As a small business owner, I understand how seemingly small things can have a significant impact on the bottom line. Madison must pass legislation that helps build a stronger local and state economy. An economy that creates good paying jobs for workers; an economy that encourages businesses to expand and/or locate their operations here; an economy that invests in its workers; and an economy that takes full advantage of its resources.

Taxes and Government Spending

To improve Wisconsin’s economic viability, we must work to provide more tax relief, avoid new tax increases, and bring state government spending in line with our families’ ability to pay. I will continue to reform state government towards being a responsible steward of taxpayers’ money. Government must incorporate the same steps used on family budgets all across Wisconsin: pay for your most important priorities and make the tough decisions with the money that remains.

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Michelle M. Petersen, treasurer