8 Features We Want in Punch-Out!!

  • by Patrick Shaw and Dave Rudden
  • November 19, 2008 00:00 AM PST

We don't know much about Punch-Out!! for Wii, but we know what we want in the game.

Nintendo's much-anticipated revival of the Punch-Out!! franchise for the Wii is shrouded in mystery at this point, which only magnifies our curiousity. Based on what we know of the franchise, and its developers at Next Level Games (the first non-Japanese team to tackle the series), we've collected 8 dream features we'd love to see when the bell finally rings and the fists start flying.

8- Expert Mode

8 Features We Want in Punch-Out!!

The Punch-Out!! games are by no means something you can just pick up and immediately master, but for veterans, who know enemies' weak spots well and can pummel opponents to unconsciousness with ease, the games can be a bit too easy. Why not satisfy both gamers who're familiar with Punch-Out!!, able to instantly hold their own due to their experience, and gamers who have never played a game in Nintendo's boxing franchise? We're talking a mode that's so brutally difficult that just being able to survive it will earn you some serious bragging rights.

7- Bring Back Old Boxers

8 Features We Want in Punch-Out!!

With two titles chock full of memorable characters, there's a handful of fighters we'd love to see take on Little Mac, but we'll limit this to four. Bald Bull has been a major part of the series, as one of the few boxers to appear in both console Punch-Out titles, so he's in. Great Tiger may not be the most PC character from the original NES classic, but his crazy techniques will fit in well with the outlandish style Next Level Games has been known to apply. We're hoping Nintendo has relaxed its censorship standards, and that the US is on good enough terms with Russia to bring back Vodka Drunkenski. Super Punch-Out shouldn't be forgotten either, as we'd loved to see the crazy style and cheating methods of Masked Muscle return to the ring.

6- Multiplayer Mode

8 Features We Want in Punch-Out!!

Along with Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Mario Strikers Charged, which was developed by the same team behind Punch-Out!! Wii, remains one of the best multiplayer games available on the Wii, especially for gamers who prefer action over the more relaxed gameplay featured in the profusion of multiplayer party games available on the console. Vancouver-based Next Level Games are no dummies when it comes to delivering a fast-paced, addicting multiplayer game that holds up for months after its release (Hell, the GamePro editors still play Charged religiously to this day). A multiplayer mode has never appeared in the previous Punch-Out!! games and our suspicion is that they'll take what worked with Mario Strikers' and apply it to Punch-Out!! Wii.

5- Bring Back Mario the Referee

8 Features We Want in Punch-Out!!

This may sound trivial, but we're completely sincere when we say that Super Punch-Out!! for the Super Nintendo felt a bit strange without Nintendo's mustachioed mascot in the more minor role of the boxing referee. In the original game for the NES, Mario, donning a white dress shirt, bow tie and his trademark red hat, jumped out into the ring periodically, counting the seconds a boxer stayed down and calling out things like "Fight!" and "TKO" when an opponent had been defeated. It's not much to ask, but including Mario in the next Punch-Out!! game is something we're sure many fans would love to see.

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I like the Mario as ref idea...and the nintendo ring girls just get Daisy out, she is just awful


You must be kidding, I still remember all the old codes, and they need to bring those back too. Code to Super Macho Man: 267 853 7538. Code to Mike Tyson: 007 373 5963. How many times have we entered those codes? It would be nice to skip to our favorite characters with the codes for nostalgia!


Hey MasterGamer666, nice picture dork...except mine is better. Punch Out sounds like a snooze-fest.


Great list those are really good ideas but I don't agree with the multiplayer it just wouldn't feel like punch out. I know it needs reply value but how about mini-games the original showed him working out, so how about stuff like a jump rope and jogging mini-game with motion controls where you have to mimick his actions.


As much as Punch Out is PERFECT for Wii motion controls... I have to agree with number 1. It would be awesome if you could use old-school controls... especially after a few rounds. After 5 minutes of Wii Sports boxing, I'm tired and I have to stop. The rest of the list is great too... I'd love to be able to use all the boxers in the game, even if only in mutliplayer mode (and hopefully online). Story mode needs little Mac!


I agree with most of the points, but even if Punch Out didn't have any of them, it would still be an awesome game (unless the motion controls themselves suck, which chances are with Nintendo behind the game they won't)

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