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elcome to the Barbershop! Come for a cut? A coloring? Something else, perhaps?
The Barbershop can also groom facial hair, perform piercings, ink night elf tattoos, modify undead features, and reshape tusks, horns and tendrils! Have a seat and we'll get right to work. You're only a few coins away from a new, more attractive you...


Alliance: Stormwind and Ironforge
Horde: Undercity and Orgrimmar
Neutral: Netherstorm (Area 52), Dalaran City

The Barbershop Interface

Ready to begin? Right-click one of the barber chairs to sit down. The view will change into a zoomed-in view of your character accompanied by a custom barbershop interface. Click the arrows on the interface panel to change your hair style and hair color. Each race and gender combination has its own selection of additional hairstyles. Extra options such as facial hair, markings, and horns are also selectable based on the race and gender of your character. While previewing your new look, you can use your camera controls to pan around your character and zoom in and out.

As you make your selections, you will see the total price of the changes reflected in the panel. The final price is determined by the extent of the work you want done - the more you change, the more expensive it is. If you decide to not make any changes, just hit the cancel button to proceed on your merry way. Once satisfied with your desired look, simply hit the "Okay" button and presto - it's a whole new you!

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