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Play Resume Clip E-mail Resume Clip Mad Men (Season 4) Recurring Guest Star AMC / dirs. Phil Abraham, John Slattery & others
Play Resume Clip E-mail Resume Clip Mad Men (Season 1-3) ** Recurring AMC / Scott Hornbacher, Barbet Schroeder, Matthew Weiner, Phil Abraham & others
    ** Winner of the 2010 SAG Award: Best Ensemble in a Drama Series
    Criminal Minds Co-star CBS / dir Gloria Muzio
    The West Wing Co-star NBc / dir Andrew Bernstein
    Sanctuary Lead dir. Nicolas Swedlund
    Apartment G Supporting Ghost House Pictures / dir. Michael Kirk
    Vivat Academia Lead dir. Mark Wheeler
    360 Degrees Supporting Bokser Films
Los Angeles Theater
    Mortified Ensemble (onging) Comedy Central Theater (as seen on The Today Show)
    Months on End Heidi Theatre 40
    Southern Girls June-Adele COLSAC
    Merchant of Venice Portia California Shakespeare Company
New York and International Theater
    Caucasian Chalk Circle Grusha Powerhouse Theater, NY
    Twelfth Night Viola Powerhouse Theater, NY
    The Oresteia Helen of Troy International tour to Athens and Milan
    Miss Julie Christine Pulse Ensemble Theater
    Film Actors Workshop Eric Stephan Kline (current)
    SITI in LA Various instructors
    Vassar College B.A. Theater Performance
    Boston Unviersity Theater Institute Certificate
    Denver Center Theater Academy Certificate
Alexa Alemanni
Actress SAG
Management Greenlight Management
Phone: 310-201-5077
Theatrical Stone Manners
Phone: 323-655-1313
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  Height: 5' 7"

  Weight: 115 lbs

  Body Type: Slender

  Hair Type: Brown

  Hair Length: Chin Length

  Eyes: Brown

  Performance Skills: Piano, Ballet

  Accents: British, Southern

  Fluent Languages: Italian
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