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A simple way to explain design thinking

Following up with my notes from yesterday’s lecture by Eero Meittinen is his explanation of design thinking based on his experience of moving from 20 years of designing cars and trucks (at Saab and Sisu) to a senior global design management position in Nokia. He’s a “sketcher” of thoughts and ideas and talked about the [...]
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Bringing the eye, the heart and the hand together

I spent the morning wishing I’d taken a camera in today to class – yes, I went back to school for the morning session of the Helsinki Summer school that just started this week at the Design Factory.  Its all about interdisciplinary something or the other to do with product design and development ;p you [...]
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Should I let my children have Internet and computer while they are in school?

In Michael Trucano’s latest blog post on the World Bank blog, EduTech “Searching for India’s Hole in the Wall” these few words reminded me of an observation made late last year in New Delhi, One thing that was stressed to me by the NIIT staff with whom I subsequently spoke about the lessons from the HiWEL [...]
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In principle, follow the process rigorously

Being user centered is an attitude not a methodology. The tools have their value, but ultimately its the angle with which we use them that matters. Or rather, as Mikko said today with a touch of the editorial: Follow the spirit, not the letter of whatever process or method or tool you may be using to [...]
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Post-Colonial Design Blowback: the challenge facing the global design industry

My twitter feed informed me this morning about the storm in the designer teacup raging around Bruce Nussbaum’s post last week “Is Humanitarian Design the New Imperialism?” and I followed through religiously by catching up on “In Defense of Design Imperialism” – the rebuttal  by Robert Fabricant, creative head of design consultancy Frogdesign as [...]
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Pondering value, context and environments of scarcity

WhiteAfrican’s recent blog post “A question of culture” made me reflect upon the concept of value and the influence of our frame of reference (that is, value is contextual). Erik writes: The biggest difference between Africans and Westerners might be in how we define value. A Westerner sees a tree and loves it for it’s aesthetic [...]
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Thursday’s Things that made me Think

My friends in Africa have been pointing to this article offering Expert Advice: Cracking the mobile web. While many of us have had our heads in this space over the past few years, a key insight on the basic difference between designing for the conventional mobile phone user and the “developing world” user, in this [...]
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Could trust make a more viable post industrial platform?

Something just struck me when I look at the tag cloud I tried to create around the concept of using Love as the 12th platform – the concept of trust is missing -  without which the rest is meaningless. You may scoff but as many of you who are operating in the chaotic conditions where the [...]
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Perhaps the time has come for Design to change its Thinking?

What’s the point of designing something gorgeous and useful if it makes us feel guilty, because we know that it’s ethically or environmentally irresponsible? Once such concerns were dismissed as the hang-ups of a cranky minority. Not now. Just think of how quickly the plastic bag has become taboo in many countries. ~ Alice Rawthorn, [...]
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Is the 12th platform a viable concept for emerging design methods?

I’ve been pondering some of the thought explorations around the concept of wisdom that I’d written a month ago. From the last post, Perhaps there is, indeed, room for one more post-industrial platform then. But  how would we extrapolate its manifestation, since so much of what we know as “love”  has been commodified into [...]
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