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Woodland Eyam, a List of Voters, 1836-37

This list of Voters is extracted from Microfilm 1702461, Derbyshire, Voting Registers, North division, 1832, 1836-1853, obtainable from LDS Family History Libraries - my grateful thanks to Dawn Scotting for providing photocopies to transcribe from. Film Numbers are reproduced on GENUKI by kind permission of the Genealogical Society of Utah.

1003Adlington GeorgeGrindleford BridgeFreehold house and landGrindleford-bridge
1004Cooper GeorgeGrindleford BridgeFreehold house and landGrindleford-bridge
1005Dixon William FredericBirley House, parish of Ecclesfield, county of YorkFreehold house and landGrindleford-bridge
1006Hallom WilliamGrindleford BridgeFreehold housesGrindleford-bridge
1007Middleton Marmaduke Middleton, Esq.LeamFreehold house and landLeam
1008Mower LawrenceGrindleford BridgeFreehold house and landGrindleford-bridge
1009Middleton MarmadukeLeamFreehold rent chargeEyam and Leam
1010Nowill WilliamMeadow-street, SheffieldFreehold land and housesGrindleford-bridge
1011Outram RobertGrindleford-bridgeHouse and land as occupierGrindleford-bridge
1012Outram JohnNether PadleyFreehold houseMatthew Outram, tenant
1013Rollinson JonathanGrindleford BridgeFreehold house and landJames Outram and others
1014Twigg JohnRileyHouse and land as occupierRiley
1015Thorp HughLeamRentalLeam
1016Wilson IsaacHazzlefordRentalHazzleford

[Transcribed by Rosemary Lockie August 2001 from photocopies very kindly supplied by Dawn Scotting.
See Derbyshire GENUKI Service Providers for contact details]

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