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Marriages at Cam, Gloucestershire.

1569 to 1812.

Extracted from Gloucestershire Parish Registers, Marriages, Vol. VIII.
Edited by W. P. W. Phillimore, M.A., B.C.L.

This collection of data represent a transcript by me, Rosemary Lockie, of the above out-of-copyright material.

The original source occupies pages 105-161 of the Phillimore's Volume VIII, and I have split this into four separate web pages, for ease of access. I have also provided an overall Index by Surname (not part of the original source) which contains the basic details for each marriage.

Marriages 7 Feb 1568/9 - 20 Apr 1663 (Pages 105-117)
Marriages 16 Apr 1663 - 30 Jun 1723 (Pages 118-131)
Marriages 7 Jul 1723 - 30 Mar 1773 (Pages 132-145)
Marriages 10 May 1773 - 6 Jun 1812 (Pages 146-161)

The transcription reproduces the format of the original typescript, with punctuation and spelling as-is, and includes all additional comments. The single exception to this is that I have converted all SURNAMES to upper case.

The surname index has been generated by importing the transcript into dBase, followed by suitable massaging of fields, to result in an overall index in surname order. It includes all Grooms, Brides, and aliases, but it does NOT include Witnesses. A typical index entry supplies Surname, Forename, Spouse and Date - other information such as marital state, place of residence, &c. is not included as this can be found in the transcript itself.

Note that in the transcript, dates generally follow the "old style". Prior to 1752/3, the New Year began on 25th March, so for example, you will find the following series of entries:-

   James WAITE & Mary PURNEL, both of Stinchcomb             28 May 1667
   John JOBBINS & Margaret HALL, both of Stinchcomb           24 June ,,
   William TROTMAN & Sarah BENDAL, both of Stinchcomb         26 Oct. ,,
   Mr. Richard FIELD, of Pakenhill, Stroud, & Mrs. Elizabeth
               HILL, of Cam                                   28 Jan. ,,
   Christopher RUTTHER & Esher [sic for Esther] OLIVER,
               both of Stinchcomb                             22 Feb. ,,
   John BLUDWORT, of Uley, & Edith GATY, of Cam                5 Mar. ,,
   John HAMPTON, of Kingswood, co. Wilts, & Mary TROTMAN, of
               Cam                                             5 Mar. ,,
   John HICKES & Sarah TROTMAN, both of Stinchcomb            21 Mar. ,,
   Benjamin HAMPTON & Anne TYNDAL, w., both of Stinchcomb    1 Apr. 1668

Relative to our present calendar, the entries between 28 Jan 1667 and 21 Mar 1667 would have taken place in 1668, and in the surname index this is indicated as (for example) 21 Mar 1667/8.

As with any transcript, or index, please use this data as a finding aid only, and NOT as a definitive source. Whilst we have made every effort to transcribe correctly, we make no claim to achieve 100% accuracy. We would be pleased to be informed of any errors, but PLEASE DO NOT send us general genealogical enquiries about the source material itself, or about your research in Cam, or elsewhere in Gloucestershire, as we have neither the time nor the expertise to assist.

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[Transcribed by Rosemary Lockie in March 1998]

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