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"...for Your Winning Edge!"

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Did you know that 8 out of the past 10 International J/24 Worlds were won by boats prepped by Karl's Boat Shop and steered with our custom tillers?

Karl and his staff know how to win, and they can help you to win, too.

Etchells, J's, Solings, and lots of others -- we prepare them so they are consistently among the top tier of finishers -- year after year!

We can pick up your boat, improve it, measure it, and return it.

Rudder shaped, faired, and finished Here's what we can do (all changes are legal):
  • Hull and keel fairing and refinishing
  • Rudder shaping, fairing, and finishing super-smooth, eliminating speed-stealing cavitation and humming
  • Custom tillers
  • Specialized deck layouts and upgrades, matching your preferences
  • Hull refinishing
  • Install complete rigging packages -- halyards, running and standing rigging
  • Complete buildouts of new hulls -- have your new sailboat the way you want it, from the start!
Contact Karl's Boat Shop to find out more.

(508) 432-4488FAX: (508) 432-7645

Email: karls@gis.net

Ray Wulff's J/22, after keel and rudder were faired and hull, keel, and rudder were repainted
Ray Wulff's J/22. Keel and rudder faired. 100+ blisters removed.
Hull, keel, and rudder repainted and custom tiller installed.

Stern detail -- Ray Wulff's J/22 after fairing and painting.
Detail of stern -- Ray Wulff's J/22

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 Hauling, Storage, & Preparation   Painting & Fiberglass Repair   Wooden Boat Restoration 
 RACERS! Your Winning Edge!   Custom Tillers   Karl Anderson 

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