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Aris's Birmingham Gazette, 1790

Transcription by Robert Deloyde © 2000
The following appeared in Aris's Birmingham Gazette, dated 1790; please note it was copied just as it was written!
Try substituting 's' for 'f' if you find it difficult to follow.

To the friends of the eftablifhed church,

THE Members of the establifhed church, in the County of Warwick, are defired to meet at the County hall Warwick, To-MORROW, the 2nd Day of February inft, at Twelve o`clock at Noon, to take into confideration proper meafures for the Defence of the Confitution againft the prefent Attempts of the Diffenters, to obtain a Repeal of the Teft and Corporation actfc, singned,

denbigh, aylesford, warwick, clarendon, leicester, wiloughby de broke, middleton, john mordaunt, roger newdigate, miller sadler, william holbeche, henry christ wife, samuel aylworth, wriothefty digby, john fofter, gore townfend, william elliot, john bell, thomas dolben henry bromfield, j carles, b spencer, thomas price, charles curtis, spncer madam, john taylor, w t young, edward carver, edward palmer, william villers, john broke, richard smith, edward croxall, jofeph ram, benjamin toms, e croxall jun, francis mills, john hackett, henry clay, john parker, john villers, edward sadler, chriftoper moor, john shuckburgh, philip homer, henry mathews, john lucy, w landor MD, j ludford, j mills, e willmot, w nicholfon, w dickins, thomas gil, sam calecott, g nutt, j davenport, thomas rock, w j banner, c b adderley, george scott, john jaques, ifac spooner, william grove, robert coales, abraham grimes, w rofe, franci burdet, arthur gregory, peers newfam, andrew hackett, anthony blifs, simon adams, jofeph boultbee, william bee, jofeph duncumb, david davis, thomas ingram, william sleath, john sleath, francis page, william brooks, robert sadler, william marfh, thomas james, richard burgh, george innes, r r hemming, jofeph heacock, charles warre, j mitchell, w w mafon, john green, william hawkins, john iddins, john hawkins, thomas hawkins, edward reynolds, john whatley, thomas cooper, john taylor, thomas barrs, thomas gem, r conqueft, jofeph green, william whatley, edward nicklin, thomas clare, dudley baxter, john ward, john startin jun, francis coales, thomas green, john burman, r miller, w hicks, thomas hadley, john whatley, p wren, john dadley, henry parker, jofeph scott, thomas butler, charles primer,

the friends of the sftablished church in the county of Warwick, having being reqefted by a great number of the nobility and gentry of the firft diftinctionin county, to afemble at Warwick on tuefdaynext, to concert proper meafures for the Defence of the eftabilished church, agianft the present attempt of the diffenters:

the inhabitants of the botough and parifh of Stratford-upon-avon in the fiad county, met together at the town hall, on wednesday laft, when after the neceffity of a firm and ready Union at this juncture, for the security of our confitution, in both its civil and religious branches, had been enforced, in a fhort but animated speechfrom the vicar, proper delegrates were nominated to reprefent the friends of the eftabilifhed church resident in the fiad borough and parifh at the meeting to reftiy thier zeal for the confitution, and fignify their ready concurrence in fuch meafures as fhould be judged expedien, for the defence of the eftabisfted church; convinced that the corparation and teft actsare the balwarks of their moft exeilent contiftution in church and state

Please remember I only type it out.

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[Posted originally to a RootsWeb Mailing List by Robert Deloyde, and last modified 21 Jul 2003.
Prepared for GENUKI by Peter Abbott]

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