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Index to the Rent Book Birmingham, 1862-1873

Transcription by Robert Deloyde © 2000
Here is a list of names from a Rent Book for a number of properties in Birmingham between 1862 and 1873. As always, they may be of use to someone.
Baker : 52 Great Charles St
Baker : 52 Great Hampton St
Banks : Nursery Terrace
Barker : Barr St
Bauks : Nursery Terrrace
Belcher : Barr St
Bidford Thomas : Steelhouse Lane
Blackwell Sam : Steelhouse Lane
Blythe : Barr St
Bott Emily Maria : Great Russell St
Bourne Joseph : Nursery Terrace
Breese Alfred : Cottage Nursery Terrace
Brittain : Horse Fair
Brittain : Great Russell St
Burnham : Stafford St
Carter : Cotttage Nursery Terrace
Chambers : Steelhouse Lane
Chaplian : Robert Steelhouse Lane
Cheshire : Robert
Clarke : Great Russell St
Coombs : Samuel Stafford St
Corfield : Newton St
Corfield : Newton Street
Cox : Edwin Nursery Terrace
Cripps : Nursery Terrace
Cutter : Charles Barr St
Deeley : Coleshill Street
Doidge : Livery St
Drewill : Hunters Vale
Dunn : Gabriel
Evans : Villa Rd
Farrall James : Steelhouse Lane
Feldman : Nursey Terrace
Fiddian : Nursery Terrace
Gillion : Joseph Hunters Vale
Goodrick : George Horsefair
Grauuage : William Hunters Vale
Grauuage? : William Garden St
Gray John : Coleshill St
Gray John? : High St
Grimley : Acocks Green
Harris : Hunter Vale
Harrison : "Dolphin" Unett St
Harvey : Great Barr St
Heath Fredrick : Great Barr St
Hewitt : Baskett Maker : 123 Livery St
Hodge Peter : Nur(s)ery Terrace
Hodson : Paslshull Place Soho Hill
Hope : "Dolphin" Unett St
Jackson : Great Russell St
Jackson : Steelhouse Lane
Jenkins : Wheeler St
Jones : Barr St
Kaye : Hunters Vale
Kearns : Steelhouse Lane
Keasly : Nursery Terrace
Kettle : Nursery Terrace
Lee : Livery St
Leugard : 52 Great Hampton St
Mannison : Hunters Vale
Mason : Nusery Terrace
Mason : William Coleshill St
Mc Carty : New John St West
Mc Donald : Regent Place
Mc Fee : Regent Place
Midland Land And Investments? : Coparartion St
Oliver : Newton St
Orbell Alfred : Great Barr St
Osbourne : Unett St
Palmer : Coleshill St
Palmer : Colehill St
Pemberton : Livery St
Preacher : House Nursery Terrace
Preacher : Nursery Terrace
Reynolds : Well St
Riley : Barr St
Ryley Fred Sen : Hunters Vale
Ryley : 35947 Hunters Vale
Sansum : Sansum Horse Fair
Shaw : Nursery Terrace
Sherwood : 52 Great Hampton St
Sills? : ?????
Simpkins : William Nursery Terrace
Smith William : Coleshill St
Smith : Newton St
Southam : Steelhouse Lane
Souttes : Execetor
Spicer : Newton St
Stokes : Unett St
Styches : Hunters Vale
Tabener :
Taberner? : Victoria St
Tolley? : Nursery Terrace
Troth : Barr St
Twell : Soho Hill
Venraec : ? Hockley
Wadsworth : Newton St
Ward Joseph : Grear Hampton St
Ward Joseph : Great Hampton St
Watson/Watkins : James Steelhouse Lane
Wheelwright : Great Russell St
Wilkinson : Barr St
Wright : Bristol St

What can be deduced from the above, by way of example? Mr? Reynolds lived in, or paid a half-yearly ground rent in Well St from 5 April 1862 of £7 10s 0d. He was there until 6 April 1869, when for some reason he only paid £7 6s 3d.

Mr? Stokes was in Unett St from 13 August 1867. He paid his rent every 8 weeks at £2 8s 0d or 6 shilling a week, plus a Water Rate at 3s.3d. every 8 weeks. He was there until 3 Nov 1873. In Kelly's Directory of 1868 at 128 Unett St, there is a Stokes, Mrs Mary Ann, Chemist.

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Prepared for GENUKI by Peter Abbott]

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