Ethical Dilemmas in Information Technology

A Scenario Collection

This is the table of contents for Ethical Dilemmas in Information Technology: A Scenario Collection.

Ethical Dilemmas in Information Technology (EDIT) is a collaborative contribution, reusable learning object in professional ethics for computing and information technology. Each chapter describes a scenario that evokes an ethical issue, choice, or dilemma that results from the use of computer technology - or that might otherwise confront an IT professional in the course of his professional life.

Ethical  Dilemmas  in  Information   Technology: 
A Scenario Collection


You are invited to contribute to this collection.
As an IT professional you may one day be called upon to make a difficult ethical decision.  Not an abstract academic judgement - but a real decision that has real consequences - for real people.  It is difficult to prepare for this but is certainly advisable to ensure that you have thought about some of the likely issues beforehand.   

This knol collection is intended to support this by providing scenarios for study and discussion. You are also invited to contribute to the collection by commenting on the existing scenarios or adding new ones.     

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